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Yore World In Our World. Legends So Tell Were There. In Their Hands. So Egyptian In Yore Wands. Of Power. Rather Chemical Metals Reactive. So Rods + Pharaoh/Kings + Kin. Kinda’ Be Carryings On. A Great Lil’ Spark. Voltage So Applies. Applications Crystal Clear Clearly Metallic. In Yore Hands. Our Count’s Add-Ons So. Recounted In. Here.


Natural Magic. Scienced


in Yore Hands. Zaps Ours

a very Low. Voltage

in Yore Hands Our. Elites/Leaders held tight

still then also. All so then


any Tech. sorta’ like. Now. Now



Indeed Handy In Deeds. Outed.


in Yore Hands Our Wanded Rods so. Held prominently

a place in Our World. Legends timingly Phaoronic


Show Our Wands Off. In

Yore Hands

tell so. Wandered

a Place, Times so there. Their/Our Yore Egyptians so


Hands. Their Two thereto. To hold Rods. Wands. Two.


One Zinc. One Copper One too. One

so Handed Right. Left the Other. Hand

Rods. Natural

Zinc + Copper… Rods. Wanded

Zinc, Copper.


1.1 Volts.

A Galvanic Pair of Metals. Imbalanced. Outwardly


Inners. Out.


balanced/measuring/conforming too. To The Golden Section.


The Hand Rods handily possess that. This

a Difference of overall Charge/Electrons. Electrodes thus

oft named Galvanic. Adds Energy to a Process. Processing Our

nomened Zinc/Copper rodding ups.

Natural differential app. = 0.8-1.1 Volts. Galvanic


Rods wanded Voltage. Galvanic Paired Metals. Held.

Crystalised Rodded Inners

In Yores. Wanded Hands.?. Pharaoh/Elites/Leaders only. Apply.

Applying One namely


Himself, to Research. Studies one of Our Counts later

added up. His

Knowledge Journal recounted in a 1955 Book. Booking

Himself into at that beginning. Endings ups into. To Begin


Yoga Class that is. That is 1920’s named in Our World.

Legends tell



thus. This Count’s added re-discovery of these. Those aka

nomened Our

Yore. Pharaohs Rods/Wands.


Count Stefan C. Walewski.

A System Of Caucasian Yoga. 1955.

Zoroastrian Caucasian Yoga.

Metal Wands. Rods


Count. Walewski rediscovered

as a Personal Student oft. Of the Zoroastrian Order. Then

His Studies contained, coordinated a Series oft. Of

Teachings/Exercises. Discussion Notes so were

noted. Noteworthy


The Pharaonic Wands/Rods are a Health. Benefit Tech.

A Tool/Device/Approach in Yores. Attainment Tuning +

Stimulating. Energy/Immune Systems. Yours. Our Pharaohs

All so. Also




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in Yore. Hands there is Our Power there. Their


Hands of Yore Egyptians that is. Is that

so held close too. To Pharaoh’s

sides seen frontly statued. In Yore Hands.

Imaged Belows. Aboves also forth. Forthrightly left


rightly in Lore +

On beyond Yore. Egyptian Lands much such

Other Elemental Tech.


were so Nile watered. The seasonal/annual Deluge =

Flooding of it’s Banks. Meant rich Mineral

Soils on the Ways. Means next Harvest

a crop bumpered. Assets flavored

Pharaohs so banked favourably upon. Upon

Once these Times, Places Yore

here. The Nile Waters stood Moated

greatly arounds abouts stoned. A Pyramid. Water Pyramid.


A Pyre amidst it. Self. + Elemental counterbalance. Water

so pumped Elementary. My dear



Indeed All Wands Hands On. Decked In Deeds.


cheeping Our Yore Egypt Ibis so foretells: Of


Elemental Rods. Power Ups. Inner

Pyre amid Water.

A Pyramid with such Power. Naturally Watered

Pump.?. Powered much by that. This Our Earth.


Theorised by such as Tesla much Earth. Spin Plasma

Energy is so. Out There. Piezo Electricity Crystal

Tuned too. To The Earth Frequency.

Crystallised. Mica Glass

would sheetings do. Power transference also. All so

set within a Pi too. To 2Pi, 4Pi Designed Structures

oriented Cardinally. Gridded lies there truth. Handily


of Their. Ways Golden Mean. Freely Sectioned




next in upping power 23/1

outs. Downs so in Our A Too. To Z.