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The Hand of Napoleon. Was oft hid. Hidden too a Motto. Of His that is. That is in Our World. Legends do so tell of Our Ancient Ancestors Pollinating Ways. All over Our World. Legends that simply buzz. Buzzing Bees in Trees. Bees Knees are hard to see. See. Herein. The good ol’ buzz. On that and this. Sweet Tale. Symbols of Winged Insects still so. Sticking arounds. The First Part.1. photocredit/thanks:linkedin


The Sounds are exhilarating. A so droning volley of Hums, Buzzes as

their business is droned and done. A Bee-Hive is in deed, a hive

of activity.

The results intensely sweet. Literally. There are few Humans, Creatures

and so on who decry such flavor. Flavors and Hints within vary

so too. To enjoy the Discovery in Our World. Legends of


Golden Bees.

That Buzz.


Belt Off.?. Not


.?. and such thereof also flew into Mind. Mine,

i, Shiro. That is. Herein

i writ. Oft. Oft


when viewing the olden Images of Napoleon One

wonders. Several Things actually. Actually.?.


Could He not.?.

Afford a Belt.?.

…a piece of Rope or Cord perhaps.?.

…or just buy the next size down.?.


What’s with that Hand Possie.?. AND… sorta midway

‘tween a Going for my Gun…

or Wallet.?. Sorta Look/Style.?.


Or are the Psychologists correct…

Did He have a small-Man Inferiority Complex,

Needing to Prove. Somethings. Feeling

Larger than Life.?. ‘cos…


He didn’t look it. Large that is. Is that it.?.


Did No-one… Look Ups to Him.?.

So Conquerings the Ways. For Hims.?. Then.


Cute Slippers too. As

Belows Image. Does so show. Herein.



In Short…

How did He kiss that o so Sweet

Josephine.?. Chair, Steps, Tippy Toes.?.




Did She let Him.?.

‘Cos He was a lil’ Short. In Height. Temper, Fame, lots. Complex


Buildings like the Pyramid of Great ness. He so Viewed too. To

and when He took

an Army

there. Of Yore. Ago. Great Times not had by He. At Alls in

deed. Indeed the


Olden Tour Guides and Packages must leave something to be

so desired. A Bed

actually. ‘Cos



In Our World Legends so Tell How The Pyramid Great Was Greatly and Truly Built. Herein. How and Who A Click Aways.


He had to make do with the Great Pyramid for his

Night of Egyptian Slumber

and Slam and Shot Parties ongoing going ons and

so forth, Sleepless. Forth


and back for sooth he so Not Slept. Within. The Pyramid Great. Alas

and alack of soothing therein, nor Sleeping thereupon. Pharaoh’s

Bed. Floor. Was, is, not so Great after Alls. Not even a Pillow

for His Head shortly


did show up. Up and in He so went. Then down,

then up and more in that Naps


more, on did so try to go. To Sleep. Then. Of and In. Yore.

The Pyramid called Great.


Napoleon slept in the Great One. One Night. Would Tell No-One The Goings Ons. That Night. Wasn’t so Great.?.


A Pyramid Great Bed.

Of Night-Mares.?.

To up and have then Nightmares running freely. In Mind. His. Did so

have had a Bads Dream it seems also. Also

‘cos he wokes up from that and refused to tell His Mummy. Nor

anyone else


what actually went on in that bumps of that Egyptian Great Night. Of

His. There. Pyramid. Great. Within. Not so Great. For Hims.

Josephine soon stopped asking. Him. About that Night. Of alack and

alas Sleep thereof.


Forsooth as well. Well as The Bed was not that great. Rattled. Bed

and his Breakfast he was and is. Is a small empiric


Ways to spend those Holidaying, Shooting



Ways he so did. Then. After too. To Other Times and Places also. Also Martial


as He so went Alongs. Through lotsa Egyptian, African, then European…

Places. Taking

Times to overthrow,.. using His armiesArmy to enforce and Lord it over…


whomsoever was Taller than he. Pretty much… Everyone. In Europe

had to buzz

around and beat off His flapping Ways. A lot ‘cos he was very


about Touring, flitting around Other Peoples Countrysides.

Fronting Ups many Others


in the Shirt-front Style. One Handed i guess. That is and was. Then. His.



Napoleon Bonaparte.

Bee-Keeper Be.?.

Emperor, King wannabe, look-a-like thingy. The Boss.

Soldier, StatesMan, Independence Leader, Map Maker.

