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Featured Image Person Sitting On Couch Practising Origami Via Instructional Book On Coffee Table.

The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z Too. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends So Enfolded Herein. The Letter. #O. Our Origami. Yore Inspired.



Paper simply folded. Alike


perhaps Dot or Pencil Art wherebys. Arounds

abouts such basic Acts, Movements. Art so

much flows forth. Forthrightly

done, exquisite Forms so. Result there, herein

A to Z in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth

Thus this. Paperless

Our Origami. Yore Inspired so Begins.




Fantasy Gif Of Matrix Actors Performing Origami.

Just That One Foldin’ Arounds Abouts. With This Guide.



(Video Link)


so began when Someone. Usually Told

In those Sun. Rising Lands Japan. Started Folding

Paper. After The Inventions of Paper

so unfolded in Our World. Legends

Tell basically- That. A Hero/Heroine

of Choice. Chose too. To Shape

Pages into

Their World. There simply


indeed though, this Art may seem. Seemingly intricate

Benefits in Deed mores. Moreovers pass Time

thru’ Handiworks well as

boosten Balance. As well Eye-Hand Coordinations, associated

improvements enhancings Brain. Functions, refinings +

uppings Dexterity, Patience (…NOT That Card Ones…),.. Trinkets


and Paper Sales All, so. Also


as unfolding Early

after Production of Paper. Arts, Artistry

and those so Associated Actions, soon began too. To

Be Nomened this Yore Pastime


as Our. Arts… of Orikata… The Folding of Shapes

and/or In The. Real, named

more Modernly… so seems. Seemingly thus now


Origami… The Folding Of Paper, into Shapes.


Man In Suit Holds Up A Piece Of Blank Paper.


Set Of Colored Origami Figures Arranged In A Heart Shape On Blue Background.



Origami Tsuki: Certificate/Badge Type.

Origami Noshi: Good Fortune Type. Typically


Many Early Folders were. Those Priestly, Noble. Upper type

Technical Classes in Society. ‘Cos basically… Thems

could afford to. To buy/accrue Papers

over Times, Places too. To be come to so. Be used as


Decorative, Artistic, Architectural Public Display Pieces. All so



(Video Link)


Set Of Mixed Geometrical Shaped Origami Figures.


Origami Easily adapts. Enhances Educational Teachings. Within

aims developing further much Interest. In

such interesting Fields. Of Study as Mathematics, Geometry, Art

and Other.

Ways of using Numbers and Shapes in Deed. To

indeed Teach particular Ideas, Concepts. Thereof,

therein Education, Research, Applications, mores. Moreovers

underlying The Searching


laying out Papered. History in Bookish Japan. A first

Mod. in Our World. Legends Tell So Writ

Literary mention. Possibly such- The


1797 Thousand Crane Folding :

Sembazuru Orikata of Akisato Rito.


Much so writ on Traditional Significance, Cultural

Aspects as well. Well as

The Traditional Folding Ways


and Methods Discussed. So Writ therein whilst. Herein



Set Of Yellow And Green Pikachu Type Origami Figures Lined Up On A Ledge.


Multi Colored Rounded Ball Of Origami Figures.


Lil’ later


… Combo 1950’s so onwards noted. Noted Japanese Foldings Master

Yoshizawa Akira and American

Sam Randlett co-Developed, Promoted a Defined

Standard. Of Use as Guidelines

for. Origami Diagram/Drawing/Symbols. Enhancements


Technical Natured have also. All so Developed overs Times,


in Our World. Legends Told, unfold

that. Strengthen, Accentuate, Color

vis Applications. Other Trade/Craft/Arts Methods

of Laminatings, Back-Coating, Wet Folding so forth. Forthrightly

enwrapped within This Art. So


leaving Models. Available for Puppetry, Dioramas, Sculptured

and 3-D Ways. Means



(Video Link)


Set Of Colored Origami Boats Floating On Water.


ensuring a dedicated. Living Art that continues too. To

Grow well as


Explore ongoing Tech., Methods. As Well Systematically

means adding value. Ways of continuing Artistic Expression. For

Old, Young, All so. So simply join


The Fold.


Origami Swan Illuminated By Candle Light On Table.

Alighting Next #52 Quote So Quirked Herein.