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Australia in Our World. Legends Tell Tales. Men, Women, Country. Counting Costs Left. Unsaid. When Cultures Meet The Military Industrial Complex. Complexes result. War as well. Well as Costs. Mores. Herein.


The Profit over Loss Syndrome

still running wild as the Elite

Economy relies on War. Wars and Calls


fomented in Geo-Political Realms, Halls,

those Corridors.

By the Military-Industrial-Complex. Bankers

included. Therein. Thereof also. Herein


much angst so generated of Refugees.

No harder Life do we submit. Them to.

Profit over Loss. Loss of Livelihoods.



We are… Our Own Worst Enemy

in Our World. Legends


Tell Tales of Our Leading MadMens Power, Words

then Actions. Deeds


terrorfully released. Realised. Terribly.




One Of The Results. Of War.




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War. Trade Wars. Sanctions. Controls. Power Over People. Profit Over People.


So now,..

…to begin beguine with no reason to beguile,..


Bursting Bubbles. The


of Doing Rights,..


… is just the start.

Of a critical look at a critical part.


Of Society in the Modern and Real.

In Our World, Legends gathered of Australian

Journalists and Researchers.


Brings forth. Many. Imbalances.



A Working Class Man.

Famous Song and Honorary Title.

The Blue-Collar Workers of Australia.


Current Average Wage: app. 45K.


Some 5-7K Tax also. Applies. Applying

Australian from Refugees… Howevers:


The Government of Australia says:

Yet and so.

Each Refugee…








$346,178 per annum.

Pockets run deep. There. Then,


The Workers… 45.


.?. 45K v 346,178.



Equality is another Term oft bandied. Abouts.

Experience soon shows. Otherswise.



experience the Best of what Our Society Offers.



Some 346K Worth it seems. Seemingly

For Free. Freely

born Aussies. Full Work, Paid. Somewhats

less it seems. Seemingly



For those who so equally express the desire

that such as Aussies should do as THEY say.

Open Borders, Open Arms, Open Hearts… to



Sentimental sentiments.

For do THEY, those too… those hearts

whining, bleeding Media of Space…




For so and such. A… VERY LONG TIME.?.

For that same and just Cause.?. so Asked.



Equality has many facets. Factors.

Doing the Right thing is a good thing.

Yet and bys…


Whose Rights.?. so trampled

by Social do-gooders in Our World. Legends




so Tell. The World is led by People with Power.

Pleading with Anyone else. Pointless.

Money from nothing is created. Money


for No Thing…

without Profit Their Creed.

Profit over Loss. Loss of Life.

Profit over People.



No Individual or Group. Even Country.

Can Fund these Costs. For so Long.




Equality, Multi-Culturism, Freedom.

Democracy. Public Governance.

Your Vote Counts. Refugees Count.

Me. Too

Many Causes.


At $346,178 per annum. Cost Price.

Australian. Guaranteed.


Just Words. So


Noble sentiments indeed.

Yet… In Deed,




Of War. Thus

and so. So for.

So Long after.


Who really. Bears this. That Cost.

Over and overs. In Deed.?.



Next… Posted: Sprinkling

Salt, Of The Earth. Flats, Salting Famine.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…