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How To Climb. That Mountain.

Japan In Our World. Legends So Say… Has Mountains To Climb. Hiking Arounds ‘Tween Martial Studies Oft Leads. To Mountains. Fuji. That Mountain. Herein. The One So Found. Found With A Tale. To Tell. A Mountain To Climb. Well as.


Hiking, Trail Walking and Mountain Climbing Areas can be found

all over Japan in Our World. Legends… and the Realities of

Forests, Volcanos, EarthQuakes, Tsunamis notwithstanding.

Japan is practically covered with Mountains. Places to see

as well. Well as


many are. Significantly placed in Culture, Tradition, Legend.

Opportunities for such interactions are diversely plentiful.

Areas of unspoilt Wilderness accessible still. Now.


With Towns, Villages, Onsen, Parks, Trails, WaterFalls,

Shrines, Temples, Forests, Ponds, WaterWays,

LandScapes, SeaScapes. Mores. To Escape to. Travel.




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Having arrived in Japan chasing Dreams,

Shadows. Ninja, actually. Soon found

Japan. Has a lot more on offer. Once

Training. Done.


Intertwined within Our World Legends.

A Mountain.



How To Climb.

That Mountain

of i, Shiro also.



Herein. As Belows.


Woodblock Print. The Wave Off Kanagawa. Fuji Awaits.



off the Train so stepped, fine misted Rain

continued to fall. Up ahead was Fuji.


(…From such as Shinjuku/Shibuya/Tokyo: Regular Buses, Trains

are available All Year with some additional Climbing Seasonal

( July-September ) scheduled. As the Mountain sits

in/on Two Prefectures/Suburbs…


Exits mainly vis

Kawaguchiko/Fuji-Q Highland/Mount Fuji Station.

A Local Bus alights at the

Fifth Mountain Station/Post Area.

Altitude app. 2,300mtrs…)


WoodBlock Print. Village Afore Fuji.


  • FUJI.

Distinctive in looks, Symbol of a Nation.

A Sacred Mountain.



Oft hid in Cloud.

Previous Nomen: Komitake.

Many Visitors.


A Selection of Hiking Trails.

Equip, Dress, Gear Ups appropriately.



Fuji Facts:

App. 3,800 mtrs above Sea Level… 12,400 feet.

Moderately Difficult.


First-Aid Huts between/from: The

Fifth to Eighth Stations.?.

First to Fifth Stations- Forest Terrain.

Fifth to Summit- Rocky Terrain.


Overnight Huts available.

Temp Mild to Cold.



Risk of Altitude Sickness.

Oxygen Cans avail along Ways.

Fifth Station Shop.






The View

at the Top is a worthy Challenge and Prize.

Though Renowned for the Sunset, any Times

is a great View.


‘Cept when Clouds roll on in

and thru’.

Quite oft Snow arounds as well. Well as

being a quite active Volcano for much

of it’s Times. Erupting 16 Times in some


1300 Years. Last Eruption 1707.?.

Considered Dormant at mo’ though actively Monitored.

On the Northern Side, surrounded by 5 Lakes.


(… If Climbing Fuji of no interest…

Yet Views are wanting.?. One of these may

suit. Mores. To simply SEE Fuji… Go Thems… There…)



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Already acclimatised We began to Climb. Walk.

Leaving 5th Station behind.

The Yoshida Trail. Ways. Our


Several days Training in the Area prior was handy.

The Pace set soon tested Our Lungs.

The Path winds and gradually ascends for the most.

Oft Wide enough to overtake/pass Others with ease.

A long Trek rather than Climb. Mostly.


Temp. Mild now, the wispy Rain gone too. To


Fuji Behind Village.




The Yoshida Way.

The Trail of Volcanic Soils, Rocks and Pebbles

still crunched underfoot. Stonily.

Ahead was Station 6.


Beyond, glimpses of 7 and the Lodges

could be occasionally seen as well.

Station 7 approx. 1/3rd of the Way.

First Aid, Shop, Toilets.


An Hour and a Half has gone by.

Clouds billowed Alls arounds.

Other Trail Walkers too. To find

a lil’ Rockier hereabouts now.

