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Unmasking In Our World. Legends Tell Healthy Ways Arounds. Abouts Yore Egyptian Finds Archaeology Left. Rightful Bemused As Royal Tombs Like A Jigsaw. Seeing Pharaohs Blindly So Mixed. Ups Too Our Fore. Four Kings Excluded From Listings Of Our King. Lists Of Brotherly Kings Sistered Into. To Our Afterlife. A Right Royal Purposely Left. Outed One Part Herein.


Unmasking Our Yore Kings. Unwrapping Our Yore Mummies

so oft. Of Our Yores

done poorly with. Our Riches in Our

Mind. Our Yore Ruling Lineages as well. Well as

Our Tutankhamen Unmasked. Yore Brother

is oh Ours. Now Yore


Egypt a prime Target. Spotting



anomalies so surely. Research searches

reveals much. Such

in Deeds. Indeed Our Tutankhamen

one. Boy-King


whose possible Minoan descent

along with. Others alike here

had Him excluded

from Yores. Egypt King Lists. Yet subject too. To

Funerary, Statuary +

Relief defacings applied mainly that too. To this


One smallish groupings, largely. One Tutankhaten nomen

so changing. Into named




Tutankhamen had Brothers, Sisters, Parents too. One

of Them so His. Brothers Death Mask became His.

The Mask in the mid coffin attributed to Tutan… is

Smenkhare an. Elder Brother. Tutankhamen had

the Boyish King Death Mask. So One notes also. All so


4 Pharaonic Kings omitted/excluded from notable. Royal

Listings. 4 Akhenaten, Smenkhare, Tutankhamen, Ay.

4 in a. Row.?.

Possibly All. So of Minoan-Egyptian descent.?. as with.?.

Nefertiti.?. Our


Minoan Civilisation ended durings/afters The Santorini

Super. Volcanic Eruptions in Yore Times. Placing devastating

Tidal Waves soon after. Alls overs arounds abouts. The



Minoans. So eventually weakened, so fell whilst. Our dug


Indeed Tutankhamen Unmasked In Deeds.


out of. Yores Egypt in Tomb 55 + Tut’s Tomb contains

an exception. Our Mystery. No

mystery that vying for Power

can be. Hazardous. Healthy


fresh face Tutan no match for. Mother

Nature. The terror of Thera’s. Santorini

outbursts. In Our Yore Year


1907 Tomb 55 was Archaeologically found. App. 13

mtrs.?. almost directly +

across from Tut’s resting. Places, Archaeology Egyptian Yores

hereto. To be confounded bys confrontings.?. Desecration.

Deliberate Desecrations + Peculiar Placements.?.


General thinking is that. Tombs

so built to keep out. Tomb

Robbers. Tomb


55 seemed built too. To


keep something so in. In




(Video Link)


outing Our Tomb. 55 One exception to this. That

General so Rule. Pharoahs

Tombs had been desecrated… By others.?.


Pharaohonic Ones too.?. To the fore


Tomb 55 contained a lot of. Burial Anomalies. Robbers

had no diggings. None so yet done. Yet

so undone was Our Yores Egyptian.

Burial Protocols. Tomb 55


ups + jumbled many. Pieces

belongings to Others too. To

be found so askewed:


  • Tutankhamens Seal on the Entranceway. Means

usually sealed/resealed during His. Times, Places. Placing


Oh Brother In Deeds. Tutankhamen’s Indeed Smenkhare.



the elaborate Hieroglyphs and richly. Decorated Wall

  • Panels showing Scenes + Events.?. was not done. The

Tomb.?. Walls were plastered tho’

not at all. All decorated… as per norm. Includings:


  • No usual Burial Goods, no Chariot, no Weapons, no

Afterlife Food nor Drinks no. Clothes, no Statues, no

Jewels. Only very simple basic accoutrements.


  • The Shrine Panel not assembled.


  • The Gold Portrait Mask ripped off/away.


  • Coffin Inscriptions scratched off. Off

as well on the gold banded Mummy wrappings.



  • Canopic Jars and accompanying Panels erasure

of Nomen so same. Summarising: Namely


  • Entrance Seal of Tutankhamen.


  • Queen Tiye’s Shrine Panel.


  • Female Coffin and Jars etc.

The Mummy set in The Female Death Position. Yet

Wearing the Male Vulture Collar.



  • The Four inscribed Protective Amulets set

at these. Those Cardinal Points were Akhenatens. As were

other accoutrements. Yet set

in The Female Style.?.


  • The Mummy so a.?. Male.?. Akhenaten or Smenkhare- Set in

Female Burial Boxes + Positions. Unnamed

majority of Items erased Once… possibly Twice.?.

Akhenatens then Smenkhares then Tut’s-or some

simply erased All.?. Indeed


so Our Yore Tomb. 55 totally One NOT normal. Now to

then in comparisons

in. Tut’s Tomb we moreovers find: Next into Part 2: Indeed


  • ‘Twas so not in/under a norm Royal Burial Area.

and much mores. In Deeds




next ups. So onto:5/6:

Into Our Tomb 55. One Yore Mummy Too.