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In Our World. Legends. Come and go… mix and match. Matching Legends and Peeps so did seek. Herein. Searching outs Rebellion on this Site… well before their times, Places in deed. In Our World. Legends. Herein. ‘Cause so Writ.



Writers… on WordPress.


Not a Place, Times…

i, Shiro, have ever considered... Other

Thans. A Collective

multi-languaged, Cultured collection

of Creativity. Quite and oft, coherent.


P.C.?. No.


mixes of Minds.?. Yes. So

Writ. Word-pressed

that is. That is




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Rebel Cause. Within

Grandpaw on Grammar,

Looking in Literary. Arts. Finer points

can oft be gleaned. Therein. WordPress.


Writers are deep and twisted Souls.




Unfathomable. Till. So Writ. Unique



a Word. That so freely applies.


WordPress. Words

pressed in Deed. Indeed


much. To brings a Smile.

Thoughts. Mores. Feelings

emotives, so Play. In Mind Mine. Smiling


inside and outs. Out and even. Mores.

When Tips, Hints and mores. Be

shown and shared so forth. Forthrightly

that Smile. Shows. Then. On Mine. Herein




Stays. A lil’ While. Whilst



Some decry lacks of Grammar. Others. Punch

out at Punctuation perfunctorily plummeting.

Pleading that abysmal apostrophilic cause. Causing. The

Apocalypses. To occur


and. Thens. To Thems give what for.

For such and sooth... i. Shiro plead.

Guilty. Thereof, Herein





When Someone who…

Tells so what to do... to me…

Does and so. Decree. Agreeing,


whilst yet and so. Also,

assessing merits thereof therein. Herein

Mind. Mine…


Also brings forth… the exact...




to mulls mindfully, playfully. Overs. Then as well. Well as

this and that being so prominently,

dominantly incurred. Thus reoccurs much

and then. Then

for sooth to know. This. That…


i,Shiro put them in. Purposelys. On Purpose also. Also

know. That. This Be so. Herein. Begins my



A Beast of Suburbia. 1/2 Man… 1/2 Machine. Bob-Cat so nomened. Therein.


Storey’s. So Built One Story. At Times, Places.

At One. Meaningful meant Moment.

In Time.

Of Mind. Mine. Yours.?. Of Yore


and in Our World. Legends are too. To

be Told...


Herein well as. As well do not i. Not

consider much else. Than


These Story’s. Will Be Told. In

Our World.



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Legends are not simply a Blogging niche.

Such are intimately connected. Within

All Topics. Topics diverse and many. Many


simply. Have a Story To Tell. Telling

more of Our History, Past Events. Using

Mystery to invoke that awe.


i, Shiro. Tell Stories in Our World. Legends

and their inner Knowledge. Laid Bare. Barely

do i have Times, Places to lay bare


the machinations

of the Controllers. In Our World. Legends

to entertain and educate. So, i Tell.



Simply Enjoy. Thems. Then



Feel. Mores than Free. To

Share. Herein.

When standard nORms go astray. Say


when IOT Algorithms cannot. Not so. So

Understands. Writings Creativeness

withins. Creative Writings. Then


in Our World. Legends from



Krakens. Herein A Clicks Aways. Means Deep Blue Giants So. Live In Our World. Legends So Tell. That Too.


A Fav. Movement.


That To You.


So endears. What Moves

You.?. What


and Wheres.?. Do You Draw

That Line. So Writ. WordPressed...

or OthersWise.?.


How, Whys Do You.?.

Your Means and Ways. Ways


Cause. The Rebel in You.?.


To so. Rise.?.



Next… Posted. Ups As Belows:

A Poison GalPal. Locusta.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…