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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #D. Slinging Giants.


The humble Sling has a long. Somewhat

projecting noble History in Our World. Legends told

of Giant-Killers surviving in Deed. Indeed


if You are Live practising. Be Aware

of the many Safety. Considerations


too. To Apply during usage, Projectile

firing thereof.


A Sling.


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Herein as well as


A to Z in

Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. Slinging


would confirm. So

did Goliath. So Fall of Davids. Sling


of Yore. Yours


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Ours, Ancient Ancestors threw a lot. Of stuff

at each others so seems. Seemingly


such Weaponry Ways means many. Arts Martial,

Survival Methods/Techniques

from Alls. Over Our World. Legends,

Traditions, Customs, Rituals may


include therein. Their Sling

Types/Versions also. Well as


being. Quite quietly simplistic too. To use

that is. That is The Modern

Sling-shot. Slings


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Powers as such can be stretched. Much


per se. Saying by tweaks to

Sling Tension/Material. Modern

Replica Types can be Power. Fulls as well,


well as many. Full


of ideas rich Weapon-Makers can

improvise from what’s avail. Prevailing

Sciences indicate a smooth quick

hard Draw. Maxes Outs. The

Energy stored. Muscle


Energy applied First. Thens


Sling-shot Band till. Fired. Firings

ups to Their. Max suitably. Both



Draw Lengths and Draw. Forces


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those Ways. Means More Powers too. To

Your Shots. So slung. So there. There


can be effectiveness effected. Overs

many Metres. So obtained. Useful

for Small Game. Birds taken. Outs


by Lead Ball Projectiles. Protecting


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from a Shot ’tis. Was… Giantly




Ones of. The earliest devised Weapons

in Our World. Legends tell

of Biblical Times, Places and Others

well as. As well


in Our World. Legends Modern

Tell of Championships so. Held

in a Vid Belows. Aboves



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Your Sling

be aware. That Bands of that. Sling

haves been known too. To break

if damaged, mistreated and so forth. Forthrightly


go. Sling in peace. Pieces jaggard, rough

of rock and gravel. Not

a recommendation at alls. Of all

Projectiles. Unless rounded

not use.

Inaccuracy, Misfires major issues etc.


Basic Survival Handling and Care

apply. Applied



Maintenance an Ideal. Option. Optional

good choice to include. When Gears

Survival/Huntings. Packed. Packing


a projected projectile protective’s

abilities for those. Out of

doors Times, Places in Our World.




Another. Survival Necessity. Tool.


shot thru’. History

Ways. Means in Giants Deeds. Indeed

slung low


and high. A

Forked Branch, Rubbered

well as. As well

can so. Shape, Change

History In Deed. Indeed so

wherevers Gregarious Giants. So Gather.

That Hunt may


then need

so. Be.