Here and There crossing the Trail.



A lil’ Ways Beyond Seven… less Rocks…

Back to smaller Stones, Pebbly Soils.

Much of the PathWays straightforward to traverse.

Though zig and zag The Fuji so Climbed.


We Walked. On. Up as well. Well as


Yoshida Trail Ways Sign.


Yoshida Trail. That Ways Sign.


We would arrive well in Times, Places

for that setting. Sun. Frequently here overtaking. Others.

The Temp. cooling though the Day not quite done.


Scattered around, Grasses and Shrubs so color

the stony Hues. Clumps and Patches that Green

and wind

Up and Down the Mountains sides. Sides

covered in Pebbles, Rocks rough, spiny.


Approaching and passing Station 8/8.5.

Almost approaching 4 Hours also. Also

with Legs, Lungs working out in deed. Indeed

The Air itself now. Has a different Feel.


Fuji has a presence.

Easy to see why a Sacred Mount.

… So Calls You Up. To See.


That View.



This Trail Yoshida and Ways zig-zags thru’ the Ascent.

The Trail’s Ascent inclines steadily, well walked, so

Large Rocks are few. Lotsa’ Stones. Still,


Lil’ Rockier again arounds and past Station 9

were noted also. Also the Weather stayed Fine. ish.

Which made the Climb/Walk enjoyable, picturesque.


The Pine, Larch and Cherry Trees green the view Ways

Belows. Aboves these, only hardy Bushes/Shrubs

dot the Mountain-sides.


Overall there were only a couple of bad patches

of wind-swept Boulder strewn Grounds per se. Balance

quite easy to maintain

and a steady Pace as well. Well as



now. Up ahead quick glimpses of the Torii Gates

which lead to the Summit Base. Rim of the Crater.

Less than 6 Hours. So done.



Air is cool.



We sat.

We watched. With Fuji.




Feel mores than Free to Share.

To Walk. Then Talk. To




Those Mountains so Climbed.

Here. There.



Tales of Toil and Walks. Trails,

Forests, Mountains, Shore. Mores.


Your Ways.


The Battle Of BannockBurn. Brave and Hearted. Of Yore. Clicks Aways. Herein.


Next… Those Ways Wavy, of…

Fenians Ram. Harbor Diving. Banned By Politics.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…



How To Enjoy. Topsy Turvy Stress Relief.

Being Busy In Our World. Legends So Say There Is Oft Lil’ Time. Multi-Tasking Some-Times, -Places, So Required. Meditative Exercising Can Fit In. There. Herein. Tips, Hints. Variations. Turn Your Body… and Mind. Arounds.


Stress is an oft silent long-term Health Risk. Of

Self mainly that is. Gradual or sudden. The

dangers and effects can escalate

as the stress pain is so held within. Within


Our World, Legends from the General Sciences

Studies indications are;..

as many as 3 out of 4 Patients

being seen. Stress Sufferers are thus and so. Seen.



and thereof it seems. Clinically.





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Is. Everywhere. Seen. Felt



In some Form or Ways indeed. In deed

as well. Well as

How To Enjoy

Topsy Turvy

Stress Relief

must then, also be Healthy. For You.


Sleep Right.?. Herein.
A Good Long Read. Herein. The Full Health Tips Explained. Fully.


Stress being a basic, sometimes reflexive reaction to

change. Changes

in the Environ… or Self. Self reactions can vary


through mixes. Mixing of Physical,

Mental and Emotional Responses are the Norm


on Level, Length and Character thereof. Therein too. To


further complicate this complicated Issue. Certain

Stresses are Good. For Self that is. That is those Stresses

usually stressed as being Eustress (EUphoric …Stress).


These are generally for the Positive per se.

During Times and Places of Uplifts

in Your Life and Ways.


A New Career, Partner or Motivating Idea

may soon trigger those Stresses Positive per se.



The Negative Stress of such changes easily outweighed

by the New Approach and Result.

The Positives are so positively… Euphoric. Overwhelming

Almost sometimes.

Such Stress is easier channelled. Excitement.


