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Our The IOT Oft. Of Tech. Things in Our World. Legends Tell Once Upon Placing. Times IOT Servers Computing Pointed. Elsewhere Arounds Abouts Our World. Legends Tell Strongly One. Week Of Digital Pointings Outs Freedom In. Deeds Whensoever So Technically Such Much. Things Were Different. Once Herein.


Our The IOT


involved many in. It’s very early days. One

Jon Postel included. Jon Postel one

oft. Of The U.S.’s Computer Scientists. One

Pioneer of ARPANET + Our IOT. First


Member of The Internet Society. Eventually

serving on the Board of Trustees. He was U.S.A.’s first

Top-Level Domain Administrator. Jon Postel

understood Our IOT. Jon Postel

understood Freedom. Jon Postel

died after Heart Surgery. Complications in Los Angeles

October 16, 1998. Jon Postel


on Jan. 28, 1998 had ordered 8

Switches too. To be switched too. To Freedom.

Our IOT Yore. Freedom Switched


For One week Our IOT was Free. Internet

Users knew this. Not. Jon


had decided. On Freedom.



Once upon Times. Places

for one. Week


strongly Our The IOT

so knew. Freedom. Giving in deeds

one twinned Source IOT. Freedom indeed


Our bastions of Education. Universities… or

rather One. University would hold for one. Week. Our


The University of Southern California

that is. Is that


site where + bys Our Freedom. Switched onto

reside in 8 out of 12. IOT Servers

from Jan. 28,… 1998 for one. Yore Week.




Freedom is one power. Word

means ways. Free. 8

so outs. In 12.


From Jan. 28,.. 8 switches were. Switched

on too. To point Things of Our The IOT. Things

like the Regional Root Authority Protocol Servers

on too. To…


The University. Freedom.


By the next morn the chase was. On

as well. Well as

those overseeings IOT + The otherwise

4 Servers were not. Well. As




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Our Yore IOT had now two too. Two

Naming Sources to IOT. To


One They had no. Control. Knowings not

where, whence. Went IOT.?. etc Appears

at first The IOT US Govt./Network Solutions

Overseers knew not. Where

the Other IOT was… as They approached


The United Nations Meeting oft. Of Their

World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. One

U.S. Diplomatic Rep. there

Ira Magaziner assigned, briefed too. To

Their Issue. There after

undiplomatically upon Meeting. Jon Postel

uttered so the worded following:


“…You’ll never work on the Internet again…”


One Week. Freedom

Switches soon enoughs switched. Back

such things of Our IOT. Much


Jon Postel’s Heart

workings ceased. 9 months later. Next




Our so called open IOT… Freedom

oft. Of The Information Age.

Tis… ALL under Control. So


not necessarily yours tho’. So in deeds

noting. Next ups so indeed. On 3/11:

Quirky Quote #15.