SHIRO’s 7 WAYS TO SPEAK LIKE NINJA…GLOSSARY: A–G. SHIRO’s NINPO ALPHABET SOUP… another piece in Shiro’s struggle with… another language altogether. Shiro emptied his mind… and look what happened.!. Terms and meanings… everywhere. Speak like NINJA indeed. This GLOSSARY… going GREAT indeed and in fact too.

SHIRO’s 7 WAYS TO SPEAK LIKE NINJA…GLOSSARY: A–G. SHIRO’s NINPO ALPHABET SOUP… A first piece in Shiro’s struggle with… words of another language altogether. Terms and the meanings… need sorting. To… Speak like NINJA. This GLOSSARY… going just GREAT indeed and in fact too. CLICK TO SPEAK CLEARLY INDEED.




SPEAK-terms/word glossary:

  • SHIRO’s… 7 ways to speak like ninja glossary…  a–g…herein below.
  • SHIRO’s 7 more ways to speak like ninja glossary h–n.
  • SHIRO’s 5 ways to speak like ninja glossary o–s.
  • SHIRO’s 7 final ways to speak like ninja glossary t–z.



10 = ju

9 = ku

8 = hachi

7 = nana/shichi

6 = roku

5 = go

4 = shi/yon

3 = san

2 = ni

1 = ichi

0 = rei




  • KOTO RYU  

  • ABARA = the ribs/midsection.
  • AGARU = to go up/upward/rise/above.
  • AGARU GYAKUTO = rising reversal tech.
  • AGARU TSUKI = rising thrust tech.
  • AGE UKE = upwards receiving tech.
  • AI = organise/focus/concentrate concept.
  • AIKI = internal spirit/inner energy.
  • AIKI JUTSU = combat grappling/striking methods/styles.
  • AIKUCHI = a type of small knife/dagger.
  • AINU = ancient native japanese tribe.
  • AITE = an opponent/enemy/attacker.
  • AIUCHI = a type of jujutsu method/style.
  • AKAI = the color red.
  • AKI = the autumn season.
  • AMATERASU = an ancient japanese legendary sun goddess.
  • AMEGAKURE JUTSU = hiding and moving in rain methods.
  • ANAGUMOGAKURE JUTSU = ground disappearance methods.
  • ANKOKUTOSHI JUTSU = sensory deprivation/develop awareness methods.
  • ANTEI = to be stable/balanced methods/tech.
  • ARAREBO = a truncheon like weapon.
  • ARIBO = a type of iron cane.
  • ARUKI SOTO NI = the walk out recovery tech.
  • ASHI = the leg/foot.
  • ASHIGARU = the foot soldiers/general troops.
  • ASHIKO = set of foot claws/bands-climbing aids/weapon.
  • ASHIKUBI = the ankle.
  • ASHIKUBI HARAI = the ankle sweep tech.
  • ASHIKUBI SOTO NI = an ankle recovery tech.
  • ASHINOYUBI = the toe.
  • ASHI SABAKI = the foot work tech.
  • ATAMA = the head.
  • ATE = addressed to.
  • ATEMI = strike or blows to body.
  • ATEMI JUTSU = press.point/variation strike combo methods.
  • ATEMI WAZA = pressure point tech./methods.
  • ATO UCHI = to be out after positional tech./methods.
  • AWASE = together positional tech./methods.
  • BAGUA = chinese concept of fundamental reality.
  • BAJUTSU = the horsemanship warrior methods.
  • BAKUFU = a camp/tent hq oft. outdoors per se.
  • BAKUHATSU JUTSU = the usage/knowledge explosives, incendiarys & co. methods.
  • BANKOKUCHOKI = an iron/metal ring with many martial uses.
  • BANTESHIRA = local watch posts on main roads/intersections around a castle.
  • BASHIN = a type of small knife/dagger.
  • BATTO JUTSU = the older sword drawing/cutting methods.
  • BENKEI = an ancient japanese legendary giant warrior.
  • BISENTO = a wide bladed halberd/pole weapon.
  • BO = an ancient weapon, the stick.
  • BOGU = weather phenomenon.
  • BO JUTSU = the stick fighting methods/many styles.
  • BO KARAZAO = a staff/pot flail weapon.
  • BOKKEN = a wooden (mostly training) sword.
  • BOKUSEN = a small wooden stick weapon.
  • BOKUTO = a wooden sword.
  • BOSEKI = a tombstone.
  • BO SHURIKEN = a shuriken type.
  • BOZUJITTE = a type of jutte/sword catcher.
  • BU = martial idea/concept/doctrine.
  • BUDO = all martial ways/methods/styles/traditions.
  • BUDOKA = a martial artist/student/ practitioner .
  • BUFU = an ancient japanese legendary ninja god of war/martial arts.
  • BUGEI = one’s total martial skills/experience.
  • BUGEISHA = a sensei/teacher/instructor/master of the martial arts.
  • BUGO = a martial/ryu name/nickname.
  • BUGYO = admin./assembly of superintendents title.
  • BUJIN = a military/martial man/divine warrior combo.
  • BUJINKAN = the divine warrior dojo/hall/academy of ninpo.
  • BUJUTSU = the warrior arts/methods/way.
  • BUKE = a samurai/warrior nickname.
  • BUKI = a weapon.
  • BUKI SHIHAI = the training & mastery of weapons.
