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Featured Image Zodiac Imaged/Inscribed Intricate Timepiece/Device.

Well As Looking Up In Our World. Legends Tell Of Sights. Starry Eyed i, Shiro So Go. Looking In Our World Legends In Deed. Indeed Outing Our Myriad. Zodiac Of Yore Gods So Within. The Dark Nighted Ones Too. To Infinity. Beyond So Stars Be. Herein As Well.



The Gods.



The Stars.


So sums simply. Ups

Our Myriad. Zodiac Of Yore

Gods. As belows begins we see

much. Many are those. Stars

such are

Gods too. To


be in Our World. Legends many. Legends


Star Map Of The Zodiac In The Southern Hemisphere.

Southern Hemisphere Zodiaced Starrings.


Star Map Of The Zodiac In The Northern Hemisphere.

Northern Hemisphere Zodiaced Starrings.


that in spite. Of the Starry Complexity

Rather Crowded of the Skies

so. Numerous

Stars Positions, Movements so forth.

Forthrightly be much. The Same

corresponding Characteristics. Around abouts

Our World. Legends Tell that Zodiac


This Circular so Subdivided 12. Signs, Relations

Ancient Author Astrology, Astronomy. The

Claudius Ptolemy Summarised. So

therein becomings Representative

Symbols in Our World. Legends Told

widespread of Yore known. Onlys…

Seven Planets

Then. So Our

Zodiac. Old in Deed. Indeed 12


so = Nomen derives vis

The Four Elements x The Three Levels.  12

Symbolically of Early Civilisationally Antiquity. We now

still so timingly. Watch The 12 in Calendars

Monthly well as. As well

persist, insist. Watches, Time-

pieces. Devices As Aboves, So Belows. 12


Hours so each. Day, Night. So Cycle

ons. In


On A Black Background A Cluster Of Rainbow Lights Surround A Zodiac Timepiece/Device.


Our Nomen Grecian

of Yore. Our


Zoe Diakos… The Life Wheel.


A Cosmic Wheel of Our Worlds Celestial Map.

A Model, Archetype. Of Symbolising Nature’s

definition… yet possibility.

The current Characteristic Signs of The Zodiac

appear possibly too. To dates backs

to Thems. B.C. Times, Places well as. As well

These be:


Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer,

Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio,

Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.


The Arts… then, now…


of many kinds. So

used/uses such Symbols. Much

around abouts Ways. Means

study of those. Heavens so seems. Seemingly


a World. Wide WebCollective Symbolic Pattern


A Close Up Of A Intricate Ornate Zodiac Timepiece/Device.


that still has use. Individually. Zodiacal


Details in Horoscopes, Predictions, Entertainment

mores. Moreovers Astrology

under Our Skies. Professional ‘n’ Amateur

Scientific Studies. Proliferate

with Astronomy, Planetary Theories, Experiments

and Study. Studying



not just for those. So

starry Eyed


Full View Of An Intricate Ornate Zodiac Timepiece/Device.


in Our World. Legends

Tell of Our Aboves wherebys. Below


of Ideas, Thoughts, Explanations. Even


by the Dozen tell of. Stars. Starry Gods


So viewed. Aboves,

Belows Seen


A Top Hatted Chocolate Man Is Surrounded By Chocolate Zodiac Squares and Red Christmas Icons.


next. So be #O Of This A To Z.