Pleasure. Energy Boosting. Overrides

any smaller displeasures that may so arise. Arise

earlier, for example you may have to for that new Job. A Sacrifice

more than outweighed by the simple pleasure of an exciting Career

that will challenge and grow.


As with many of the Other Societal, Cultural, Traditional practices.

The sense of Community… simply outweighs the Expense.


Stress can be… good.



Still. One keeps in Mind. Such new

Ways can stress out an unprepared


Mind, Spirit. As well. Well as


Together… In Body

+ Mind.

A Concept taught by Ninja and Other

Health Oriented Persons/Groups

is that of Multi-Tasking Exercises.


Whilst a Punching Bag Workout and/or

Stretching Routine may well Exercise

and alleviate Stress…

With and when Times, Places in a rush…


When You Exercise… De-Stress. Too. To

involve not just Body. Mind and release

of Emotional Tension as well. Well as

this and that Prime Example of flowing



The Meditational/Nature Walking.



Fitness of the Walk +

Could involve Other Movement and/or Breathing Exercises,

Arm Swingings, Limbering Ups, Rotatings.

Various Stretching, Conditioning

within this also. Multi-Tasking. By Combining/Adding Ins.

Along The Ways Walked.


Then. When and With Mind thus freed;..

with Body absorbed in Actions…

…usually repetitious… and with

the influx of Feel-Good Endorphins associated…


Add Meditation/Contemplation. Of

Mind. Nature Surrounds. Self.


Meditational Exercises. Done. Done



at Home when and if so required.?. A Variation. On That.

As Belows.

Topsy Turvy… Go


Upside-Down. Hang.


Firstly, Simply Hanging Off A suitably Heighted and sturdy

Tree Branch can Stretch You outs. Just Hang, Monkey Style.






Grab Hanging as well as Head-Standing, Yoga Positions,

Bare-Footed on Earth/Beach, MoonLight Exercises,

Swimming, Music, Tai Chi…


are some Others to mull abouts  and mix

into Your De-Stress Routines also. Also Btw’s




Then, For those able and adventurous enough…

Hanging Upside Downs… is sorta Fun.

‘Cept for the Blood flood. Flooding and rushing. Ins.


Your Head.



The onrushing are obvious Benefits for those with low or poor

Circulation and associated Systems. Systems of the Body, including

The Brain receive extra Bloodflows, Nutrients acquisition.

The Body’s Muscles and Tissues can be fully stretched yet

with full BloodFlow minimising damage.



Whilst the inversion of The Body is generally All rounds

Safe… Those with certain Physical Conditions should ALWAYS PRIOR



This includes those with already High Blood Pressure, Glaucoma,

Weak Bones, Heart or Circulatory Conditions.

Pregnancy, Obesity…)



For those with no Places. To Hang… Mod.

Tech to the Rescue. There. For

The Topsy Turvy


May straighten Your… Issues. In deed.


An Inversion Table.



A Table to Stretch Outs On…



Turn Your World, Topsy-Turvy.



Stretch Outs and Feel Free.

Free to Share.

Mores. Herein.


Tips, Hints and Ideas.


You Use To Stay Active.

Stress Relief, Stress Free


Mind and Body as well. Well as



Next… Learnings from…

Hawaii’s Children. Language Lessons. Sugary Prose in Play.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…


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The Kraken Lives. Out There. Deep.

Waters Run Deep. Creatures Also. Kraken Herein.
The Waters In Our World. Legends Still Tell Tales. From The Still Deep. Waters. Of Giants, Creatures That Along With The Whales. Swim Still. Out Theres. Herein. The Deep In Our World. Legends That Surface The Further We Dive.


The Waters in and of Our World still hold many Mysteries.

Much of the Seascapes… 95+% still so left to explore.

The amount of Water of/in Our Planet is immense, unfathomable.

Over 70% so covered. Underground Waters too.

On and In Our World. Legends, Traditions, Olden Cultures-


oft involve, invoke Watery Natures within. Within the

Majority of Ancient Civilisations too, Water held prime

position. A great and vital necessity. Of many… Natures.


