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Featured Image White Pyramid Shaped Block On Dark Blue Background.

These Pyramids In Our World. Legends Many So Tell. Tall Mountain High Too. To Garden Statuettes, Icons. Of Yore, Now Well As. As Well Finds In China, Peru. Under Waters Japan Also. Also So Found Herein. Those World Pyramids. So Nomened, So Listed. Outs Within Mountains That. Men, Women So Built.


Air so whistling along. Your Wings


A flash, so white. Amongst China’s Jungle

green. Eyes

narrowing intently. Focused


ons Flying. Thru’-

You turn the Plane. When able…

Another look.?.


Pyramids.?. China White.!.


Sun Rays Through Forest Canopy.


White Pyramids. Jungle Green



China, Others also. Also

so shelters, hinting of a Great History unwrit

or. So destroyed or perhaps

lost over Times, Places so too. To

find a

Telling of Pyramids Alls. Overs

Our World. Legends so begin


whilst Blue. Nile Waters water those. Lands so

Ancient Egypt thereof. Of Yore Pyramids

those greatly. Man-made Mountains the atypical.

Building choice pumped. Grand


Archetype of Pyramid. Buildings so greatly


Featured Topic Image Pyramid In Different Languages.


Egyptian archaeologised widely

in Our World. Legends

howevers so. Writ much mores. Moreovers Tell


collectively. Many many Hundreds

so built Pyramidal.

Several such. Otherwise Places, Times

in Our World. Legends arounds abouts

intensely Pyramidal


buildings. Construct went ons of Yore


Featured Topic Image Pyramid Building How-To.

Pyramidal. A How-To Too In Deed.


Featured Topic Image Pyramid Inner Schematics.

WaterWays. Means Pumped.


well as. As well

with slight variations of Type. Writings


researched Tell of Peaked Tops, Flat Tops, Steps,

Mounds, Inclines. Round Based, Rectangular.


Single, Multi

Layered, Materials. Inners, Outers


Shape, Size all being Factors. So tweaked.


Tweaking also there. Their Surrounds, Natural Environ

Features well as. Alongs


Their Ways there too. To


Featured Topic Gif Pyramid Pump Schematics.

Pumped. Ups Pyramidal.


now… Pyramids

so found

Beings Under. Waters.?.  in Deed. Indeed

so unless Our Ancient Ancestors also.

Used Breathing Apparatus… whilst

Buildings Thems…

These were thus built…


on this Land that once.?. In Our World

So also stood. Standing


Fantasy Picture Of Underwater City.


so Tall within Our World. Legends Tell

in Deeds. Indeed of Lands

Pyramidical. So

now called… Nomened

Alphabetical: Of, so

include- Listings


Australia, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Canary

Islands, China, Egypt, El Salvador, France, Greece,

Guatemala, India, Iraq, Indonesia, Italy, Java,

Mauritius, Mexico, Mongolia,

North Americas, Peru, Philippines, Portugal,

Russia, South Africa, South Americas, Spain, Sudan,

Turkey, Uzbekistan mores. Moreovers


Under Those Waters Blue

too. To… so called Those. The

Bahamas, Bermudas, Cuba, Yonaguni-Japan


well as. As well


Featured Topic Image Pyramid South America Styled.


at least One More Stand. Outs so found


thus. Far from just

beings that. This still being. Dug Outs

Oversized so Giant Sized

Great Pyramid of Cholula


Mostly standing, hidden still. Till

Now under, behind Mexico jungle

green so. There whilst


Featured Topic Image Cholula Pyramid Tourist Site.



(Video Link)


therein China’s Jungle Greeneries also revealings. That


White Pyramid

So some Others.?. 15+???? so seems. Seemingly

dot n spot a Landscaped Terrain. So there. Their


Other finds

There arounds abouts Ways. Means

so include an Emperors Mausoleum well as. As well

Those magnificent Terraces

of Terracottas Warriors so visited. Then


so backs into. To Egypts

Pyramids Great ‘n’ Others…

in Our World. Legends

of whens that so Divine. One Ra/Amon

played a game of Hide ‘n’ seek. Got


stuck. So lost in this. That

Pyramidal Great One too. To


Secondary Topic Image The Terracotta Warriors Of China.



(Video Link)


Pyramids. Of Yore,

now. Alikes those Wonders

of Yore.

Some Great some

small so. In Our World. So


wherevers You

soevers be. May

Pyramids Legends so be. So

there arounds, abouts. Ways


Featured Topic Gif Pyramid Building Visual Humor.


So Next so forth. Forthrightly

means within. A to Z

left herein: #N.



Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…