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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #A. Build. Ups Architects Of Yore.


Architecture is also. An Art

in Our World. Legends of Yore

built ons Times, Places. Such Ways

means turning empty spaces too. To

stand out in Meanings. Views as well. Well

as per


that advent. Events

of reforming Mass Printing which so

shattered. The prevailing



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Religious dominion. Dominations Of

bookish Knowledge and Learnings

without. So

within. Herein


A to Z

in Our World.

Legends Hit ‘n’


Mores of Letter #A. Architecture

Build Ups Architects. Of Yore In Our World.

Legends Egyptian Tell for Examples such.


Many Builders so also




noted secular Teachers, Instructors, Writers

and Alls. Others now so involved

well as. As well


an A to Z of Topics too. To discuss so

writ. Libraries, Academies, Theaters

becomes commonplaced


Places to meet ‘n’ greet. Learn

from Orations, Lectures, Shows, Discourses,

Debates in Deeds. Indeed

flowering, distributing Knowledge widers. In


Our World. Legends


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of Water. Powers

thereof. Of

so run deep ins. Egypt

of Yore. Mainly Niles


Waters therein. Herein

in Mind, mine. Imhotep

so practising. His Art. Freemasonry,

Temple of Solomon, Vitrivius The Architect of Rome,

Franciscan Friars,

The Cathedrals and Builders, Biblically. Many


such Artful Legends full. So retold

of Architectures prominence

built into too. To much backgrounds. Ground


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Works, breaking Designs twig heart- and eye-

strings. Stirring ups admiration. Awe

well as. As well that sense of grandeur. So

reigns. Rain


or shine. So shines. Their Works. Working

with Basic Elements in Specialised. Ways means

Houses become. Homes.


Grand Mansions thus Heritage Listed. Castles

that dominate those Landscapes. Cathedrals

that maze the floor. Amaze

the inner Soul. With Color Proportion, Design.


Sweeping Heights. Accentuating

Highlighting Giddy Heights. Principles


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of Geometry, Masonry, Design. Numerology,

Mining, Quarrying,.. Alls

so elementally harmonised. Imhotep for example so

forthrightly. Forthly, formly fitly

so used Nature’s Water. The Niles


channelled in too. To Locks/Weirs

to float Pharaohs

boats of building. Blocks those large stones


In Our World. Legends then

Tell greatly so

The Pyramid. Sat ins an Island. Formed

by channeling Nile. Waters channeled


mores. Moreover

Pyramid turning


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into a Man-mades Mountain; Volcanic Watered


Styled Water Pressure Pump. Pharaohs Pump


Pyre amidst = Fire within “…Davidsons Chamber…”

Ats Tops. Of The Grand Gallery

So turns ways. Means A

Pyramidal Elemental Waterings. Pump

that is. That is


so Imaged Ways aboves. Belows means


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ons Water these

Egyptians. Of Yore


Hows, Whys. So there so

venerated, respected. So…

pumped Ups. That River





Waters of Life.