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Mystery Not A New. Thing In Our World. Legends Tell Such. Much Diggings Deep Lightly Under. Stood In Fronts Of Us A Behind. Our Scenes Look Into. To Part Two So Tutankhamens Tomb. Tomb 55 + Mores. Moreovers Underlying Truly Epic World. Changing Events. Changing King Lists A Disaster That Changed. This Our Minoan + Egyptian Civilisations For. Ever Misunderstandings Mothers. Nature.


So onto Two

part Entombed of Yore Egypt. One


Tomb 55 totally NOT so normal. Now

directly back + from

Into Our Tomb 55. One

Yore Mummy Too.


To views so Researched Part. One

continuings Ours Two herein comparisons: Tho’ only


some 13mtrs. Aways arounds abouts back

in. Our Yore Tut’s Tomb we find: Anomalies

furthered as well in Deeds. Indeed well as


  • ‘Twas so not in. A norm Yores Royal Burial Area.


Only The Burial Chamber had Reliefs drawn… not

the Tomb per norm +

no. Reference to Our The Then Aten God. Lots

oft. Of.?. Monkeys.?. So swapping



Unmasking Tut’s Tomb In Deeds. Indeed Reveals… Others Mixed ‘n’ Matched Indeed.


  • Many Burial Accoutrements from His.?. Brother Smenkhare

so rewritten overs + re-used. Treasure Boxes, Figurines, Shrine

Pall, Stone Sarcophagus, Coffins, Portrait Masks, Jars mores.


underlying Tut’s lying. In stately position were practically ALL

Burial Items originally.?. Smenkhares.?. including


  • The Golden Image on the mid-coffin. O Brother =


A royal all ups jumble of Royalty. As

obviously not Tomb Robbers as nothing

appeared Stolen. So why.?. such settings


in those. These Pharaohonic Tombs of Kings so not. Included

in any of The King/Royalty Listings.?. Thus those

The so called Amarna. Kings were actively desecrated.?.

erased/defaced + sacrilegiously mixed + re-interred.?.


Akhenaten, Smenkhare, Tutankhamen + Ay.

Omitting Four Kings not too. To the fore Listed

Royal so there.?. There so ’twas


River Nile. Waters Flow Greenly. Depicted.


Indeed Tutankhamen We.?. Presume in Deeds.


Customary for Egyptian Kings two too. To co-rule

for a lil’ time whenever possible too. To ensure smooth

transitions of Power

from One Regent too. To the next thus pictured oft

with the One following. Thus here Amarna’s Listed:







For many + much Years Egypt had been stable. Socially

Geopolitically, Religiously. During app. 1500’s B.C..?. During Our


Amenhotep 3/Akhenaten’s Reigns this ALL. So changed. Changing

Yore Gods + Templed Statues, Names, Trade, Society

dwindled. Records lost, destroyed so forth. Forthrightly left

lil’ of Their Legacies.


So.?. Why.?. For examples- Our


Ay’s Royal Tomb in the valley of the kings

had the Mummy removed, Images + Name. Tags erased

by.?. later Pharaoh Horemheb.?. Horemheb

also razed Akhenaten’s City. Rameses 2 reused

Temple stone. Blocks for other buildings. Smenkhare’s

empty/emptied Tomb. Divine name changes. Akhenaten

became written ups as. The Heretic King + so on. On +

on these Kings so despised.?. Why +


What happened in these. Those Times, Places.?. Why



reflected in the Amarna. Letters are many requests

for Aid + Help by Other. Rulers of the time simply. Ignored

by these Pharaohonic Kings.?. Were They so

overrun with their own. Problems There.?. Probably NOW.?.


With our vantage of History.?. Timings

This Time + Place also. Saw All so a lil earlier

Our Minoa Civilisation falter + Fall.?. Is there

a Connection in Deeds.?. Indeed


Now… which was then… Mother Nature

had Hers. Say. Sayings

Research now shows arounds abouts this Times, Places.


Mount Thera, Santorini’s Super Volcano

let rip. Earthquakes, Tidal Waves desolated The. Aegean

areas culminating in Minoa’s eventfilled. Eventual demise.?.


Indeed.?. No Tut Here. There Smenkhare So In Deeds. Be.?.


Were these Pharaohs “… blamed…” for all that.?. +

then. There denied Their. Royal rights + rites

as well. Well as

did the effects oft. Of the Super. Volcano blot

outs Our Sun.?. Thus


Requiring a approach change to. To so

Worshippings. The Aten

a Sun Disc. God became the focus after. Sekhmet

the God of. Chaos had reigned…


Amenhotep 4 became Akhenaten…

Tutankhaten became Tutankhamen…


Favouring such Our Yore Gods changes seems… did

lil’. Lotsa Egyptologists

speculations seemingly avoid. Minoa

and such. Much connections to Our Egyptian

Yores. So.?.


Were the aftereffects of Minoa’s. Destructions

the basis for Biblical. Tales of Plagues +

desolations of/in Egypt.?. Were These Amarna

Kings held.?. Somehows, whys.?. Responsible.?.



thus then treated with disdain by laters

as. They struggled on.?. Egypts Yore

Civilisation eventually fell also. All so


even after reverting. Attempts + worship

of the Ancient Gods. Nothing worked.


Yores Egypt fell… as did Minoa a lil’. Afore. Before


us are MANY anomalies. Tomb 55, Tut’s Tomb, Ay’s Tomb,

Akhenatens, Smenkhares achievements discarded,

disparaged + disavowed. Their Times, Places

in History altered, erased. Did Yores Egyptians

wrongly rightforthly claim The Pharaohs

were too. To blame

for Mother Natures vagaries left encapsulated


in. Those

our so biblical Events. Eventfully eventually




these rightful male. Pharaohs burially housed in

Female. Ways

so means.?. with NO

Engraved Burial Reliefs of how too. To approach

Our Their Gods.?.


Means meanly so ways

denying. Them all a place. In Our Afterlife there. Pharaohs

blamed for Volcanic Eruptions, Tidal Waves, disappearings

of Our Sun. Non Productivity of Egypts Lands. Desolations.


If then when Pharaohs were considered. Part +

parcel of the Lands. Peoples approach to bounty of Crops,

Rivers… Life itself. Were the Egyptian Peoples selfish

enough too. To mislay blame onto the shoulders of Their

Kings. There Giant

naivety of the fragility of Our World. Legends tell


Disasters, Death so a part of Our Lives. Yores Minoa +

Our Egypt paid it in. Full. Fully



sorted mountings nexts.?. will be 9/6:

Two To Yore. Nines In Our World.