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Encrypted in Our World. Legends Coded too. Into Texts, Pics. Mores. More The Renaissance. So Grew. Growing Outs. Of Ancient Approaches, Francis Bacon as well. Well as inspiring Jefferson. Thomas in His Chase. For Freedoms. Free Wheeling Inventive Minds. Mindfully. A Code. Herein.


Freedoms In Our World. Legends

Tell. Tales of many. Who have sought. Such

Ways. Means those who oppose. Such Ways.


Would in Deed. Indeed like to know. Their Plans.


Thus became. Arts of Writings included Secrets

as well. Well as

Writing Forms that then. Now,

include Cyphers, Codes. Ciphers

as well. Well as



nomened. Variants Cryptology, Cryptal Analysis,

Code-Breaking, Code-Making,..


Modern Encryption and so

forth. Forthrightly. Therein




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Historical Reasonings for such. So Writ

varies much too. To nowadays

be an accepted part and parcel. Of

many so called Intelligence Agencies

and their penmanship. Encryptmanship.?. as well.


Well as and Btw’s. To

so nomened Lawyers. Truths. Can be found

in Our World. Legends too


Tell. Tales of that Search. So Jefferson styled.

Thomas Jefferson nomened so. So

For Ways, Means too. To



Earlier Times also. Also Coded Messages

ESSENTIAL for Security, Privacy,

Entertainment. War. Even Trade.

One of the Earliest recognised. Thus far is that.




Of and from Mesopotamia. Sumer.

A Civilisation of Yore.

Thousands. Of Years. Afore. Now, There.




Engraved on their version of Paper:

Those- Clay Tablets.


As aboves. Image shows such a Tablet

that is. Is that Recipe for the Pottery Glaze

so used to coat, preserve. Such Writings. Tabled.


Written downs for posterity per se. Saying

it Alls.

That is ‘cept. ‘Tis



Coded within. Within Writings. Of

Yore All. May not ALWAYS

be freely read. At All. Freedoms



that impel. Impelled OthersWise to act. Acts

of War bring up. Many Conspiracies. Theories of


Misinformation, Disinformation, Truths enwrapped

in Lies. Lying down

and accepting Alls. This. This in Our World. Legends


of a Freedom Fighter. With

What’s That Name.?. Thomas Jefferson.


As belows. So shows. His


Freedoms. Wrapped ins. Code.



Though Cryptology + co. Now is rather

Mathematically and Computer Generated... ‘Twas

not always. So. In Our World.


Legends Tell. Tales of Freedoms. That


Thomas Jefferson. So opined. Opinions


from such. That Man. Lead One

ons too. To a deeper. Meaning.

Of Appreciation of many. Of


Our Ancient Ancestors. Their Deeds indeed.


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The Thomas. Jefferson.


In Deed His... and OtherWise Meaning

Of Freedoms. Freedoms worth Fighting. For.


For in His Own Ways. Means He too. To

followed. A Dream. Dreaming of Ways, means

He so applied also. Also during Times, Places. Of


War. A Civil War


(…that… probably wasn’t.?. as if War

could be. Civil that is...) is that

which so impelled. Compelled Thomas into. To

Actions as well. Well as



wondering ons. War and Secrecy

thereof, therein. There

with War Messages, Dispatches, Orders,

Those Official PapersWorks. Of

many Kinds. Kindly, creatively. So designed too. To


Protect Freedom of such. So

Writ. So

invented. So

made. Reinvented. That



In the 1790’s.

Cypher- nomened. So

to becomes. The

Jefferson Cypher-Wheel.


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The. Cypher Wheel. Of Thomas. Jefferson.


A Series. Of Rings of Letterings/Symbols.



A Cypher Wheel. Jeffersons. That

Inventor. Inventive too. To

becomes in Our World. Legends. Herein.


Becoming to understand Theory. Of

Code-Makings. Jefferson, Thomas labored. Ons.

A Labor of Love. Of The Code.

Adapting a then. Novel Idea, Approach. He

solved. His


Own wondering Problem. Wandering

arounds, abouts. So

collected Ideas. To Code within. Code.


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Like a … Strong-Box… in a Safe.

Code-Breaking multiplied. In complexity.

Then translating the Idea into a Multi Ringed...





‘Twas such inspired, inventive Ideas. Of Yore. A Lil’.

With further Links. In History

in Our World. Legends


of Italian, English Scripts, Renaissance Symbolism

Systems, Francis Bacon, Early Printing, Texts,

Images. Books, Art, Dramas. Mores. Moreover


to becomes such. A Inspiration. In Our World. Legends

which grew. Which so too. To

be drawn upon. To interest. Pique. The


Code-Makers, Breakers. Of War. Moderns.



Bacon, Francis. Sir Thereof.


approaches. To Warfare requires thinking.

Thoughts. Outs sided those, Boxes. Boxing

themselves ins. An eminent Pair.

Of Cryptologists. So emerged. Modern


Pioneers of Cryptalanalysis. A Husband

and Wife Team comes. To Mind, mine.


During the Event in Our World. Legends

refer as ww2. A Team for example:

led by William F. Friedman.


Chief of such for. The U.S. Govt. Of

the 1920’s-50’s. Broke the Japanese Cypher Code.

His Wife, Elizebeth a

Distinguished. Code-Breaker as well. Well as


their Early Research. There. So inspired

by such. As Francis Bacon

and The Renaissance

approach too. To Coding. Techniques


They easily applied, adapted too. To

their Modern Workings. In Our World. Legends

Tell. Tales Tall, True. Whilst




Live those. Dreams. Coded



Within. You.


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Posted so next: Is. To be. Those that

Rebel. Cause Within. Grandpaw

on Grammar.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…


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Jefferson, Thomas… (1743-1826) Usa. 3rd President 1801-1809.