Within Ours as well. Well as


ukiyo-e artist Hokusai Woodblock
The Great Wave Off Kanagawa. Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai. A Woodblock Print.


netting, gathering over Times, Places, many Tales

of Tails. Mores

in Our World. Legends of and Abouts;..


Mer People, Gods, Goddesses, Davy Jones Locker + Crew,

Ghost Ships, Lost Flights, Sunken Subs, Anomalous Zones,

LightHouses, Captains Courageous and Others, Treasures

Lost. Whilst


appearing and disappearing Islands,

UnderWater Volcanos, unfathomingly DEEEEEP Trenches



form also. Also

catching attention with this and those

Fantastic Sized Fishery including

The Kraken Lives.

Out There. Deep.

Inking Giant Blotted. Still Here. Spotted.


In The Real. In Our World.

Legends, Giants

still Living. In Those Deep. Waters.



(Music Link)


Still Now.

Out There.


Giants well

“… Below the thunders of the Upper Deep,

Far far beneath, in the abyssal Sea…

Ancient, dreamless, uninvaded Sleep

The Kraken Sleepeth…”


Alfred Lord Tennyson 1809-92. Therein.




The Unicorn… is The Rhino.

The Dragon… is The Pterodon.

The Coelacanth… is a Fish… not Extinct. Still.

Giant Creatures in Our World too, had their

Times, Places within History.


Giant Skeletons, Bones,.. esp. of the Dinosaur Fam.

and Mammoths have been found Alls overs

Our World. Legends


of and from The Sciences show such as The Elephant

and Whale Species are Giants as well. Well as still


in Our World. Legends so and Tell;..


The Kraken

is The Giant or Colossal Squid. So named.

Which, like Whales, Elephants… still exists.



Out There.



With 10 Arms.

Termed Marine Mollusks. Of The Cephalopods Fam.

The Squid, like the Octopus, has Eight Tentacled Arms. Arms

along which sit rows of Suckers. Suckers surrounded by

rough, horned tooth-like Rings.


Further Armed also. Also

with a Pair of Extra Special Long Tentacled Arms.

Which can extend and pass the Others. In Length.

Retractable, almost hidden when not in use. Useful

too are the Tips. Clawed.


The Mouth is a very hardened structure.

A Beak.

Used to chop and slice Food into smaller chunks

to swallow.



Extremely quick, agile and built for Deep Waters.

Water Jet Pulse Movements.

Dark Ink for use against Predators.

Oft hunting in Packs.


Gill Breathing, The Squid has no need at Alls. To surface.

Maximum Sizes unknown.?.


Estimated: 20+ mtrs… 60+ feet Length…

(…NOT including the Extra Long Tentacled Arms…).



By Modern Times,

Places in Our World Legends

so writ and well described in such as the

Natural History of Norway

by Bishop Eric Pontoppidan of 1752, so noting ’twas:


“…Incontestably the Largest Sea Monster in The World…”


More recently:

In 2011 a Pack of The Giant Kraken surrounded, capsized a Boat,


and Killed Seven Fishermen in the Sea of Cortés, Mexico.



The Marine Biologist Dr. Luis Santiago from the

Universidad Autónoma Baja California Sur;..

who was rushed to this scene by the Sea, noted:


“…We captured one of the attackers. She is female and we believe

most of the pack to be female because of their size. We also

believe they coordinated the attack by using pigment cells

to communicate, which is very typical in a situation like this. I’m

afraid we may be seeing more of these attacks in the coming

years, and possibly forever…”



Beach Area Closures, Fishing Banned by Authorities the

usual precautions. The Report noted the increase in

such targeted aggression by the Species adding


“...Marine biologists

fear that the trend will continue because of the diminishing

number of fish in their tropical hunting waters…”.



More. Of The Kraken.

To Come.


The Kraken. Lives Still.




In Our World. Legends. Be One.

Get Cracking.


Feel Mores Than Free To Fish out. To

Share. Splash Abouts.



Those so Fishy Tales.


Of Waters, Creatures.

Large and Small. In Our World.



Legends of Seas, Oceans, Shore.



(Video Link)




How To Enjoy. Topsy Turvy Stress Relief.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…