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Indeed Geopolitics Gamely In Our World. Legends Tell Of Those. These Players Step Up If Not. Ahead Asides Others. Means On Their Ways Too. To Our Yore Rome. Roma By SurNomen i, Shiro Namely Delve A Lil’. Deep Into Borgian Eyes. Eyeing Dynasty’s First Too. All Steps To Roaded City So. Called Out In Deeds.


Our Borgia.


Yore Spanish Elite Geopolitical Clan/Family nomened Borja

there. Their Named

Our Borgia in this. That Yore Vatican/Roman Times, Medieval

Popish. Places prosed in pressing Vaticanus Deeds. Indeed

sequestered long afore. Papacy’s


Borgia Begins That Road

Too. To Rome

then in. Their Our Yore Our World. Legends tell

recorded. Records begins War

therein. Thereof Our Yore Years 1240’s ish… In there



Spanish. Township of Borja were so 8 Men. So

nomened Borja also. All so 8 these. Those mentioned

Human Beings beings Human Army


Soldiers. Recognition worthies such 8 Soldierings

with. Much


Image Of Stone Carving Of Borgia Family Coat Of Arms On A Wall.

Indeed Carving Out So There. Their Borgia Fam. Coat So Arms In Deeds.


of Rewards, Land Grants for Dutiful actions. Actioned from


Aragon’s (…1208-1276…) King James 1. One King

warring against Muslim incursions. Expanding

His Army in response in this Yore. Our


Traditional Addressed Customs Btw’s so there. Their

Surnames = Town (… You were so from…)

Name. Anyways means One

of King James adulated 8 Borjas also. All so One

got given. Permission too. To


parcel outs Land therein That. This King’s Realm arounds

abouts + then. Parcelled a lot of allotments

mainly. Outs a lot too. To Kin +

co. thus so. Centralising a lot per se forming. Say

nomened Community kindred. Spirits. A lot basically same


named Fams. within such. Much of these Lands alotted of. Off

those loaded Kingly in


Image Of A Map Showing Europe As Medieval Time Nation-States.

Indeed Mapped Out. In Yore Times, Places In Deeds.


Image Of A Medieval Borgian Knight On Horseback Leading Other Soldiers.

Mean Stepping Out. In Borgian Ways.


Valencia. In the main there. Upping mainly a lot of. Their Lands

outed so Borjan influence. Borjan

Dynasty as a Major Family/Force of this. That Areas

Events as Times, Places went. By


Those First actions. Such

growing Family’s consolidated, extended.


protected rather large lots. Swathes much of Countrysides.  A

Century + so later…


One of these. Those much such Land Owning

descendants of One James 1 King’s Men 8

Borja Men. One

too. To step ups. In sight of Rome’s. Cardinal pointed

Seats of Power insightfully taken in. So is/was One

Alonso. Borgia by Roman red hatted nomen. By

Law that is. Is that named Profession


so He pursued. Alonso. The Lawyer.


Image Of Alonso Borgia.

Alonso Borgia. Lawyer Steps Out. On Rome In Deeds.


A Lawyer. Stepped ups. Outed Alonso Borgia (1378-1458) of

Játiva, Valencia’s Torre del Canals in 1417-


via selection and enroute vis too. To Rome

as His Duties as Law Canon/Lecturer of. His Local University

of Lérida +

Church made. Him acceptable mores. Moreovers underlying

Church Hierachy Decsion Makers too. To decide

Alonso so

chosen as. One of the few chosen Rep.’s

for that. This next Church Council. Council of Constance

that is. Is that then this


Law Canon of local. Church then chosen too. To rep.


Image Of An Ancient Roman Roadway.

In Deeds Too. To Rome So Leads. Indeed Well From As Well.



as a Lawyer + now Church. Council Member

Alonso mayhaps perhaps soon realised. He was just too.

Two steps from Rome’s. Seat…

for if he so could obtain selection of Cardinal… Cardinals

chose Popes at these those Times, Places… + Popes

were also prior. Cardinals… thus when

so Alonso selected Cardinally… a lil’. Later so


movings now ons, taking residence in too. To One Times,

Places where His Vote so got Counted. Rome’s

Cardinal. College

Of Cardinals that is. Is 1444/45… that.?. Was this


a Borgia’s First. Steps

out Alonso on His Ways

leadings onto. To Roads all those of Rome. So


Yore Borgia Our Tabled Times, Places:


  • 1240’s: King James 1 of Aragon Awards Borja Land Grants

for Reconquista War Services rendered.


Borja Family Dynasty consolidates, expands Spanish influence.


  • 1378: Alonso de Borja born in Valencia, Spain.

University Studies, Lecturer, Local Church Law Canon.

  • 1414: The Great/Western Schism, dividing Roman Church.

Church Council of Constance Members include Law Canon Alonso.

  • 1416: Alfonso V is now King of Aragon.

1417: Alonso de Borja begins working with King Alfonso V.

  • 1431: Rodrigo de Borja born in Valencia, Spain.


  • 1444: Alonso de Borja appointment at Rome’s College

of Cardinals. He moves to Rome in 1445. Herein


Image Of A Painting Focusing On Borgia Family Members.

Indeed Borgian. Roamed Rome In Deeds.


so next roundings. Up soundings off

of #K in Our A To Z,..


Whilst Too. Two stepped Research continues…

A. Borgia’s First steps In Rome recounted. One

Part Two. Researchings so in Progress. Popishly

will number amongst nomened Future. Posts, soon… ish.