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Waylaid by The Focus on Brexit Exit. Ever Wondered Why In Our World. Legends such as Democracy… don’t Work. Machiavelli revealed the machinations of the Seats, Corridors of Power, Geo-Politics, Diplomacy. Diplomatically incorrect i, Shiro Go. To Find. Seek and Search… Behind Those Seats. Whose Vote… Really Counts.


Geo-Politics, Money-Matters, -Creation. Corporacy.

Demockerecy. Rule by the Elite/Mob.

Can be sensitive Topics in Our World.


Legends indicate a muchness of Opinion. Viewpoints,

Subjectivity. Subjects. That such as Machiavelli,

Quigley, Chomsky, Pilger, Orwell so well as

many mores. Much. Get into.


Much tightly lip service is also given to Ideals. Ideas

such as Democracy make good Headlines.

The Realities. Of the Corridors of Power in

Our World. Legends so Tell. A sorry, differing Tale.

Perhaps mayhaps Herein. Begins. Below.


Whilst Machiavelli so laid bare. The machinations

of Diplomacy. There are still. Places where

Democracy may never enter. Places


represented by One. Who sits behind. A

Seat Of Power.




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In Our World, Legends say Power.

Is. Of and from, The People.


Yet and so. The People. Have

lil’ say. In and of many matters. Matters


ongoing of The Brexit Saga. Have brought forth

much. Of the goings-on in British

Parliament. Parliamentary Procedures…


not being so a forte…



an i, Shiro Seek and Search. Of

such. Has found. This, thus



Brexit Exit.?.

What About The


Square Mile.

The City

Of London.?.

The City of London Corporation.

So nomened. So


Which is a Corporation. In Deed. Indeed



The Corporation. Of The City Of London oversees:

This so called Square Mile. Which.

Is the ONLY AREA IN BRITAIN… NOT answerable.

To the

British Parliament and Laws/Authority.


Further and more. The House Of Commons

is where. ‘Tis done within.



Within Parliament there is the figure of the Speaker.

The Chair, The Presiding Officer per se.

An important Role.

Presiding over the Elected House of Commons.


The Role includes Moderation Of Debates/Discussions,

Making Announcements, Vote Tallies. Rulings.

Deciding who Speaks. Apply Disciplines. To the Unruly.


A Major Seat Of Power Within Parliament. Yet

and so… there is ALWAYS…



Behind. That Seat.


British House of Commons. A Chair. There. A Seat of Power.


Every Vote Counts One…

if Human.


The City of London. Corporate.

Known as The Square Mile.


25 Electoral Wards.

4 of these are voted on/in by

the People Living within.

App. 9,000 People.


Each Resident Gets… One Vote per. Per

Democracy… Approx. 9,000 Votes.


21 Wards ARE NOT. Not

Voted By Residents.

21 Wards voted on/in by CORPORATIONS.

Mainly Banks, Financing.


The Bigger the Corporation…

the more Votes it has.

Whilst The People in these Wards


GETS 1. Each. Each


Closer and Ups to. A Seat. Of Power. The Speakers. Chair.


of The Square Mile CORPORATIONS.

Can have. As MANY as… 79.

Votes. Each. Each and every


Ward Businesses Total Votes… 32,000.


People. As Aboves. Tot. Votes… 9,000.


This disparity. There. Is known of by the Parties.

The Greens for example, have Campaigned

overs the Years to eradicate This Corporate City

influence. To lil’ avail as yet btw.


Btw’s also. For those who hold such things. Of


Interest. Such as Tony Blair

removed this Corporate removal approach from

Labour Party Policy. Pollies


That Chair. There. Can You See.?. Behind. That Seat.


may intimate. Your Vote Counts.


Your Vote Counts Lil’.

Actually. Therein. In The Real.

This and that, The Square Mile.

City of London. There. Britain.


Nor perhaps so. In Parliament,

British as well. Well as

there is One in Deed. Indeed


one. Who.

Sits still Behind. That Chair.

The Speakers.


The Remembrancer.

So nomened. T’is seems. This


official role is to

“…maintain and enhance the City’s status

and ensure

that its established rights are safeguarded…”.


No mention of… The People…

what so evers. There.

Their Rights. Left. Outs. Whilst

Corporacy Democracy.?.


Aboves. As noted. The

Green Party

has written to the Speaker

of the House of Commons British

detailing: Such Details. As


“…The fact that the City Remembrancer is the only


allowed on the floor of the House of Commons

is an historical anachronism. The presence of the City

Remembrancer on the floor of the House of Commons,

gives the Corporation of the City of London and,

by association, the financial industries,

what seems to amount to an undue and undemocratic

level of access and representation. No other industry

or body has such special access to Parliament.” Parliamental




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Greens guess GeoPolitically in Ways that: Means


“…The strength

of the arguments for ending this feudal anachronism


bring the City of London

within the framework of London–

together with the large nestegg of the City Cash,

which could be put to the benefit of the people of London

rather than the global financial industries–

have been clear

for more than a century.

Removing the Remembrancer from Parliament

would be a real start on this process.”


Indeed In Deed. Start that. Ups. Upping



and Ending. Special Privileges. Which

and so. So

avoid, erode, mock.

Democracy. In Our World. Legends

continue. To show.


The City of London Corporation is also.


Exempt. From The

Freedom Of Information Legislation.

Somehows. Any. Hows, with


Democracy but a nomen

in Our World. Legends


In the Real.

Legends of Rights. With the righteous

Power Of The People… left Outs. Out

and Abouts… Nowhere

to be Seen. Seemingly


Prior to 2006 known as Corporation of London.


The City of London Corporation

Interests predominate as well. Well as

in the Financial Sector

in Our World. Legends so recall. Therein.

Money Talks


The Rest…

You Know.



Feel Free if Of Interest.

To Share.


Ways and Means.

Democracy Fails. Falls.

Abouts. Arounds.


Peoples, Places, Times…



Where It So,.. Shines.




A Guest Post. Special Investigation into the

recent UN Report… The MSM. Seem. Not.

To have Read. Or. So Writ. Abouts. So

i. Shiro. Will. Next.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is

A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…