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Selling Yore Power Flowers In Deeds. Indeed In Our World Legends Tell So. This So That Flowers Power. Ups Innermind Cells Works Also. All So Weeding Works. So Working Out In Yore Good. Morning Garden What Works Into Ours. Yore Plants That Chip. In So Into Glory Mores. So Moreovers Growths Underlying Rightly. Scratchings Aways Yore Seedy. Cell. Softcell Therein Unsold. Hardcell Outer Short Told. Herein.


Flower Power


one so oft. Of Natures wisely

so eyescatching. Ways

means mysterious so


as Our. Sweet Potato + Morning. Glory

Flowers so Yore related. Relations our

lookswise Floweringswise as well. Well as

That’s Yore Story

Our Morning. Glory Us


with so one. Sprightly sproutings hint

too. To readily aid one

sproutings so. Glory flowerings


from such. Much tough skinned Seeds,

everso very slightly. Lightly



scratch/mark the Glory. Seed

surface with this. That beings

a light File/Knife per se. Sayings lightly


Scienced Agricultural so say. So

filings/nicking Seed husk ALIGHTLY

aways means. Deeply

Rooted ways so inspires +


aids. Propagationswise + otherwise

goodly. Glory as Growth. Growing

Sweet Potatoes + Mornings. Glories

roundly gardenswise straightforwards. Turning

outs Annual Vining Flower indeed. In deeds

otherswise now Early Bloomers so


into. To Our Scienced Nomens Type

so ref’d territories. Names

Ipomoea. Appear




Modern Agricultural Seeds tho’ are

Chemically. Poisoned

too. For one to eat so freely. One’s howevers


Morning Glory’s Home/Natural

grown/collected Seeds are. Hallucinatory Entheogens

naturally when ingested in appropriate amount. Food

oft ours

of Yore Gods + Messengers. Our


Morning Glory Seeds in our world. Legends

tell Scienced containings. Components nomened LSA




effects so akin too. To LSD that is. Named

in yore ritual is that. Yore Mindworks Practices. Whilst

perfecting Agriculturally


Colors of such. Much Glory

Flowers Botanically also. All so leads one

too. To Yores Our 8th Cent. Japan Cultures cultivatings

Arts. Flowery cultured

wherebys by + by overs. Times, places

there were. Grown many glorious Morn. Glory


in deeds so flowered. Indeed Our 1700’s onwards

selectives. Breeding preferences Methods perfecteds

so. Propagatings numbers were so rising. Sun





and associated Japanese. Climes methodically

applied so suitings many. So


numerous dozens much such Varietal. Types

Grown noted there. Here ingestings

asides Seedswise otherswise. NOTE

packs a punch so do. Note + NOT include in so

yours works. Packed lunch. So



seeds Plants + Flowers so glorious. Morning

Glory Yores + Ours. Now then


planted simply. Shine. On



next ingloriously typed herein. Writ ready

on 20/7:

Quirky Quotes #52.