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Featured Image Of Fireworks Above A Sailing Ship's Mast.

In Deeds A Queens Pirate Treasure. Seeker Maritimes, Places Marvel In Our World. Legends Tell Other Ways Means. Sails Arounds Abouts Our World. Francis Drake Journeyed + Settled Too. To Find One Mores. Moreovers Underlying Truths Of Changing Times, Places So That. This 007 John Dee Advises Adjustments Indeed.


That Dee + This Drake

so served Their Queen there. There their

Elizabeth 1


served up platespiles of Gold that is. That is, was.

Stolen froms the voyaging maraudings Spanish. Who

had so a lil’ Earlier Times, Places…

Stole it from OthersWise as well. Well as John Dee,


Francis Drake served His, Theirs there. This

Queen fully also. Also did Francis D. Traveled arounds


abouts Our World. Legends Tell

of Global Circumnavigations. Around


Image Of A Painting Of The Queen Knighting Francis Drake.

Queen’s Draked.



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this place in Our World. Legends Circumference

In Deed. Indeed when

Yore 007 Dee, Drake.

Our Spy, Our Pirate

So Meet


well afore that

too. To this aboves. Belows The

pomp and ceremony


Elizabeth. Not so quiet royally so seems. Quite plausible

Dee, loyal Drake drakenly so did. Mores, moreovers underlying

The Queens. Assets


Image Of A Trio Of Dancers Wearing Elaborate Colorful Pirate Costumes.

Indeed Treasured MariTimes, Places In Deeds.


In Our World. Legends Maritimes, Places so Tell

anyways. Means those

in That. This Our Deep Blue. Lightly Yore

told of Two too. To these Two Men there. Their


Ideas of Otherswise Alternative Social, Geopolitical.


Methods Ways in Deeds. Means indeed

Nomened John Dee, Francis Drake. Their

named Elizabethan Queen so took. Their


Timely Advices.

quite seriously and profitably well as. As well



This Queen Elizabethan Spy. Master

John Dee so used the

Agent Number 007 too. To


Image Of Several Sailing Ships At Dusk.

Indeed Shipping On In Our World. Legends Maritimed Places In Deeds.


find also. All so

included in reasons Drake went arounds abouts

Our World. Legends tell of mainlys Survival. Froms

the Spanish Shipping cohort chase. He so obviously

knew Our World was. Round, long afore

many Others

arounds abouts so did. Did


so rather well escape that. The Spanish

revengeful inquisition like pursuit. Capturing

circumspectively so roundly aways

tell. Such means roundabouts blarney like those

1580’s ish…

Drake so. Went arounds


Circumscribings Circular. Abouts Navigatings Our World.

Legends Told in Deeds

Sir Francis Drake, John Dee so. Indeed contrived

with, so influenced the influential, paid in gold


too. To so shape. Their Our World there. Here

now in The Mod. Real lil’ has changed. Here


Gif Of A Pirate Dressed Cat With Hook Approaching On A Stair Banister.

Indeed Pet. Pirate In Deed.


so next can be in. That

#E Of. Our A Too. To Z.