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So Writ That List In Our World. Legends Even Eventually Resort Too. To Lists. Leonardo da Vinci So Exceptional Non-Exemptional Genius Thereof Well As. As Well His To-Do. List Listed So Translated Herein. Therein Leo’s Note-Books Of The 1490’s.


In Our World. Legends tell Tales. Of

Legends as well. Well as

so making Lists.


Genius or non-, We All. Also make Lists.

Mainly Shopping. Bucket- and To-Do

well as. As well

Leonardo da Vinci. So did. So


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Statue: Leonardo da Vinci at the Piazzale Degli Uffizi.



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Be Like Leonardo. His

To-Do. List Listed.


Within His NoteBooks. Of


Yore. A ‘Lil so seems. Seemingly

for those with a lasting.

Listing Interest in Deeds: Indeed




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A noted Leo. Noted

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci

To-Do List. 1490’s Styled,


so writ. So Roundly.

Roughly Translated

Withs Added Notes Bracketed.

Leo’s Aboves Listed As Belows:


So Goes too. To-Do

So Thus. Leo Must…


  • Calculate the Areas of Milan and Suburbs.
  • Get the Book on Milan and its Churches, from the Cordusio Stationer’s.
  • Measure the Corte Vecchio. (…A Courtyard in the Duke’s Palace…)
  • Measure the Castello. (…Duke’s palace…)
  • Ask The Master of Arithmetic to show Me How-To Square a Triangle.
  • Ask Messer Fazio (…Professor of Medicine and Law in Pavia…) to show Me details on Proportion.
  • Have the Brera Friar (…Benedictine Monastery of Milan…) show Me De Ponderibus. (…Medieval text on Mechanics…)
  • Discuss with Giannino, the Bombardier, of the Means by which the Tower of Ferrara is Walled without loopholes.
  • Discuss with Benedetto Potinari (…Florentine Merchant…) of the Ways and Means they go on the Ice in Flanders.
  • Draw a Milan Landscape.
  • Check with Maestro Antonio, How the Mortars are positioned on the Bastions by Day and by Night.
  • Examine The Crossbow of Maestro Giannetto.
  • Locate a Master of Hydraulics, and then Learn How-To repair a Lock, Canal and Mill in the Lombard manner/way.
  • Enquire of the progress in the Measurement of the Sun promised Me by Maestro Giovanni Francese.
  • Borrow the Vitolone (…Medieval text on Optics…), from the Library at Pavia, which deals with the Mathematic.


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Busy busy so kept. He.

Throwing ups. Outing

His Ideas in Our World.


Legends so be. Do too


To You

So There. In Your World


What’s so still left...

Rightly So Writ. Listed

On Yours


To Do.?.


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So then

Next… So Posted Ups:

Bottled Up, Ins. That Message.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too.

To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…