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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #O. Oracles High. Hi Happy Gas.


The King smiled warmly in Our World.

Legends being Told had. So intruded,

demanded fully

His attention. At Attention

His Aides nearby so awaited. Every Word.


“… Hear This. These

famed fortune-tellings Oracles… Of Greece

and elsewhere. Will be in Deed. Indeed

Set A Test…


By ME. Croesus…”. Rich



Details specifically lacking may. Be



Fortune Telling, Card/Tarot/Palm

Readings/Futures. Astrology

Horoscopes so forth. Forthrightly

or wrongly… Such aims much same


in Our World. Legends so Tell Any


In Our World. Legends Tell Times, Places. Are A Thing. At This Place, Time… 16/11/19…13.30…i Shiro. So Drew… 8 Swords, The Empress, 3 Disks. So Here.


Other Times, Places ins Our

A to Z

in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. Oracles High. Hi

Happy Gas



So starts Below. So goes

That Fore-telling. Knowledge of Your Future

some richly. So seek. Well-off, rather

put off by rumored. Claims

arounds abouts


King Croesus. So set a means Test. For


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Oracle Coined. Seated.



Those Ways so Nomened. Oracles of Yore


gifted withs. Future Sights. Sites mainly

Grecian Temples


such. As at Abae, Ammon, Amphiaraus.

Branchidae, Delphi. Dodona, Trophonius


in Our World. Legends so Tell Herein

in Deed such.


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Seat. Of An Oracle.



Indeed much

in Our World Legends



Oracles abound. Arounds abouts

of Yore. Oracles

were serious venting. Business

Naturally Gassed


ups. So down belows. Ground. Is Gas


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Fortunately… Or Nots… This Priestess So Sits. Ins, Alls Arounds Abouts. Naturally Venting Earth Inner Gas in Our World. Legend, Tell Tales, Prose Posed Next. By Her.


…Natural Gases per se. Naturally

Their Natures. So differ. Ats Delphi

a Major Famed

Seat of The Oracle.

That Oracle. Female Nobility Only Lineage


per se. Sayings She, The Prophetess,

The Pythian Priesthood Rep. The Pythoness,

Phoebades, The Pythia

after 3 Days. Of Ceremonial. Rituals, Cleansing

so forth. Forthrightly so spoke. So

sat too. To be Directly Aboves


an open Earth Fissure Type.?.

upons arounds abouts those

Natural Volcanic.?. Earth

Crevice/Vent Ways. Means Gassily Naturally


surrounds. This Oracle. Of Future Knowings. So

babbled. Image Aboves. Below Her

Our World Atmosphere bubbled on through.


Thru’ Riddles… whilst breathing ins. Deeply


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Delphi. A Reconstruct Mod.


moved by GeoPolitics. Firstly King Croesus

so donated.

Costs, Tribute too. To

That Heracles Temple. Enough

Gold For a God. Apollo Statue

too. To so be commissioned. There. Then


seeking Truth of His Days. Oncoming so



A Test

for Each. Oracle

of the 7. So

nomened Ways Aboves herein. Means




Our World. Legends tell King C. admitted


so richly. Later

when examining His Test. Results:


Only Two seemed able to SEE… Oracles

… Amphiaraus, Delphi.


Of This Pair... then Only One. ALL

So Knew The Full Answer

He So. Set ins the Test


earlier… That So Delphian.


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He freely Tested, Saw Happy Gassed


in Our World. Legends

Style so seems. Seemingly


a Truth Serum Potent. Gas

au Natural

so therein. Of Yore.

King C. so swore.


The Futures could be. Seen


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Btw’s;.. This known. Seen

P.S. In Our World. Legends Tell Further

Thanks so. Given


Delphian Donations by K.Croesus. So

included a Pair of Jewelled Twinned

Entrance Pillars. One

Gold, Emerald. The Other. Other


Tribute included a Huge Silver/Gold Bowl Pair.

The Gold. Bowl weighed nears

a quarter of a Ton. The Silver held overs

Five Thousand Gallons. So


being used too. To quench Thirsts


Next too. To Be. Quirky Quotes #36.


at Festival Events and such. Much

credit goes.


of Samos the credited Maker thereof. Thus


Cups. So raised above.

A Future Toasted To in Our World. Legends


so Told. Be.