  • BUKYO = the samurai warrior’s creed/doctrine.
  • BUNBUNBAI = a short stick/weighted chain combo weapon.
  • BUSHI = a samurai/warrior nickname.
  • BUSHIDO = a code of honor/conduct, the way of the samurai warrior.
  • BUSO = to be armed, carrying weapons.
  • BUYOKISERU = a truncheon like tobacco pipe weapon/tool.
  • BUYU = a martial co-student/fellow pract./friend.
  • CHA = tea, the herb/many varieties.
  • CHADO = the art/way of the tea ceremony.
  • CHAKUZEN NO JUTSU = the rooftop entrance infiltration methods.
  • CHAMBARA = the forms of theatrical/play combat/sword methods.
  • CHANOYU = the tea ceremony/process.
  • CHASHITSUTO = a short bokuto/sword like weapon.
  • CHI = the earth form/energy/theme.
  • CHICHIGIRIBO = a chest cutter staff weapon.
  • CHIDORIGANE = a truncheon/chain combo weapon.
  • CHIGIRIGI JUTSU = the chain and other implements methods.
  • CHIGIRIKI = a staff and chain weapon.
  • CHIGIRIKIBO = another name/variation for chichigiribo.
  • CHIKAIRI NO JUTSU = the close range deception tactics/methods.
  • CHIKARA = expansive outer force of muscular system.
  • CHIKARA KURABE = the use of combat strength/power methods.
  • CHIKU JO GUNRYAKU HEIHO = the concept of strategy and infiltration methods.
  • CHIKUTO = a bamboo sword weapon.
  • CHIKYO = the earth principle.
  • CHIMON JUTSU = the study of the earth methods.
  • CHI NO KATA = the combat forms of earth tech./methods.
  • CHITEN = concept of earth to heaven.
  • CHITEN GIRI = the earth to heaven movement/strike tech/methods.
  • CHOBO = a long staff weapon.
  • CHO GUSOKU = a form of unarmed combat tech./methods.
  • CHONIN = the merchant trades/guild/banks/company.
  • CHO SEN = a formal challenge/notice.
  • CHOTO JUTSU = the halberd/polearm fighting methods.
  • CHU = as per ju.
  • CHUDEN = concept of middle level training within ryu.
  • CHUGEN = the general troops support/cohort crews.
  • CHUGI = the concept of loyalty, support and dedication.
  • CHUI = to proceed/act with caution concept.
  • CHUNIN = a ninja sub-leader/clan member title.
  • DAIKAIMYSO = a series of ninpo seminars/gatherings.
  • DAIKYU = the long bow.
  • DAIMYO = a local/provincial lord title.
  • DAIMYO TOBIGUCHI = a fire ax/variant weapon.
  • DAISHO = concept of the two ritual swords/ also a honorary title.
  • DAITO = a long sword type/olden name for katana.
  • DAKEN = shuriken nickname/olden.
  • DAN = a grading in the organised martial ways.
  • DENSHO = a training scroll/writings, usually lineage.
  • DO = code/concept/doctrine of a/the: way of the warrior.
  • DOBUTSU JUTSU = the use of animal husbandry/diversive tech./methods.
  • DOCHUZASHI = another name for the wakizashi/short sword.
  • DOGI = alternate/olden name for mart.arts uniform.
  • DO IKKI = uprising/revolt/coup/riot concepts.
  • DO ITASHIMASHITE = to say: you are welcome.
  • DOJO = a warrior training hall/study area.
  • DOJO ARASHI = taking the dojo by storm per se.
  • DOKKO = a hit n thrust/variant weapon, also shuriken type.
  • DOKO NO KAMAE =  a tiger posture/form.
  • DOKUEN JUTSU = the use of poison smoke tech./methods.
  • DOKUTE = a poison hand tech./method.
  • DOKYU = the repeating crossbow weapon.
  • DOMO ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU = to say: thank you very much.
  • DONRYU = an ancient japanese legendary earth dragon.
  • DONRYU NO KAMAE = an earth dragon posture/form.
  • DOTON NO JUTSU = the use of the earth tech/methods.
  • DOZO = to say:a short thankyou.
  • EDO = ancient japanese name for capital city tokyo.
  • EMBUSEN = a particular dojo area.
  • ENBAN/ENBI GATA = a shuriken type.
  • ENSHO = the heel of the foot.
  • ENSHO GERI = a heel kick/strike tech.
  • ERI = a social guardian nickname.
  • ETA = an outcast social group.
  • FU = the wind energy/form/theme.
  • FUDO = to be of strong character; concept/ryu name.
  • FUDOKI = official japanese gazettes.
  • FUDO MYO O = the immoveable buddha/title.
  • FUDOSHIN = the immoveable mind concept/doctrine.
  • FUDOTAI = the immoveable body concept.
  • FUDO UCHI =  the immoveable strike tech.
  • FUDOZA NO KAMAE = the cross legged seated posture/form.
  • FUKIDAKE = a blowgun weapon.
  • FUKIDAKE JUTSU = the blowgun fighting tech./methods.
