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Featured Image Of Three Seated Rams Near A Forest Setting.

Indeed The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Herein Letter #A. Aries Rams. Ahead So Ra In Deeds.


Yore Zodiac’s Aries is oft. First of Our

Spring Dawn’s so Astrology. Natured Symbol. Symbolised


by That.  ♈︎

This iconic Ram’s. Head, Horns

outlined. Lining Nature

ups initially as potential. For The Creative Whole. One

creative impulse wherebys potential actualised. Acting

regeneratings as thus.


Symbol of Starry Existences evens. Unto such


Mind, Spirit. Body + much inceptive Moments. Times,



Places, Charts Yore. Our Aries so began. Ending


A to Z in Our World.

Legends Hit ‘n’ Myth

#A. Aries


no stranger too. To effecting causes, startings

as well. Well as also well representings Symbolic Beginnings.

All so

Cycles, Processes. Processing centrally

at that. This center of Creative Cosmic Forces. Forcing


Our Yore Egyptian adept. God Amon-Ra too. To

adopt this very. Same Physiology, Attributes, Designed

Type. Headgears named so forth. Forthrightly


left that heady. One to be nomened divined. Mutants



Image Of A Statue Of Amun-Ra Yore Egyptian God With Rams Head Surmounted Above.

Indeed Aries Rams Aboves. Ra In Deeds Hand Held.


lookings so in Our World. Legends Tell

in Deeds. Indeed so The


Aries, Rams A Head, So That.?. Our Ra

Imitated Yore Ways back Egyptian Then. Now then

Our Golden Fleece of. Yore Grecian comes too. To Mind

mine i, Shiro so here. Therein Aries thereof Chrysomallus-

were these Legends belows. Those where

Heroic Phrixus, Helle

divined. Rescued on Hermes Orders from aboves. Aries

providings Airy Transport. Duties so forth. Forthrightly left


upping Our

Aries now starrily. Constellated, Northern Hemispheres in


first. 30° of Celestial Longitude. Longly placed so

in that. This spacey in Space triangled. Area so


‘tween Easterly Taurus, Pisces Westerly

seen radiatings so. By one too. To be One

Orginating Area of several Meteor Shower Types. So Writ

also. All so too. To be One



of the Yore Oldest. Known Constellations. Zodiaced


so Writ in Deeds. Indeed Astronomically so

largely well. Thought of, included in Yore. In Our World.

Legends tell oft. Of Ptolemy’s List Of 48. Our

Astronomy’s spaced well. Within Our

Listing Modern of. 88 greatly too. To wonder One

Mystery outs now. Yore Astrology place


such a Aried One into. With Otherswise Leo, Sagittarius

much as well. Well as cos’

Aries be. One of these so forth. Forthrightly left

as One of Those 3 too. To share. Fire


Elemental related Signs/Colors/Properties. Properly



starrings next probably so is #82. Quote

Quirked. For You.