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Watery Depths In Deeds In Our World. Legends Tell Deeply Of Findings Close Too. To Hand. So These Writ. Herein Under Those Waters There Overs Their Bahamas + Upon That There Nile. This Yores Climbing Walls Washed. Ups Out At Seas. Seeing Afresh Seas Walled Ups + Cities So Deeply Outed In. Herculean Indeed.


Our Walls. Yores


Yes we’ve built. A Few

so seems is that. Seemingly that is


Our Wonders. Yore

Tech Walls + Cities

ins Down Deep. Laid low

even so Under. Waters. Wall

building a big. Thing in Our World.

Legends Tell up along arounds abouts. Walls

go. Onto into Yore too. To Our


very Foundations. Climbing Walls

reserved for Spiders, Ninja + Parents. In Our World

Legends tell mappings out. In



Water. Stones. Bimini. Bahamas.


  • Our Bahamas, Bimini: A Wall. Great


sized Aka Nomened The Bimini Road.

A Yore Road as well platformed well in Deeds. Indeed just

off. Of

Our Now Bahamas Coast. In… lil’ Yore actually. Well as

re-Found in 1968. Waterworked Stoneworks,

A Wall. PathWays. Structured


built ups in. Layered Features. Largely

featuring Stone. Mainly fallen. Walls

so soaked. Wetness all arounds abouts. About


Age, Provenance.?. deeply Unknowns. Lightly

Unagreed upons. Etc… ad infinitum. Walls add

depth in deep


Stones.?. Mores.


Heracles = The Glory Of Hera = Hercules.


searches. For long Yore Truths. Lying



also not so recommended. Now All so

BYO Snorkel tho’ here. There ats


  • Heracleion, this City. That nomen Greek thereof. Thereto

Thonis named so in Our. Yore Egyptian vernacular. Thus be

arounds abouts


Easterly. Of Canopus where it so branches off. Of +

aways found from The River. Nile


finds much. Such as Statues, Potteries, Coins, Lamps,

Goblets, Figurines, Bottles, Jars, Incense Burners. Unlit

Temples, Rooms, Barges, Coffins. Steles, Helmets, Anchors +

watery more, mores. Moreovers underwaterings


All the Civilised Essentials remains thereof. A City. Of remnant

Heroes. Heracles. Heracleion.

UnderWaters. Now so


Indeed Citied Sea Seen Heracleion. Awash In Deeds.


Indeed Largely Monumental In Deeds.


Partly Marshy Seawaters abound off. Of

Our Coast of. Egypt there.

Nomened herenow as Abu Qir Bay, app. 15miles NE

of Alexandria. Yores

Naming Heracleion/Thonis a Major Port +

Emporion as well. Well as


such massive. Tradings therein posting

much of. Yore Mediterranean Maritime shipped on by. Night,

Day. Times, Places as well. Well as well


Mentioned oft. In the Writ

of such well.

Writ Greeks of Yore. As those Our

Herodotus, Strabo, Diodorus. These Ruins re-appeared Mod.

Literature/Knowledge 1933 when. Firstly


glimpsed from high. A Plane flying overs arounds.

About so aboves

revealed structures in. Belows. Waters. Fascinating

flighty Find. Thereof thereto. To using Mod. Tech





Mapping, Radar, Sonar so on. Extents of His City

reveals quite. An Urban that

Sprawls. Tho’ sinking of the Heracles. City

seems to have been. Rather gradual


combo of Natural. Our World Tectonic + Waters

Movements/Risings. Several shifts vis Quakes, Low lying

Land Flooding and so forth. Forthrightly or not. Over

Times Places went aways. Means Walls


so provide strengths. Strength

filled tho’ Hercules. Was

there was no. Elemental resistance well as. As well

Bimini, perhaps elsewheres Otherswise- In

deeper. Even as His Own City. Hid Yores deeply


so. In Our Waters. Going in Deep. Deepfelt going




attachings next so too. To be 3/2-


Our Sphinx Too. Yore Two