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Featured Image Of A Misty Rocky Shore Where A Gowned Female Sits In Front Of A Piano.

Indeed The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Herein Letter #L. Lore Of Yore Lorelei. Our Sirens Rock. On In Deed.


When Yore Lorelei sang. Even Our Time

on The Rhine

stood. Still,

for a Siren, Lorelei one. Of The Best


at driving Men

in Boats unship-shaped deeply so there. Despair

another of their’s now. Their major. Companion seen

in Sea Life, Sea

Waters on that atop. Their

Shoulders so thereon in Deed. Indeed


everon wholly so well watered. In unholy deeps

as well. Well as this, these Siren



Lorelei did so Naturally. Like

Breathing. Underwaters


Image Of A Misty Shoreline Focusing On An Old Half Buried Anchor.

Sinking Songs In Deeds. Indeed Sung Sunk.


of Our Rhine. Yore Boaties oft were beached. Sons of

britches so captivated, lured. By Her

Call and this. That distractive attractive. Sight.

Nymph like Yore Lorelei so oft sat long. Brushings

ups, down so Her long

Hair. Hearing Our


Lorelei after all that said, done, aboves. Belows

was a Yore

Our Germanic. Below waves bestower, so nomened a

Siren. Sirens


in The Mod. can be modulated too. To achieve

stupefyings strangely similar. Effects


of Yore Our Sirens Call

inevitably called a downer. Above


Image Focusing On A Red Alarm Siren/Light With A Metal Cage Surrounding.

Sing Sirened In Deeds. Indeed Siren Songs.


even those so waverings High Notes. Noted


highly brushed acclaimed wave

watcher. Lorelei Sirened so warbled

everso serenely ons. Getting

down per se in Deed. Sayings indeed deep

in A too. To Z of Our World. Legends Tell that

Lore Of Yore Lorelei.


This, Our Sirens Rock. On,

herein so begins. Beginning with

Lorelei… Her Birth anyways. Means

Lorelei was so different also. All

so nomened One. Of Those. These named

divined select Fews. With Their Own There. There,


Their Own. Rock. Here


Image Of A Painting Depicting The Legend Of The Siren Lorelei.

Lorelei. Siren Rock In Deed.


… which was There… Lorelei rocked. Was…

actually… a Rock… in Deed. Indeed Rock

born. Borne rocky from Her Begins. Ending


beings a Rock… ‘er in Her Begins

when of Yore. Our Lorelei Sings. So Rhiney

Deep Sea Treasure, Mariners +

Sailors, So Then Seen, Become, so unwell as. As Well

Lorelei’s Lore leewards links too. To That. This

The Mystery of that


Treasure Of Niebelungen. Lorelei


in Our World. Legends Tell Her 433 Foots. High

Rocky Cliff Face first nomened, mentioned. So writ

’twas so named as in. 1801

when One noted Balladeerist noted. Therein the Literature

thereof too. To


German Author Clemens Brentano’s: Zu Bacharach am Rheine.


Image Of Many Ornately Drawn White Music Notes On A Brownish Background.

As Well Music Sets Too. To Siren Songs In Deeds.


Image Looking Down Upon The Rhine Valley And River Near Lorelay.

Indeed A View Of Her. World View In Deed.


Moving forwards in Our Time… which is Yore backwards

so timed. Her Rock, The Rock Slate nomened

The Lorelay Cliffs


named now in Your. Days in recognitions which. Btw’s

overlooks a beautiful. Then + now-

Yet mayhaps oft haphazard Watery.

Dangerous approx. 65 km’s stretch. Of Our Rhine River


Middle Valley nows. Forming a World Heritage Site

of UNESCO 2002 that is. Is that there Our Yore Lorelei. An

Amphitheatre The Freilichtbühne where/whilst Cruise

Ships. Tourists pass on. Boatings Bys…


The Nomen Lorelei/Lorelay from Our Yore. Germanic

names for =

murmuring/lurking Rocks. A rocking


Later yarn of Lorelei and Rock. Elaborated/added

on in 1824… by


Image Of The River And Several Boats Near Lorelay.

Indeed Merry Maritimes, Places Dance. Arounds Abouts In Deeds Siren Sung. Lorelei.


Image Of A Stone Lintel/Portal With A Legendary Siren Carved Upon.

Indeed Portal. Rocks Sirened In Deed.


another so German Author Heinrich. Heine

whoso composed a dedicatory Poem. Dedicated so

onto. To

The Lorelei so in Deeds. Indeed His Die Lorelei


addings much mores detailed. Wordings. Such

bewitchings, fate moreovers underlying deep. Mariner

transfixings also. All so affixing Murders of lured. Men

till… Lorelei

afore a Cliff fall so brought. Her Own too. To Swansong

Her Rocky required ways means, mean. End. Beginning

from arounds abouts 1837 that… then,


This Legendary Siren so

called outs added within. With Lyrics/Prose

so being set too. To Music


Loreleis Lore so goes on in Deeds. Indeed


Image Focusing On A Cliff Danger Sign.

In Deed Siren Swansong Also. All So. Take Care.


Voicing Outs Next Herein. Sounds

Like Quote-Quirky #74.