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From Our World. Legends So Told Off. Of Cleanings So Chored In Deed. Indeed Then Now Clean. Waters Must Do As Well. Well As Herein That Pointed List A How-To. Too Clean Water 6 Ways. Means Whetted Herein. Your Needs So. Filtered Outs. Ups Also Powers Water. Clean.


We use Water too. To clean that is.

That is so leadings. How then.?. To Now


do we so Clean. Water.?. Then


knowings many of Waters. Properties

may properly be. Found filterings thru much


well as highlight such Liquid. Clean

possibilities. Of

A How To. Too

Clean. Water 6 Ways


so begins. Belows


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Clean Waters Listed Ways. Means

in Our World. Legends Told

too. To Clean Your Waters. Ways mean

stand alones or combo’s


of these 6 Types. Main Approaches. Most

Effectives of shedding Waters. Load Overalls

without Chemicals

and wearing overalls needs per se. Saying

of Chemicals which have too. To be removed

Laters somehows


anyways. How


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now 6 In Deed. Indeed


this goes… Froms Devices that


  • ♦ Filter ♦ : Stones/sieve/charcoal/sponge/micro

so forth. Forthrightly Solids majorities. So

% removed too. Too many Types to List. Many

Adaptable. Application based. The Choice Is Yours. Research

Your Needs/Requirements. May Require Heating/Boiling. Parts

upkeep Costs/Maintenance may Apply. A

Basic Good Clean. Cleanings some Devices enhanced bys



  • ♦ Vortex Implode Impulses ♦ : One of Nature’s Mass Energy

Motions/Movements-think Hurricanes, Spirals. Such

Energetic Motions make Solids removal clearly

easier so seems.

Seemingly well as


  • ♦ Oxygenate, Ozonate. Hydrogenate ♦ : Revitalise. Waters

are H2O = A Dihydrogen Monoxide. As well Two

Non-Metal Substances Hydrogen, Oxygen. Can

be Gas, Liquid and/or Solid. Steam, Water, Ice… Ozone is

concentrated Oxygen = O3. Think Reoxygenate this. That

so Fresh Atmospheric smell. After soaking Greeneries with

Rains/Lightnings. An Ingredients Purifier Stage


per se. Saying


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  • ♦ Deionise, Distillation ♦ : These. Thus So removes

most/all Mineral/Elements/Chem/Solids traces. Strips

back those Ingredients. Ionics Pure Solvent. Variety

Methods/Approaches. May not be Long-Term

suitable/viable for Health by itself. High Costs may apply. So

Research Your Applications prior. Please… whilst


  • ♦ Rev Osmosis ♦ : Akin Filter. A Partial Membrane

Liquid Permeable. So Final Clean Applied Mechanically

Ways many. Adapted yet still aboves. Guidelines so Apply

in Deed. Indeed more then. A forced Filtered Filter

Type Approach also. Well as Rejuvenatings


  • ♦ Add-Ons : Turned Ups, Outs ♦ :

Re Devices of certain Brands…

That these usually added after. Cleanings,

Filterings etc so also

extra Costs. Special Maintenance Routine

may apply well as. As well these may so. Include

Natural Type

dispersal then gather Methods. Finish Ups


so forth. Forthrightly Cleaned, Howevers…

…ALL such Devices must…


  • ♦ Regenerate… YOU ♦ :  Your Mind. Intent Calm Blue.

Variety Ways. Means

Active, Positive, Focused Harmonious. Health

Enhancing Properties imbued anewed afresh.

Look, Smell

Touch, Taste Yums

so in Deed so forth. Forthrightly

left cleaned…Now… Indeed Alls Must

Please/Suit You. Your Buds of Taste. So


Think WaterFalls… Thus these



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…sixey Type Approaches/ Ways


Belows so Writ now


had too. To so include that. Deft

left/right Spiralling Implosion. One Motherly


Nature Method in Our World. Legends


such wherebys Our Rivers snakily spiral,

twist. Turns



arounds abouts our World. Legends deeply

insist persist Waterways. Means

Watery Body

Movements need such… to disperse much…


also. Matter matters


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in Deed. Indeed Ideally Your Water Cleaners,

Filters use a Variety Combo too. To enhance ALLS

of Waters Properties. Methodically

Clean Waters

simply. Simply Enjoy


these. That

told in Our World.

Legends still


So Flow. Flowing


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Herein Next So Is This: Then

#I of The A to Z.



Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…


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