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Featured Image Of A Young Girl On A Swing Overlooking Suburbia.

In Prose and praise for the First Time in Our World. Legends of The Beast of Suburbia. Ignored by most who will never control nor understand it’s Powers. The Beast. Still roams. Empty streets, back lanes and lots. Lots there can it feed. On. On and to it’s most unusual and invaluable asset. Turning those Vacant Dreams. Around. Herein.


The Beast of Suburbia.


The Beast of Vacant Dreams

shook awake as that sound so whistled on morns Air.

Upper body stretched out, then bent, tilting low

as it swooped down and thus so,

thus noisily in deed, so eagerly, so,..


began to feed.


An unearthly squeal arose so sharp and quick.


chunks of whites, reds and browns

large and small,..

dribbled out and littered so down.

To so color the floor.

All around.


Children well knew The Beast.

On backstreets of Suburbia it so roamed.

The Beast oft so too and thus,

roamed so all,

so all alone.


Only later would come, those endearing

childish taunts,

tantrums, screams, boasts.

Kept Safe for Now. Our Young behind closed Doors.

For Now. Our least which soon becomes,

Our Most.


A Coat of bright and splashed color.

The Beast was so carefully adorned.


Markings of circles and lines.

Patterns that so caught the Eyes.

Fierce grunts, puffs and those, so



and shuffling groans.


Slowly, carefully lumbering as it moves.

Ungainly, slow,

yet strength, power,

sensed, heard

and so more than just felt.


Feeding for many hours, growls and howls


as if hunger it’s only care and that first choice.

Till the rains come anyways. Down hard.


Or that sound,

that whistled so,

on the Air.


For then,

as silence returns, The Beast too.

The reign of it’s Powers does so,


so end.


Settled for the night it seems. Again, so

All Alone.


On these back Streets and Boulevards.

Boulevards and Streets of these. These of

Vacant Blocks, Vacant Dreams.


Feeding on thus.

The Beast so turns

and so turning them. On and into. These.



Our Dream Homes.


Two Bobcats Working On A Suburban Block.

A Pair of Beasts of Vacant Dreams. At Work. On the Block.


…Those i, Shiro Notes:


The above was inspired by a rather common act. By

The Beast.

Amongst and oft seen. Cities, Rural and Suburbia. Too. To

and thus. Letting logical thoughts slide. Aside.


Into view. Did so then come. Into view i, Shiro. Did see.

Into view, a Figure of Our World Legends and so,

thus Fame.

Herein. For All. To view. As well. Well as


The Beast so

of Vacant Blocks. Vacant Dreams. Thereof that is

indeed. So again

turning these Vacant Dreams then. To and into. That

and those. Of Our Dream Home.


The Images above, below,

is so and said within Our World.



that do so name this- The Beast.

Do so and with a nomen that rings.

So down to Earth. So apt. True.



1/2 Beast. 1/2 Man.

1/2 Man. 1/2 Machine.

Bob-Cat. Be Thy Name. In deed.


Bob-Cat,.. thru’ and thru’.


A Close View Of A Bobcat And Driver.

The Beast of Suburbia. 1/2 Man… 1/2 Machine. Bob-Cat so named. Herein.


Till next…


Our World Legends.

Be One.


Turn so vacant thoughts.

Into those Dreams. Filled. Full.

Simply and so.


Live Your Dreams. So

Thus and Now.



Next… The Legendary Triple Tale Tall Treat of Our World. Legends of

Girl Meets Boy. Hero Meets Leander. Tower Light On.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.