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Terrible Times, Places. In Our World. Legends. Say No.


How ironic, hypocritical, senseless. Superficial,

cash chasing. Are We.?.


On this. The IOT.

Censors. At Works.


Banning, banishing that so called.

Terrorist Contents

in Our World. Legends

Dark. Yet so affect. Our Real.


RIP. New Zealand, Netherlands, Palestine,.. Mores.

More and Whilst too. To and yet;


The Film Industry, Hollywood + co,..


at such Times, Places. Seem so. So…


to it’s very own sensible promotion. Of

Sensisivity. The


recently announced. For example

C. Manson Movie + co. Mores. More

Murders over. And over as well. Well as


very possibility is High. So that Our

Children, will see. Tragedy, graphically.

Such Shows. Anyways. SomeHows,

Real or Movie. Terror is.

Terror. Say No.



For One,

i, Shiro refuse to View such.

Replacings, Rerunnings, Re-Adaptations


of such Terrible Times, Places. Ways, Means:


Such Shows of Terror are not worthy.

of being. Shown. Herein.


No interest,.. then,

buying into. That. That



leads to. Be Well.

Live Your Dreams.


if not You.?. You. Please.


Stay Safe.

Take Care.


Till next…


A Seemingly, Increasingly. Useful Set. Of Skills. To Practice. Well as.