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Featured Image Several Rows Of Gun Toting Green Toy Soldiers.

Gifted In Our World. Legends Tell Yuletide Tales. Long Afters Headings So Sublime. So Then Overt. Averting Diverting Those Living Ways. Means Waters So Gun So Green. Blues So Flow. Follow Herein In Prose Overs. This Appetite Loose Uses. Useful. Gift.


Waterings Downs Later So Presented Too. Two

Children At Then Yuletide Times, Places So. Gave


This Gift From Their Hearts There. Of Gold

Not Old.

So Now So Herein

So Prosed.


So Contoured Sleek Greenly. So

Grimly Handle Gripped,

So Gun So. Them Green Blues


So Flowed Just So

After. That. So


Man With Rubber Tyre Approaches Large Waterfalls.


Gun So Green. Blues So Followings. Me

So Gun So Green. So Blues In Deed. So

Arounds Abouts Our. Home. So Blues

Following So Gun,.. So, So Green.


So Gun Green Blues Naturally

Rainbowed- So In Deed Leads.

So Gun Green Blues Naturally

Cycled In. So So Please


So Gun. So Green

Gun Waterings. So In

Garden Hosed. One

of These So. Prosed


So Green. So Gun So Blues


Dry Desert Lands With One Green Plant Yellow Flowered Emerging.


Waters Of Lives. So Flow Ons. In

Those Green Gun Blues.


So Gun So Green. So Blues

So Seems. Also


All So… Flow. Outs. So

There. Therein Too, To



All So Green. So Now

So Covered. In Blue.


Green Water Spray Gun On Black Background.

Splashing Outs Next So Is A To Z. This #T.