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Wheels In Our World. Legends Many. Much Obvious Usages. Used In, Of Yore. Times, Places So Shown. Sometimely Divinely as well. Well as on Your. Wrist. Do You.?. Have That Time In Deed. Indeed Those Wheels. Of Fate So Turns. Overs. Herein. Timingly Tuned Then Turned Ups. So Writ.


TimePieces. We have a Few. Now


Modern Tech. So miniaturised

Alls. Of those. Necessary

Components in Pieces. Time-


Pieces. So came to be

Wrist-Worn Wrist-Watches.

Akin to these

Non-Sandy. Handy


Wheels. Of Times,

Places. Perhaps well as. As well

Of Yore. So became Worn. Adorned


Wristly. Timed Ones.

On so called Gods. Of Yore.


Images Two..

As Belows. Shows wristly

so turned divine. Divine


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In Gods Hands… Watch, Bracelet… and Bunch of Opium Poppies. Popped into an Ear. An Ear-Ring well as.


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A Lil’. Closer Look. Watch, Bracelet, Ear-Ringed also.


certain Beings. Of Sumer. Sumeria, Shinar.

An Olden Civilisation.


Those nomened. Gods.

As aboves timely divined. Both

Of Times,

Places. Of Yore. Wore Lil’ wheely Real

Wrist-Watches. Watches, Bracelets,

Ear-Rings. Mores. Watchers. Those


Keepers Of Time. So divinely

nomened in Our World. Legends Tell. Tales


that Wheels. Told Times too. In. To

that LandScapes of Inanna. Inanna

of the Indus. Valley bits. Of Yore. So go.

India. Ancient India


is. An Archaeological Golds-Mine. Of

Info. Inanna. Ancient Tech. Intel

hidden in Plains. Sighted Sites.




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The RustFree Iron Pillar.


In Our World. Legends

so Tell. Tales of very slow. Rusting.

A Particulars Combo. Metallics by

combining that reinforces. The Ironed

Outs Others. Bits. The Pillar Iron Btw’s.

(…Image Belows…)


Very High Purity.

A very Clean Source per se. Or

clearly sauced heat Treated. Very Wells as well




Requires High Levels

BlackSmithing/Smeltering. Capabilities. Capable


Artisans. Went to Works too. To

translate much. Such Specialised

Knowledge even

Unto Stone. Wheels of Yore.


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The Very Slow Rusting Pillar. Pure Iron Combo’d with very small amounts of a 3 Metallic Element Base that when mixed with Water (…Rained Upon…) rapidly interrupts the Rust Process. Says NO too. To Rusty.


Some Masons. Became Producers. Stoned

Works. Precise just as too. To

adepts at


Sun-Dialling Minime’s. Ons-Wristed. Begins.

Others. Else-Wheres in Places.

Times. Being Counted. Now. For. Then


Indian Temples in Our World. Legends

are oft so inscribed. Once. There

Upons. Per

Subject. Per Temple So done.?. Tale. Being

Told. ReTold. Simply. Once too. To


Howevers… So oft can be

Two Wheels on Carts...

This. Thus holds. True so seen.

More than Once. Can oft too. To be

so Two. Seen too. On Opposite

Sides. Facings.?.


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Sun Shines. On Time, Places. Of Yore. Then. Then and Now.


Those.?. Twosome;

Morn and Eve’s... Shiny Sun. Suns sum = two.


Two Wheels. Side Carted Sun-Dials. Dialling

Ups. The Morn then. The Eve

In the Real in Our World. Legends

of Time. So


show well as. As well


Such as Notched Patterns, Notchings. Markings.

Repetitive Lines/Markers/Buttons/Flowers. Alls. As

Images Belows. So shows. Examples thereof.


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Stone Works. Workings Of Times. Of Yore. A Central Point. Radiating Notches. 12. Such Timings in Deed. Indeed Timed. Well as.


Mores. So Tell these. Those Times. Placed

There-Upons. Wheels

of Stone. Masonry Works


If and so. So Notchings

etc counted = 7,..12,..24,../?/,..360+5 etc

E.g. Count Could equal Day,

Time/Day in BiHours/Month, Hour, Festival, Year etc

(…Refer Image. Belows…) Thus


Dependent on that In

Our World. Legends being so Writ. In Stone

so Told. Tales

vary. Much well as. Well as

so Told. Now, Then


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Carted Wheels. Times Of Yore. Stoned. So Etched, Writ.


Back then. Of Yore.

Arounds, abouts. Places. Those


Wheels. Really. Told... Well,..

Drove. Time

in Our World. Legends too. To be


Rolled Ons. Onto


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Next… Post Rolled Outs. Is Your

9 Top. Soils Organic Set Belows.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…