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Shaking Yores + Ours In Our World. Legends Tell Quake Detectors So One. Necessary Ways Means Shake Spotting So Public. Safety Tech. In Deeds. Indeed Young + Not-So. Approaches Approached Herein One. App + One. Urn Earnings One. Look Inside. Outing Quaking Devices. Parted One.


Earthquakes are one


now + Yores

oft. Of many

in series The Natural. Processes that so react +

relieve Earth’s. Pressures perhaps,.. mayhaps


so endangers Life. Our




World Waters so all affected also. So


effect Tsunamis at Times, Places.

Many Times within Our. World Legends

tellings has. Such

desolation much unfolded. So

Yores One Our

Shakes. Spotting Our World


Legends retell



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Historically and in Our. Modern Earthquake Detection

has been

an ongoing priority for those. These

of Science, Invention

and Public Safety so forth. So forthrightly left

old + new. Yores + Ours

so have found Ways in. Deed

and indeed fact also. To Detect

Earthquakes that is. Effectively is that


so as herein. Below



Hi-Tech Screens Our. Modern Mobile Phone

Apps for example oft. Of recent

have also been so tweaked too. To

Quakery Detect. Suchery



Devised by the muchery clever Inventors

so. At UC Berkeley U.S.A.

passively monitors. So

and detects Quakes both large + not-so. So App

users… use


it within many. Different Countries and Regions

yet can such Tech. can easily

correlate, compare and coordinate. Relate


The Data being. Received therein and thereof. Alls

overs places Earthswise. Wisely


As the number oft. Of App subscribers grow

and/or Travel/Move too. So then to

does the Database. Knowledge within… grow

as well. As well then


this innovative App can also. All so provide

Summary Quakes Data for the. Location You

are in or at and on.



the affecting Earthquake forthrightly. Left displayed



Btw the MyShake App is. FREE on Android.



Can as well. Be found therein. On

Subscribing further Usage will add. Your

Detective Data for the building. Up

of Knowledge oft. Of Earth shattering Events.

Updatings Database Style therein. Thereof


there is in deed and. In fact quite

more than a few. Inventors, Research Scientists

and Other Interested. Parties

from All overs Our

World. Who


Are also working on. Several Systems

and approaches

to Early Earthquake. Detection

and Warning.


Detectives All. Therein. Thereof


From Countries and Regions such as China,



Europe many such Systems are being utilised.

With effect.

Their sensitivity is oft being. Updated as Tech.

gains further so applied. So


Online as well. As well by

Using Unique. Approaches

many such so sensors could even. Turn

the entire IOT ONto

this Detectings Tasks.


The IOT Network Globally that is. Turned On

Per se. By Tech. that is indeed.


As shown on this Map. Herein. Imaged

Below. Underwater

Cabling links Us All too. To and from

in Ways IOT. All over Our World.


Legends of Data can be thus. So attained

combining and correlating readings off. Of such


the next step and so on. A Cabled Cooperative


of Detecting. Ways in deed and in fact also. All so

Group Detectives. At Works and Ways.

Therein. Herein IOT



One such cooperative. Online Co-op

has cooperating Input from several. Sciences

and interested.

Observers too, i, Shiro as well. As well as being

interesting thereby;..


using Detected. Collected/collective

Data from Solar Activity, Astrophysics. Meteorology,

Seismic Geology

and so forth. On to. A forthright and bold Unique

Compilation oft. Of Science Reports

correlated therein. Within. Our IOT.


This widens the Viewpoint of Research too. To

encompass more. Applications beyond even


can be used in similars. Fashion to bring together

various research and Collective findings. Findings


within such. Fields as Earth GeoMagnetic Patterns

and Behaviours.

Pole Shifts. Earths Magnetic Field Studies,

suchlike and so forth. Go forth…


and detect too were also. All so

Ideals pursued long ago. Long Ago


in Times. Places Yores that is. Is that

One Yores Olden Ways


The Quaky Detectings Machina

Subjects as above so. So requires

below Image is



described within Our World. Legends tell

in deed and in fact.


Yore Earthquake Detective Machine.


Inventor nomen: Zhang Heng.

Times and Places: 132 A.D. China

oft. Of Yore


One. Man of many interests was He. So was

a very early Researcher it seems. Oft

of many interesting

interests inherent Him.

Astronomy, Mathematics, Sciences, Engineering and

Invention all. Captured… Research attention


piquing his interest/inventiveness. Therein,

so thereof as well. Well as


The Ways of Zhang Heng…

Whilst mainly recorded as Philosopher. Type

he dabbled Experimentally…


it so seems. Seemingly



Devices invented using Natures inherent. Elementally


Water, Fire, Mass, Gravity, Levers using Tech

that is. Yores bounded by


Natural Laws + Tech. That



so He. With Other Ancient/New

Tech. next. Week

strongly told so. In Part 2. So


next herein sited unshakily. Quaked

outs on so is writ. On 7/12:

Quirky Quotes #72.