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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #I. Inventor… A Major. Music Maker.


Watching. Over those Waters

Arion of Methymna smiled as He sat. Docksided

a wandering distinguished Grecian. Wondered. Of



though not. Back Homes from Travels

wide. Far

His Boat had so come ins. Into


Port that is. That was

First Thoughts. Mind. Arion’s,


back then. Then




(Music Link)


herein this

A to Z in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. A Major. Music Maker


oft too. To Followers so Musically. Inclined

Their Focus is so distinctly rhythmically

inventive. Also


in Our World. Legends Tell

such. Much

That Musical Heroes, Heroines

and so forth. Forthrightly so

this. Of



This Muso’ .?. may so wells be. Mores




TrendSetter. Of A Musical



Style. Of Yore well as. As well



Ability too. To Swim certainly Helped. Therein

Stay afloat. Live also. Also later play

those. Tunes

so ins Grecian Tones. These



Times, Places so in Deed. Indeed

Arion happenstanced Traveling was. So


on Journeyings too. To Corinth

when stricken. With Fates, Tragedies.

Was Kidnapped. By Corinthians

Boating His Ride Home


well as. As well

who so. Now



turned outs. Ups as

Sailors/Now Pirates…

who wanted a percentage of His Profits…

100% that is. Is That


Alls so asked Arion of His Captors.?.

What abouts arounds a Song afore i go.?.

The Music starved Crowd. Of

Pirates sounded Aye. Let Us. So have it. He

so. Complied


Arion smiled. So Writ a Song. Sung

it so ons. Deck. Then

jumped off. The Deck too. To

such Piratical. Much amazements


so then. Hitched a Ride ons. An

sea-going-bys Dolphin



and sped off. Off

Taenarum’s Shore

shore a lil’ later… earlier

thans His. Now not so merry. Maritimers

Corinthian Kidnappers as well. Well as

exposing such sorely driven Seafarers

nefarious. Affairs

this too. To


Periander. The King. The Tall Tale Dolphin Tail

‘n’ Alls so. Seen at Sea yet so. True

Tale. So First. Lastly

sea worthy



accolades received well as. As well

Inventor… Innovator

A Major. Music Maker, Natural

Swimmer Prodigy

So swimmingly played. Through.?.


A Major… ups ‘n’ downs

so captive Muso’. So yet

aware, resourceful. A

Series of Waves and Waves. Ocean Blues,

Dolphin Fins

those Odes. So swept alongs


of Arion



comes too. To Mind Mine. Yore

Instrumentations needed mores. Moreovers

so thought in That Mind. Arions. Back

then of Yore. Even then


Arion not onlys realised Music coulds be

extended much. More. Moreovers

had thought. In Mind. His

Inventive Ways too. To meaningfully

so. Demonstrate

a Total. Approach in Deed. Indeed His


Novels Ideas, ArtFull

Ways. Means



ins Our World. Legends

so be. So pleasantly

there so. Musically


as well. So


Coming Your Ways. Means Next So Is Quirky Quotes Quaintly. Done. #35.


Bronzed. The Statue

of Man On Dolphin. At

That Temple of Taenarum. So

Arion So.


Commissioned, Donated also

So There.