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Indeed Moonlighting In Our World. Legends Tell Not So Much Known. Geometry Of Our Moon Soon Enoughs. Unsurfaces Our Yore Number. Nine Counts Added Ups Down That. This Dark Sided Orbitings Enigmas. Eclipses + Comparisons. Sunshine + Moonshine Also. All So Sizings Ups Their Sizings There. Herein Moony Madness Well Makes You. Well In Deeds.


Good Moonings So This. That


Our Numbers gamed plain oft. Of

Life so seemingly Universal. Starring Sun struck +

Moon shot

Numbers seeminglys. Geometrics in Our World. Legends

tell in Deeds. Indeed so into. Our Planetary addings so

calculated then onto. Now



Squaring The Circle Our Earth = 7920 Miles =


Squaring The Circle Our Moon = 2160 Miles =


Squaring The Circle Our Sun = 864000 Miles =



Dist. Earth too. To Our  Sun ÷ Sun’s  Diameter = 108.

Dist. Earth too. To Our Moon ÷ Moon Diameter = 108.


1+8=9. Life




such in Our World. Legends tell much

of underlying true fabrics oft. Of Numbers, Geometry/Cycles

stitchings much. Ups + in Our Reality. So outed such



Overs Our World well as. Legends tell

as well oft. Of Life. Our

Moonlight completes + complements. Our Sun.



Is Dark Out Moonlight In. A Thing

We Should. Do.?.


Golden Aged so Our Yore. Squaring

Our (Earth + Moon) Circle = 9. So


Imaged Belows:




Our Sun’s Light is a direct. Force


Moonlight thus so mores subtle. One moreovers

recognises easily Our Suns underlyings. True

Warmth + bright promotings Life giving/affirming. Properties

so Moon related are these. Thus Relative Reflections

oft. Of those. That Our + Yores


Moonlight is. Reflected Sunlight plainly Planetoidly

Filtered then. Now means ons ways Mooned +


Back. Our World Ways By/Thru’ A Small. Partially hollow

overs-sized Moony Planetoid. Orbitings




which is NOT. Small in comparisons giantslike too. To


Other Our Planet’s Moons. In Factum in comparison

hugely Our Moon IS MONSTROUS. Largest Aboves


Orbs Our Sun + Moon both Appearings. Belows

similar sized is. An illusion gravitatings

of Times, Distance + Size per se. Sizings say Moony

Numbers indicates


that whilst app. 400 Times closer

to Our. World than Our. Sun so is also. All so conveniently

app. 400 Times. Smaller

than Sun so. Can Eclipse etc so. Another


unusual Planetary celestial Events there. Here

Mooned on the Dark Side is. Darkness. Our Moon




so steadfastly refuses slowly too. To turn. Arounds

abouts somehows. Whys

are just guesses. Opinions

lightly + darkly. So differ. Similar lunacy asides


too. To Our Nines Geometrical Placements. Sun + Moon.

So Symbolically represents. Our


Sunlight 12 Hrs. Our Energetic Times, Places. Placing app.

900 Breathes per Hour=10800 Breathes Eached oft. Of

Moonlight 12 Hrs so. Time We Rest. So thus

10800+10800=21600=2+1+6=9. This


means ways applied too. To Our World some.?. App. Earth

72% Waters Mooned influenced.. as are. We Brained +

Hearted. 7+2=9. Sensed for Our 9. Enneadic


Sunlight + Moonlight = Heart +

Balance. Tilting Ours



ats next so writ ups. Down herein 29/5: Our

Once Upon Times, Places. 2005.