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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #I. Indian. Triple Treaters.


We are of Our World. Legends

Tell. Corny. Tales of Healing, easing. Of



The Healers Herbs of Mother Nature. of

Our World also. Also

Creatures of all Makes, models. Head


in Deed in Times, Places. Of

Sickness. To Her inventory. Inventive


Albert Bierstadt. Painter.


Medicinal Healers within. The Americas. Have

many Choices. Choosing to support

the inherent Healing. Capabilities of Our Body.


Herbally. In


A to Z

in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. Indian.

Triple Treaters

Of. The Letter. #I. Indian

Corn, Pipe, Turnip. Herbs


Comes to Mind. Therein. Their


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  • Indian Corn.

Science Nomened: Zea mays.

Variant of Maize as per common Corn.

The nomen Maize derived from the Spanish

form of the indigenous Taíno plant Term: Mahiz.


Cross pollinating produces speckled/colored strains.

The Corns. Kernels are Seeds.

More than 100 sub-species.

Cereal Plant, Grass Family.

The Wild Corn strains long ago. Of Yore domesticated

by indigeneous Gatherers and Cultivators.

Zea Mexicana a likely Ancestral Type.


The Corn Silk used as a Diuretic.

Applicable Urinary Tract Medicine.

Fresh or Dried- though improperly/partially

Dried will add purgative Properties.

Effective Diet Aid.


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A Staple in Early Diets easily. Stored, preserved.

Ground into meal, powder.

CornBread, Syrup, CornMeal Puddings.

Useful as Thickener, mixed, added to Others. Foods.


The stringy Husks strength

useful for Blankets, Mats, Baskets. Toys.

CornCobs used for Fire Fuel, Dart manufactures, Ceremonial

Rattle Sticks/Instruments too. To



  • Indian Pipe.

Science Nomened: Monotropa uniflora.


Of the Wintergreen. Family.

Prefers dark, richly soiled. WoodLands Soils.

Moderate Warm Temperate Zones.

Note Toxicity possible in HIGH DOSES

as several Glycosides. So reside. Within.


Root infusions exhibit Anti-Spasmodic, Sedative

Properties. Tonic uses.


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Indian Pipe. Plant.


Clear Fluid extracts for Eye. Probs.

Cough, Cold, Fever applications.

Poultice for stubborn persistent Wounds.

Flowers so chewed during ToothAches.



Pain Relief. Dreams

will show colorful, vivid. Reliefs well as. As well


  • Indian Turnip.

Science Nomened: Arisaema triphyllum.


Flowers are Greenish Yellows. Ons. A

thick hooded

Plant Spike.


A Perennial Plant. Single

Flower stalked. Berries

in a cluster. Form. Scarlet colored.

Growing wild on the High Plains.

Prefers moist Woody Regions.


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Indian Turnip.


RootStock is Turnip. Shaped.

This Root is very Acrid. Discretion

and Knowledge req’d for use. Thru’.


Drying, Heating and Boiling. Which

will render Roots. Edible.


Plant (…unTreated…) contains Calcium Oxylate.


Such Crystals. Feel like Needles on Tongue, ins. Mouth. If



Wide Range. Of uses

whens partially Dried.

Mainly expectorant.

Tonic, Anti-HeadAche,

Relieves Poison Ivy/Oak rashes.

Wound Healer.


Powerful Emetic. Bringer Ups. Up


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Indian Turnip. Plant Pieces.



A Trio of Herbal Helpers.

American Indians. Styled


in Our World. Legends

so be. Naturally


Herbally well as.


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