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Shaking Yores + Ours. In Our World. Legends Tell Quake Detectors So One. Necessary Ways Means Shake. Spotting So Public. Safety Tech. In Deeds. Indeed Young + Not-So. Approaches Approached Herein One. Mod. + One Yores. Urn Earnings One. Ours Look Inside. Outing Quaking Device Ones. Parted Two.


( Editorial: Welcome, thanks for your time. Here

please note in our world. Legends retold

vis current posts are all so. Writ

in a prose, creative writing styled

by i, Shirobanryu. Shiro is/was 6.)


Shaking out. More


Yores Ours

Two Shake. Spotting

Our World. Legends tell so Parted. One previously

internetted App therein. Herein Our Parted

Two. One to


Yores Man oft. Of many interests was He. He was

Zhang Heng


so one. Yore early Researcher so seems


Astronomy, Mathematics. Sciences, Engineering +

Invention also. All so captured


His interest. Recorded



mainly as a Philosopher. Type

He dabbled inventively/experimentally…

in deed. Indeed


Elementally using Tech that is. Elemental Tech. That

is that, this

similar in essence too. To much Others at use

then thereof oft. Of Our Yore. So


Using Powers of Pulleys, Gravity, Water. Fire,

Steam. Levers/Leverage, Earth. Mineral Magnetic

Element mixes mixed


so. On and so forth. Elemental the Tech

therein Yores. Early Alchemy/Chemistry perhaps.?.

Basic/Elementary Motions/Movements. Actions

with Reactions too. To include one Device



up by Water. Powered Wheel/Clock Mechanism

thus + then. So


Force fully applying. This generated Force + Motion

onto. To then

move one Star Map Armillary


Sphere. Rounding outs spacily



His very working Deviced. Example was used

to Spherically roundly so. Portray Our circling

(… and en-circling…) Heavens. Starrily motions


That is those Our. Skies Stars

so at Night. Catalogued some 2,500+ of these

starrily so Stars noted. Noted also

Zhang Heng one who. So


came well as thus. So close to guesstimatings

that Iconic as well

Maths/Physics Pi… Pi

in the Sky well above He. Discerned via Studies


Numberings 736/232 was His. Ways

of getting close that. Whole Pi

pictured rounded view summed. Ups


writ down

indeed. In deed. Done Pi. Done Sky. High




Climbers counted on some

Other Ancient Tech.


for Yore. Intrepid Our World Explorers. Includings

Designed a Grid Type Reference for Maps +

such much Cartography/Geo usages.

A Permanently Pointing/South Compass

Device was another.


Such so + more. Moreovers underlied

a truly due Career promotion therein. Thereof

sometime in 112 A.D. that is/was. Then/now


Chief Court. Astronomer for the Han. Emperors

become he. Zhang Heng

that is.




Poetry also. All so

Written before and after this. Those particular

Times placings as well. Well as as well,

his Elemental Inventions did. Work well as. So

and well


in deed. In Yore China. So


very well it seems. Seemingly



Zhang’s Seismoscope involved several Forces or…

Powers. Elementary


that is. Is that of


The Earthquake set oft. Off a… rather moving


A Chain-reaction of parts moving within his


Watery Device. Gravity,



Inertia overcome, Weight, Pendulum. So

Cranks/Levers, Directional

Swing. Arms force and so forth

on. All out onto as above Image. Shows

so help detect below ones. Quakery Locale(s)

able too. To


display Basic Intensity +/ Direction of Quake

Peak Event. Via Balls/Speed-Route

dropped/followed through that. This the


Dragon’s Mouth. Then onto +

into one Frog’s. Mouth, that is thereon lower

Yores. Machina as well one well. Combined


A mix Yores

of Tech. Ancient thereof and therein. Bys


Applying such a Mix. Matches/Requires in Our

Modern- perhaps

with. Much as the usage of Hydraulics, Dampeners.

Shock Absorbers, Pressure/Lever Devices


per se also. All so


One example Mod. Tech. usage Earthquake. Proof Buildings Machina.


Moving Tech. to equalise Earthquake effects. Effects

that tuned. So sensitised affected

devices such as Gyroscopes/Sensors register

displacement. Replacement back


to normal Position is. Quite immediate

effectively effected by the compensating. Actions

of the aforementioned. Steadyings

Machinery affected… of Tech. Earthquake effects. So


Quakily Emerge empty-handed all ups. Down therein

and thereof, on. Earthily in deed. Gravity and Displacements

Forces so tends too. To be so adjusted fors so. So

equalised… displaced, neutralised…  as such. Much

Powers be oft. Of Force dispersed powered so. Less


hopefully. Hope Machina on turns. Fully

as well. Well as



outing in so on next. On 14/12:

Quirky Quotes #73.