  • FUNAYOSEGAMA = a long handled gama/kama.
  • FUNDOGUSARI = a weighted chain weapon.
  • FUNDONAWA = a type of restraining weapon.
  • FURI = to flail/move about concept.
  • FURIJO = a medium length staff/chain combo.
  • FURI TSUKI = the circular/round punch/strike tech.
  • FURIZUE = a staff with concealed chain weapon.
  • FURUKOTOFUMI = alternate name for kojiki chronicles.
  • FUTARI JINBA = two man/horse team activity tech./methods.
  • FUTOYA = a special thickened arrow.
  • FUU = the sword steal/taking tech./methods. concept.
  • FUYU = the winter season.
  • GANDOMEKEN = a shuriken type.
  • GANKOSEN = a type of bokusen.
  • GAWAIN = a bowl for tea steeping/making.
  • GAKUSEI = a student of  any/the way.
  • GARAMI = the entangle/ensnare/enfold tech. concept.
  • GASHIRA = samurai small troop leader/officer.
  • GASSHO NO KAMAE =  a formal bow/posture/form.
  • GATAME = the press/pressure  tech. concept.
  • GEISHA = high level, versatile all rounder of a female entertainer/icon.
  • GEKIGAN = a ball and chain weapon.
  • GEKIKAN = alternate name shuriken.
  • GEKIKAN JUTSU = see above.
  • GEKITOTSUBUKI = hand held small hit/thrust weapon.
  • GEKKEN = the severe/direct sword tech./methods.
  • GEKOKUJO = concept of class distinction.
  • GEMPEI = a series of wars 1180-1185.
  • GEMPIN = a ch.court dignitary/martial artist 1620’s.
  • GENIN = a ninja operative/member title.
  • GENJI = alternate name for minamoto clan.
  • GEN JUTSU = the illusion/distraction tech./methods.
  • GENKOTSU = an anatomical body weakness/flaw.
  • GETA = the japanese wooden clogs/shoes.
  • GINBO = alternate name for jutte.
  • GION JUTSU = tech./methods of using false sounds.
  • GIRI = one’s innate duty/responsibility; also a cut/strike.
  • GISHIKI = the social cult group or concept.
  • GISO JUTSU = act/impersonation tech./methods.
  • GO = 5.
  • GOBO = a tanbo like weapon.
  • GODAI = the five primary elements (
  • GOHO = a shuriken type.
  • GOJO = the five primary feelings of anger/cowardice/laziness/soft-heartedness/vanity.
  • GOJO = a type of cane.
  • GOKENIN = a samurai warrior leader/title.
  • GONIN GUMI = a system/concept/doctrine of collective responsibility.
  • GOSHINKI = collective name for all self defense weapons.
  • GOSHINYOBUE = a metal truncheon type.
  • GOSUN = a small knife type.
  • GOWAZA = strong/with power/hard fighting tech./methods.
  • GORIN KUJI MYO HIMITSU SHAKU = concepts/doctrine of ninja mysticism/philosophy.
  • GOYOKU = the five desires of greed/hunger/pleasure/sex/pride concepts.
  • GUNBAI = a war fan with solid leaf and construction.
  • GUNSEN = alternate name fan/tessen type.
  • GUSOKU SHI = armor making tech./methods/tradition/clan.
  • GYAKU = (to) reverse.
  • GYAKU NAGE = the reverse throw tech./methods.
  • GYAKU NIGIRI = the reverse grip tech./methods.
  • GYAKU TSUKI = the  reverse thrust tech./methods.




Included within the BUJINKAN’s GODAN/5th dan tests is the first practical (and necessary!) usage of the phenomenon oft. referred to as SAKKI or suchlike.

SHIRO suggests the english words ; Survival Prescience– may suit here.

The presiding SOKE is usually the only permitted to conduct this test though most such ceremonial tests also have at least two ‘ judges ‘ (highly ranked instructors/masters) in attendance during the test proper.

Historically, many of these tests have been of an impromptu manner with a LIVE BLADED WEAPON.




The sakki or sword test consists of  an approach and sword strike from behind whilst the student is seated on the floor.The length of time and such can vary according to the will of the SOKE.

The student must sit  ‘ patiently, eyes closed-facing away ‘…)  till an actual strike attempt made.The sword strike must then be totally evaded without physically defending or seeing the strike itself. (click)

The student’s body moves out of harms way…and away.

Evade/roll away…run away.SURVIVED.

Job done.



  • SHIRO’s… 7 ways to speak like ninja glossary…  a–g…therein above.
  • SHIRO’s 7 more ways to speak like ninja glossary h–n.
  • SHIRO’s 5 ways to speak like ninja glossary o–s.
  • SHIRO’s 7 final ways to speak like ninja glossary t–z


Till next…



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