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Featured Image Of Art Grafitti Styled Yore War Elephant And Rider.

In Our World. Legends do so and tell of Animals. Animal Forms of Self-Defence that mimic and utilise aspects of the Creatures concerned. Concerns of Martialness that led the Ancient Ancestors to follow the Ways of Nature. Nature of the Beast that is. Is Herein. Those of the grand ol’ Pachyderms. Natures. Elephant styled Guardians of a oft forgot and lost Age. Of Yore. Intel Bytes #8 Elephantine Arts of Self-Defence.


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Thanks also, in particular. To those persistent Souls who persisted

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The Topic and Legends easily expansive. Each Samhain Day, a

different Theme.

Two Dedications then the Games/activities.

The Postings tried to resemble the same approach. To show

the Natural

Philosophy and Natural Earth Changes and Cycles applicable.


Mother Nature, The Green Man. Our Earth.


The initial Chaos, Wintery Decay, Death, Cleanout,

Change. Regeneration.

These are perennial Themes oft in Our World




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and Families

so concerned with Ceremony in the Real. To them the

Real credit for saving


such of Our World Legends from being Lost.



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Arts of Self-Defence.

Martial. Of Yore.

The Tree shook, shivered.

My Shins shuddered.

My Feet already numb.

Shooting Shin pains. Skin splits. Blood smears.

Knees, Shoulders, Forearms, Elbows, Palms.


Were next.


Then. Two now smiling… and similarly bloodied…

fellow Class-mates grabbed a Stick each.


One Frontal. One at the Rear. Of me.

Beat a haphazard path on those bits of Me

thus so and far missed. They didn’t miss much

more btw’s.


Meat in a Stick Sambo Drum Fest. That is and was, me.

Core. Beaten. Back. Bloodied, not bowed. Well,..


a lil… actually.




The Ways of the Martial Elephant. And Trees.

Of Yore.



Encyclopedia Enigma :

Intel Bytes #8


The Natures of the Elephant.

Solid Strength, Awareness, Astuteness.

Sturdy, Earthy, Enduring.


Dependable. Community inclined.

Supportive. Steadfast.




Arts of Self-Defence.


Animal Themed and based Forms are not uncommon

within several in the Ways

of Self-Defence. The Martial Ways. Traditionally a Symbol

that so incorporates

assets of the Creature and Our World Legends

fascination and beliefs of and with


the Creatures facets.



Conditioning is an essential for Combat oriented Arts

and Ways. Ways and Methods

within improve, benefit physically and mentally.


A Top 6 may include varieties of;


Deadlifts, Squats, Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, Sprints.

Tearing strips off Trees.


Hand, Limb toughening by repetitional strikes.

On progressively tougher Materials.

Bruise upon bruise, calloused skin thick.

Over Times and Places.


Repeated stress and shock to thus and so de-stress

these and those shocks in Combat. Combat



Styles of Bokator involves the systematic and flowing

motions of the observed Natural movements

of many of Our World Creatures. A rather complex

though interconnected System of Self-Defence

results. Conditioning

and Training Exercises/Routines may include:


Bag, Sand, Wood and Rock for the Hands.

Bag and Wood for the Rest.

To pound. Repeatedly.


Trees in the Main.

When of Yore.




is a Cambodian Khmer Martial Arts Tradition and

System. Also.

Of Yore.



Literally means…to “…pound a Lion…”.


The styling of the Nomen may indicate and reflect a Natural Fact.

Lions only Attack Elephants on rare occasions. Famine,

Sickness and Dis ease.

The Young, the Main Target.


In response the Elephant uses it’s bulk mass

and Community as support. Also. Charging,

Slamming and Body Mass pivots, Trunk Swings,

Trumpetings and so on. Quite


fast paced when disturbed or during migrations

to Waters. Naturally strong, great

strength in numbers too. To


and fro motions to gain or retreat. Very few

Natural Predators.



Contests of Strength, Might and Fighting ability were popular

among the Mughal

(…Mogul…) Emperors. The Battle over when One Elephant

grounded the Other. Elephants

were rarely hurt in any serious manner,

though the Mahouts (…Trainer/Rider…)

followed Tradition, having said


Goodbyes to Fam. As they tended not to survive. Such Bouts and Falls.


(…There are occasional Modern such Issues

with Elephants and Trainers.

As with Phlai Ekasit; The Elephantine Star

of A Martial Arts Movie Series.


A Modern adapted Version of the Martial Elephant

Legend and Tradition

can be found within this and that:


Starring Phlai Ehasit, Elephant/Actor and

Tony Jaa Martial Artist/Actor…)


Only some of Bokator’s Techniques and Methods utilise

the Animal Forms as

others use a systematic practical fight approach.



Animal forms include those of Snake, Horse, Eagle, Crane,

Monkey, Lion, Crocodile, Crab, Duck

and Elephant. Elephantine Self-Defence. That is. Therein



Locks, Holds, Grabs, Strikes, Submissions and Weaponry within

Bokator’s Styles and Forms. Forms that create a close

Hand-to-Hand Combat Style

and System whereby much of the Body is used for both

Defence and (Counter) Attacks.

A full-on Body Combat System.


The current Uniform reflecting that of Tradition with

the still prevailing

Colored Scarves, Cords a part of the accepted System.


Leg Movements similar to the Modern Kick-Boxing

though the Combat System

more Martial oriented. War-like that is. Stick and Sword,

Short and Long;

are the main Weapons

though many others incorporated and somewhat

dependent on the particular Master’s Knowledge.


Elbow, Knee Feints and Strikes. Leg, Shin Kicks.

Grappling, Groundworks and more.



(Music Link)


An Ancient Art and Traditional Ways.


A King. King Jayavarman vii; Khmer Ruler of the 12th


an avid Practitioner of such Combat Arts. Arts that

many of the Angkorian Dynasties

used to dominate these and their Lands


of Our Times and Places. Of Yore.



The despotic and nefarious KHMER ROUGE Leaders

of the 1970’s

actively targeted such Martial Lineages

and Masters thereof.


A recurring Theme in many Olden Ways… Btw.


Bokator has experienced a bit of a boost and recharge

of late. With the surviving Master Practitioners

now fairly free too. To continue


the study and pursuit of this Ancient Art.



A Book detailing History, Origins and Traditions with

over 10 Years of Research by


70-year-old Grand-master San Kim Sean has been presented


with co-operation from the National Olympic

Committee of Cambodia (NOCC).



A “…First…” National Bokator Seminar and Competition

was held in 2006.

Teams from 9 Provinces displayed and tested

Methods and Ways.


The Elephantine Ways as well. Well as





Our World Legends.

Be One.


Live Your Dreams.


Steadfast. Naturally.



Creatures, Pets are oft too understated Heroes, Heroines.

Pet Protectors and more.

Many with a Tail. Most have Tales. To Tell.


Feel free to Share a Tale of such spirited Creatures in Our World.

Legends. All.





The Wonders of Happy Exploding Mind. Mind Blown.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…