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As Well Within A Past So Forget Me. Nots In Our World. Legends Told Off. Of Ancient Ancestors So Celebrated. Lots Of Golden Olden Times. Places Spaces Anew. Year So Begins Yours Herein. Of Yore Well As.


In Our World. Legends

So Tell This. Is Not A

Golden Age. Times


places, Mod. In This Real. Ways


You. Are

Never Alone. Here…


Herein Laptop. Below so


Browser Type. So Used, so

Writ: Thus


“… 416 million trackers that follow people around

is A LOT, but that’s how many Firefox blocks

every hour. Automatically…”


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Those olden too. To

this Site will. Know

that Firefox the i, Shiro. Browser

of Choice. Choosing


that. This above quote so.

Showed itself recently. Selflessly

Privacy must so. Balance Usefulness


of Mod. Tech. This is. Not



Golden Olden Times. Places

Spaces Anew. Year

soon approacheth. Though



a Sign of a Golden Age. Golden

Age in Deed. Indeed Of Yore in

Our World. Legends Tell Long


long. Ago… ’twas so. So


also Of Yore. Long

Ago was an Ice Age in Our

World. Legends those Golden. Times,

Places seem. Afore Then. That,




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Now, where. These


Becomes so Elemental

in Symbolism. Times, Places


of Yore indeed. In Deeds


so Different shaped. Climated

Lands, Times. Environs

so prevailed in/then also. Also





Golden Age

back Then in Our World. Legends

Tell Times, Places. Of Only


360 Days Per. Years

only 1 Season in most Places


of Spring/Fall Types Climates. Affecting




Species spawned. Mores. Moreovers

Days/Night Length evened Outs. In

Waters on. Land under. Earth

so. Balanced


Our Then Days Per Year = Degrees In Circle.



Events culminating In The Last Age

That. One

Of Ice.?. These

Dramatic Events. Of


so Changes. Landscaping Global wise.

Mountains Raised Lands. Lowered

Coasts elsewheres. Inundated


much. Such in Deed. Indeed


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in Our World. Legends Told

of such as choice. Choosing

a new Polar Star as match. The Old


No More. Moreovers

many Global wide Ancient Astro aligned Marker

Sites so built too. To

figure Stargazing Cycles. Out. In



Our Calendars more mismatch. Needing

Adjustments. Oft


ever since. Times


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and Places. So changes

in Our World. Legends

Tell of more. Moreovers


with that. Passing

so within mass

madness of Christmas. No

mores. Moreovers overs and


Happy New Years Too. To come



done. So



Goldy Oldies



prosper. So in

Hearts, Minds. Live


Long. Simply




Next May Be So…

The Shining One Too. Free To One.



Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…