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Entertrainments In Our World. Legends Tell Yore Horny. Hatted Vikings Ventures Lots. Times, Our Places Raiding + Ravaging Arounds Abouts. About Times, Places That So Have Sailed. On Sails On. Longships Shortly So Shorebound. Yores In Our World. Legends So Sliced Ups. Writ So Down. Herein.


Sails Tales. Placing


In Our World. Legends tell


Mainstream is just so. Mainstreamed

versions that controllingly explain, encapsulate. Everything

but nothing plained truthed fully. Lies told

distorted misinform, so Yore Maritimes wasted. Our

Educations. Teaching

Yore Vikings Ventures. Lots Our Times. Places


as with officialdom dominating Ours. JFK



Narratives Yores one Christopher. Columbus

credited with Our. America’s Yore Discovery +

Captains Cooks in/of Australia. Firstly

let us be. Real,

He Christopher only got. As far close

to. To Our Caribbean… +


seconds. In

His bookishly deed in Deeds. Indeed One later firstly wrote-

He Had


many Maps… As did Admiralty remind of/with thereof Cook. Long

thus afore. He Their Christophed christened surely. American

Shores there were also. All so Native Amer/Meso Natives these. All

so Others oft. Of


Our now Regions Scandinavia’s. So Yore Vikings in Deeds. Indeed




a lil’ long before Our nomened One. Christopher. Yores Vikings,

Northmen, The Norse

named as well. Beings well Boatings able. Spent Times, Places +

Silvered Money.?. in the Americas Sailings rounds abouts. Meeting

in Our World. Legends tell


Times, Places the then current. Amer. Natives. Revealingly

revealed in reexaminations. No Viking wore such Horned

Helmets. Headgears much

only a Hollyweed. Fad. Far off from there. Their

Homelands They shippingly using basic Maps, Charts +


Stars. Knowledge Guidance Systems that. Then

followed Shorelines, Winds + Currents. Currently




dug thru’ Our

Remnants of a 900-1500 Amer. Red Indian. Settlement reveal

Archaeology wise. Settling in Maine, U.S.A. Goddard Farm’s

Naskeag Point

there. Their pointedly ongoings Amer. Native Culture +

Practices. Practically


cashed ups well as well. As Silver Coinage therein

well noteds. Notably

found with other Treasured Artefacts. One. Viking Coin.


One 1065-1080 Viking Penny. Silver. Our


Indeed Ingredient So. In Viking Silver Pennies In Deeds.


In Deeds Tree. Oaked Indeed.



Journeys oft. Of sorts began when as per Theirs. Traditions

therefore a formal Meeting/Announcement. Such

planning much thus there shaded so. So

arranged + concluded under. One Sacred Divined Giant


Yore Oak. Tree. Free


Viking boats became. Our Yores norm after



production sorted out in. Our 7/8th Century A.D. Viking

Longships aka nomened. Dragonships

facilitated such Raids. Much named so ‘tween app. 800-1200’s.

Shields could be hung from boats sides. Sizings up-


Some approaching 100+ Feet in length. Crews 60+ Large

open draughted vessels

sailed + rowed. Dragon shaped High-Prowed. Proudly

able too. To navigate


Shallow Keeled suiting shoreline/rivers

well as. As well tree hauling, long distance raidings. Masts




(Video Link)


Shipwise could be raised/lowered. Steerings by a Large

Side-Oar Type Rudder

attached starboard side… Btw’s Our nomen Starboard


is actually derived vis. Viking

name Styrbord = Steering Side…


The Viking Side-Oar Piece/Handle could be removed

for stowing elsewhere

if req’d. Peace



of this Times, Places 8th Century onwards was illusory

as per. Now arounds abouts then several Geopolitical

Areas in decline, fragmentation and within contendings.

With their own. Issues.


Vikings exploited Riverways to access Raid Areas +

exploited that. This changing/shifting Social/Political

landscape. By Sea

they arrived moving easily too. To targeted areas vis

Rivers + such accessible shallower Water Bodies. Much

consternation so usually ensued. Ensuing so


Raids led to further. Control of swathes of Countryside +

settling oft. Of overrun places, Times when suited. Them. Which

led then too. To leaders of such Raids. To eventually Control

Regional Seats of Power. Powerful Tales,




Journeys + Viking Legends in. Our World compiled

tell oft. Of fierce, unforgiving Warriors yet with. One increasing

sophisticated Culture/Kingdom behind them. Their Arts

produced much beautiful objects. Objectively


in Literature such

as. The Elder Edda, The Prose Edda +

the many Sagas, so same. Many

Viking ruins also. So reveal Runes. Runic northern Norse

Scripts/Alphabets began app. 1-500 A.D. with

Forms/Signs similar too. To Olden Gothic-/Latin-/-Switzerland

Olden scripts. Their


pre-Historic Tales/Symbols added-to/into. There

most Runic Inscriptions were memorial in nature. Naturally

honoring a deceased Person/Group. Naturally as well. Well

History Dating them very problematical. Only rarely

included were. Dates. Simple Symbols

were included. Snakes, Crosses, Dragons so forth. Forthrightly



Runes mostly. Mysterious. Memorials. Marvellous

in Deeds. Indeed further adventures + adventurous Vikings rightly

left in. Otherswise Annals of Yore. Our Greece, Rome + compiled

sparingly elsewheres. In here’s



thus so endings. Immortalised in Our World. Legends tell

naming Our Yore Vikings also. All so memorialised in so


Our Child’s. Nursery Rhyme nomened London Bridge is. Falling

down. So named responsible were Dane Thorkell the Tall + Olaf

Haraldsson (… one future King of Norway…). Ways means

with Their 2 Armies there. London Town bound.


Our Yores Vikings. With nary a frown.

So Our

Vikings, so took that down. This


Bridge. Ours-

Of ol’ London Town.


Our Bridge

Came atumblin’ so Vikingly

Downed. Up



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