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Yore Wet So In Deeds. Paper Pulp Watermarked Bys. Wire. Wiry Printers In Our World. Legends Tell Papered Overs Arounds. Abouts All Yore Paper Is. Our Marks That Don’t Wash. Off. Of Out In Tech. Ideas So Applied. Applying Pics Insided Papery Layers. Layering Flora, Fauna, Facts, Fictions. Symbols, Trademarks, Money. Marked Papers Given. Indeed Testily So Writ Out Herein.


Watermarks mark Our Yore Paper. So Our


Watermarks are. Yore Simple-Complex Pictograms

depicting, reflecting. Words meaningfully

varied thus Representing. Symbols so designed

conceptively similar too. To proof, recognition,

originality. Trademarks/ownership, Crests, Coats of Arms.

Decorative Art + Our humor. Yores Messages that so

Mark Yore Papers. Ours Water Marked


Watermarks markedly only lil’ after. The Inventings

oft. Of Our Paper. Sometimes places yore early

13th Century onwards

Printers. Markings thereupons as well. Well as


Symbols In Deeds. Indeed Flowerings. Ups.


being nomened Watermarks they are. Not


Water Marks so named. Wire


thus bent into. To appropriate shape was so. Tied

onto. To the Paper Mesh Molds leaving. Then

an light impression on so forth. Forthrightly left on

now damp. Paper

Pulp/Layers during the processings. Pressing out

Waters becomes thus this. Ours that…


Wirey formed Markings… on per sheet per se. Sayings


Our wiry Yores Paper. Makers datings backs into. To

Pulps oft. Of Our app. 13th-18th Cent. Yore France, Italy +

Spain, Europe wherebys overs Times, Places. Placing Millions

of Watermarks may so well exist. Catalogues numberings


indicate over 200,000 have been studied/noted

in some manner whilst. Estimates only 4+% really

so documented. Early


Printers Nomen + Datem In Deeds. Water Pressed Marked Indeed.


Watermarks oft quite. Simple seemingly rep.

Paper Makers Mill Nomen or. Their own Name. There e.g.

Our Yore Italian Printers

Fabriano running one. Mill near Ancona, app.1276-, used

one F. Others nomened


such as Foolscap rep. named Size. Standards, Symbols,

Cyphers. Numbers, Letters.


Flowers, Beastiary (…real or legendary…), Insects. Fruit +

Veg. Tools, Weapons, Celestial Objects. Objectionable or

likeable Characters/Persons (…factual or fictional…)



also utilised. Using all so


Well as used extensively

by the. Peaceful book loving oft. Of

Peoples those. These incorruptible

Albigensians Cathars/Christians

who later. Soon enough underwent Papal. Catholicism

Inquisitional so intentional. Crusadings

Massacres by then. Vacuous Vaticanus Forces. Forcefully


removing bookish Christian. Priestly + Otherswise Families +

Lineages. From their


Pious Heads. By Sword there. Sordid




reminders so in Our World. Legends tell

tho’ exact Reasons for very. Yore Watermarkings

use may well vary + so differ Our. Paper


Watermarks became an Idea/Concept well. Copied +


distributed printwise otherswise arounds

abouts. Printings in Our world. Legends

topically aboves ref’d in belows. Topics include

tell Paper. Markings of this type adaptable now. On many


Our forms of Money, Stamps, Literature so forth. Forthrightly

left Yore Watermarks a common. Theme still being pressed

out. In + on our Papers. Including


works oft. Of Arts + Books. Artfully



booked in next marking. Ups outing down

writ on 24/11:

Quirky Quotes #18.