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What In Angkor In Our World. Legends Tell Wat Surrounds So Mores. Moreovers Underlying Over This Site. Sited Yore Others Inner Outer Layering. Masonry, Canals, Star Alignments. Aligning Gods With Our Earth Alignments Too. To What In Angkor Wot Arounds. Abouts Straightly So Writ. Herein Rounded Ups.


Yore Angkor +


Angkor Wat in Our World. Legends follow on

telling what sights so in deed. Indeed siting

one Vedic???/Hindu/Jain/??? very Yore. Place. Placings

What Straightly Arounds

Angkor. Abouts

Angkor Wat


structurally built ups mainly. In 800-1200’s




In Deeds Angkor Carved All Arounds. Abouts Indeed.


with Dedications too. To Our Yore Vishnu


tho’ many. Many Carvings have been deliberately

defaced/erased. Sandstone

easily rubbed off per se. Of Angkor in

decline/disuse by The. 1500’s in

our world. Legends tell


Carvings are carved ALL. Overs the Ancient

Structures so there. Their City





surrounded so arounds

abouts Watery. Moats, Towers + spiral

Structures/Designs with even some. 200+ Paintings

secreted arounds

abouts includings Central. Tower. Hidden inner


Architectural/Engineerings Methods applied as. The

Carved Sandstone is one so softer Outer. Layer

Laterite is one harder core-stone. Inner Stone


Quarries app. 30 kms aways. Means with connecting

Water Canals so built as per. Sayings Large

Stoned Carriers WaterWayswise. Otherswise

Huge Hydraulical

Stone Blocked Transportings. Method. Yore Angkor’s

abundant Carvings include Lions, Giants, Garuda + Man

with Ancient Telescopes also. Largely, All, so no

longer seen


now. In Our nomened Angkor Wot. In

what are/now named Main




(Video Link)



City Towers. Entranceways West Facings + Positionals

provide so much. Such Star Alignments with

Features mainly too. To featuring 10500 B.C. ish

Positional Stars. Long Yore. Our End of Last Age Ice,

Atlantis. Astronomy


mainstreamed as featuring Shadowy. Timely

one Yore Pastime in deeds also. Indeed All so

along the long.

Western Causeway caused + enabled

Our Yore Moon. Movements be Towering

Starrily noted so rather easily. Tracked alongs


meanwhilst Templed Indus God Vishnu. Sanctuary

aligned well as. As well

on Our Earth axis. Taxis

Drivers may not tell you that. This

Site appears built atop of another. Lidar Radar


Tech. showing at least 8. Pillars/Towers + Spiral

Structures so Imaged a lil’ belows. Grounded

underneath tell you that. This

Site so one meticulously aligned +



Under Our Grounded Yellowed In Deeds. Yore Pillars Spiralled Indeed.



as. With many Pyramids

so surrounds. Surrounded by Waters. Deep

Irrigating/Watering Systems. Systematically Our Yore


Moated Waters fed by. Canals fed naturally by. Natural

Waterways fed by our Mothered Nature Ways. Wisely

structured + architectured Angkor is. Enormous

by + by. Hugely Greeting


Yore Angkor our. Visitors are much such

choices. Lots. Sites cover over 400 acres. Main

Complex with some 108 Towers. Towering

overalls. Lined aligned Roadways means

with so. 108 Giants Statues Pathways

churning Yore Universal Serpent. Certainly

well as 5 Large Entranceways. 5. As well


thus this Place overs Times. Places some 300.

Football sized Fields oft. Of space

in Our Yore Massive. Angkor’s Structures


Sizings. Up



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