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Featured Image Of A Wooden Door On A Red Brick Wall Opening To Reveal A White Brick Wall.

Indeed The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Herein Letter #T. So Up Holds. The Threshold In Deed.


Standing there what do. You

see at That. Edged lined ways so confronting You

front on.?. Means otherswise

Doorways aka nomened Thresholds. Leaving


asides entering. Ups so thru + into. To those, these

named Our’s now-


The Threshold.


Doorways, Gateways, Portals. Entry

Exitings, Transitions in Deeds. Indeed

So movingly Symbolic oft. Of crossing overs



which when underways means such. Transcendings passing overs

Lines, Boundaries. Much lively

Philosophical Advices. Symbolics so then underlying truthfully

apply. Applying Esoteric/Exoteric

Knowledge after learned groundsworks. So


A to Z in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth so upholds. Behold

The Thresholds


herein. So begins too. To open. Ending ups

taken for grantedness.

Barely laid Eyes on. Lying forthrightly upright


IN Our World. Legends Tell do. Doors are,


Image Focusing On A Cat Flap Door With A Cat Peering Inside.

Indeed In Outing In Deeds.


right there ins Your. Face, Ways means

Knock Knock so forth. Forthrightly left

opens Pets mores. Moreovers under

gaps in doors do indoors Winds flow. Drafts

winding thru’ Halls. Ways mean

breezily stoppered. Ups down


on the Floor with Door Snake Modeled like. Like

Door Draught Stoppers in Deeds. Indeed


Social Customs/Traditions

Matrimony Carrys overs that. This Symbolism into

New Home, Threshold So Doored. Adoring Arts,


Image Of A Old Cellar Door Surrounded By Forest Plants.

Indeed Gateway Too. To Other Ways In Deeds.



Philosophical, Esoteric Traditions, Ways means

Doorswiseways =


Entry Portals/States of. Mind, Learnings Dualistic

Gateways both Ways so forth. Forthrightly so left

in Our World. Legends Tell


Doors for Our Dead. Beginning that Journey. Journeyings

in Deeds in exotic Lands, Times Places. Indeed Mysterious


open. Sesame Doors stoned of yore. Our Homes. Front

back evens sides, asides have. Doors… mores. Moreovers


Yore Our Romans. Dedicated a divined God. Janus

too. To upholding

so thresholding those. These Doorways. Janus


this. That hermaphroditic One too. To Two. Faced

also. All so

Symbolic seems so. Sees like. Both at Once

Wayswise well as. As well Janus God


divined Above. Belows Imaged so

represents Dualities in general. Generally


Image Of A Sculpted Bust Of The Two Faced Roman God Janus.

Indeed Facing Outs. In Both Ways In Deeds.


Image Of A Large Many Colored Draught Door Stopper Behind A White Door.

Gap Filled Stopped Indeed Draught. Stopping Powers In Deeds.


under Yore + Our doors are lil’. Gaps. ‘Tis so

Where Manmade Draught Door Stoppers

mentioned aboves. Belows

too. To fill that. This Gap

comes in handys mores. Handling moreovers


sided goes on. Doors too. To

open so handily. In

doors well as in Deed. Indeed as well made


Doors close. Mostly. Surely


Image Of An Old Faded Blue Chain Locked Wooden Door In A White Doorway Arch.

Soon Indeed Opens In Deeds.


openings next Quotes.

Quirky #80 ups so herein.