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Featured Image Fantasy Theme Of Man Head Bowed, Hands Chained. Image Of The Justice Symbol In The Left Top Corner.

Trumpeting Geopolitical Machiavellian Moves In Our World. Legends Tell So Lacking. Foresight Within Intelligence. Orwellian Military Industrial Complex. Simply Overriding Powering Overs Undermining. Freedoms Rights In Media Ways. Means That This. These Two Men Too. To Not Pass Go.?. Is So. Injustice Simply More.


Freedom Of Speech begins. So

starts with

Freedom too…


Two Men


in Our World Legends Geopolitical. Tales

Machiavellian Orwellian so


Two Men Too. To…

…Not Pass Go.?.


So begins. Yet


Featured Topic Image Montesquieu Quote-There Is No Greater Tyranny Than That Which Is Perpetrated Under The Shield Of Law And In The Name Of Justice.


these Two. So NOT the Same. Men.

One Jeffrey Epstein. Another

Julian Assange. So nomened


The First did not. Kill Himself

The Second so not. Yet.?. well as.


As well so differing Connections

on the Military-Industrial Complex. Intelligence

Agencies so forth. Forthrightly


Fantasy Theme Of Swat/Police Team And Helicopter Approaching. Blue Lit Background.


of Epstein, Assange.


The Second so of, from The Outers so in. Inner

Sanctums for that First so seems. Seemingly

outed so Died in. Custody

He did not. Kill Him Self bys Self. Deservedly

or nots Now.


This First should have been in…

long ago.

That Second should have been out…


long ago. Also


Featured Topic Image Cartoon Of Judge Advising/Asking The Accused-You Do Realise That Exposing The Illegal Things Your Government Has Been Doing Is Illegal.?.


Two Men Jailed Too. To Cover Ups

Crimes. Alls overs Our World. Legends

Tell. Two Men. One so

who did. Crime,



Reported On. Freedoms


of Speech so require. Freedom too.


Featured Topic Image Julian Assange Whose Mouth Is Sealed By The American Flag. The Statement-If Wikileaks Was Releasing North Korean Secrets Julian Assange Would Have Been Given A Nobel Peace Prize...

#E, Next In That. A To Z.


Two Men. One

Jeffrey Epstein.

Julian Assange The Other.


Crimes of the First…


…should never have happened. What

happened TO the Second… so same. Shame

that Two Men. One somehow

already Dead in Custody. One somehow


still there too. Is so

simply more Injustice. One where


Might Right.