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The Classics in Our World. Legends Tell Tales. Of Yore. A New Ongoing Series. Daily. One. On those ‘tween Days of the Usual every 3rd Day Post Schedule. Short n Sharp Info Bytes. Sweets or Others Wise. Classics. All. #27 Oldies but Goodies. So nomened. Set of 6.


In a bind. So.?. What to do in deed. Indeed

in those. Times, Places.

These Recipes, Remedies. To The Disasters


of Yore. Oldies

but Goodies in Our World. Legends.

So nomened herein. Thereof.


A How To too. Set of 6. Alls

Within this.

The Almost. Daily

Random Classic #27.

Which may Help. So

unbind some. Stress, Yours


In The Moment. Now. Then


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The Hows To:


  • Freshens. Ups that Fruit/-Bowl or Desserts.

After Water Clean, Rinse. Let Dry The Fruit. Then

Wipe Fruit. Skin with clean lint. Free cloth

dabbed in very Light. Olive or suchlike Oils.

Scented Types may surprise. You, Your Buds

too. To

Taste Buds and Friendly Guests Buds

well as. As well


Polish Aways. Means

Tooty Fruity. Shine Ons Lingers. Ons also. Also


Bees Sting. Bee Stings, Insect Itchy

  • Bites. Neutralised. Bys

a Combo. Combine Equal Parts therein. Mix Thereof

Water, Ammonia. Pour on Skin

affected. Areas. Once neutered ness

ensues. Ensure Alls Area. Then Fresh Water Rinse

Clear, Long too. To

avoid Ammonia burning. Skin. Then


  • again a Cold Sore. Can be so stalled. Stopped

to fade. Aways, good and bye. Bys

using Food as Medicinal. One. Soon

as Cold Sore. So sorely Felt. One Raw

whole Green Pepper. Eat, No Seeds. At

Alls sorely required either. Whilst


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  • Burns. Sealed from Infections. Just Dab Honey. Ons

as well. Well as a helpful Healer. Honey from bees

be. Be stinging

that Burn.?. A Slice. Raw Potato. So applys. To be applied.

ThereUpons too. To that aching. Feelings. Now


  • Then. Take a Handful. Of Your Fav. Smell nice Flowers.

Bring to that Boil in a Litre of Water- or so. So

let cool. A Lil’. Strain. Use as a Final Hair. Rinse. So

too. Can Bath or Rinse Waters. Be Herbalised. Easily

Add several. Suitable Flavored Herbal Tea Bags. To

that mix. No Sweeteners. Required. At Alls. All


  • Muck. Raked, Filled Drains. Can oft be. Cleared also. Also

bys, Mix Ups. 1/2 Cup Baking Soda,.. + 1/2 Cup Salt,.. +

1 Tblsp. Cream Of Tatar. Pour into Drain. Run

Water. Cold for a Min. Then Boiling. For another. Repeat

Once a Week. Or so. So repeat to Maintain. Repeated

Clear ness. So


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Unbind, drain aways. That Stress

so building, so bound. Inside. Inside

and Outs. Use

Others Ways. Means

Natures Helpers. To so Help. You there. Then



Moments. So That Matter. To You.