Bees were One of His Favs. Btw’s.


His sweet approach to M. Josephine included a Set. A Slipper and

Gown Set. That is. Crowned all over with Bees. Gold. In Color. To

match His. Gown Set. That is. as well. Well as,


‘cos Josephine was pure Honey. Honey of Her. He so, wanted to bee. So

wasp. No

matters what Others beeing and spreading Rumors, Mongers abouts.



He liked Bees so much, He was buried with Thems.

What a Buzz. Golden.


Gold Ones. Not Real… ‘cos they’d be Dead. Like Him.

Buzzed Off.

These Grave Robbers delights were.


Golden. Which Lasts a long Times. Un- and not-like




His partnership with Josephine which dissolved

sooner than later. Later

after that and this sweeties smoochathon that was then. Over

and done. He then


went and done Ways more

in March 1810, He then and so married One Marie Louise, Daughter of

Emperor Francis II of then Austria. Later still. Still buzzing with

an armored hive of Martial activity, Political strategy and


Geo- GrandStanding whilst

overtaking Others Ideals. Lands also. All and so, Exiled. He

Was too. To St. Helena’s. Island in the South Atlantic.



That is. Is that too. To and where He so did part for Death

became a part

of His life. Ending Life that is. That is Why arounds


May 5th of Our World’s 1821. Legends still so and say that



Napoleoons Bones which soon did so fell apart. Something buzzard

like dat. Went On. On to and then into. The Earth. 6 Foot of Earth. On.

Top. Likewise that bunch of

Golden Bees also so hived 6 Feet Unders with Naps. As Above Imaged be. Be

coffered ups Coffin’d in, within,


with Naps. Also. Who is napping. Still. Still such a Man. Manfully and partly.

Handed down a Legacy


that buzzed far beyond those Military Ways. Influencing Laws, Politics,

Geo-Politics, Society with His NAPOLEONIC CODE/SET OF LAWS

that helped, aided

the Begins of standardising Europe’s Own and further on into History of

Our World. Legends do so and tell that much as a RESULT though Indirect


were certain Freedoms achieved by the Peoples in unyoking the yoke



that was no joke. Of Feudalism… Tyranny, Slavery. Back handed. Then

Of Yore. A lil’.

Somehows. SomeWays though


Napoleon was no Student of Law, penning the Codes in Plain English

per se not Legalese aided that acceptance. Some

5 Commissions brought together and Organised the Laws into One



2281 Articles/Principles of Law produced, some wholly by Napoleon.

A Legal System which treated All Equally, irrespective of Rank etc.


His Conquerings caused much to and fro. Much unrest and yet ease.

Spreading across Europe, Africa and the Mid-East Parts and Regions

thereof. Upgrades to Roads, Communications, Coordination of the

many parts of a Civilisation

enabled the Warring goings on…


and also their use thereafter. For Peoples over Profits hopefully. Fully


appreciating such as the Conquests of this lil Emperor with very BIG

Dreams and Plans

involves both sides of bread so buttered. Honey


Sambo notwithstanding. Prefer seated partaking. Thereof.



In deed now and mores for a long Times after shortly taking

Over The

Our World. Legends tell

of the Civilisations. He. So Left Bee hind. Hands full. Without


a Belt. Also. Still. Still


enigmatic, perhaps more so. Is that of the

Humble Bee Bumble.


abuzz with much Insect criteria the Bee be. The Bee

is also, one of the very rare few Insects who thus and so


emerge at Birth, Fully Formed. Formed in accordance to

which Sex

by the Queen, who controls the proportions of each

Class/Type per se.


Wild Bee Nests can vary in Size, Shape and Locale.

3 Main Types.

Ground, Aerial, Cavity.


Certain/Different Species preferring One of the These;


Soil, Trees or Structural Hollows as Nest/Hive. Nests

are typically built by the Female Worker Bees. Be a



Long Times and Places also. For and to Honey Be. Be

One Foodstuff…

with no Use-By Date per se. Lasts…


Longs Longs Times in Our World. Legends

in deed. Indeed


Our World Legends.

Be One. One


Be. Be


Ancient Egyptian Natural Electric Arc Light. This Be. Clicks. to see. That be. On.


Free and so be inclined to Share. Herein.

Tales Tallish and Trueish when There Be…

Times and Places when… Creatures Did Not.


Share at Alls…


or even Gave…

Ways Too Much as well. Well as


More to BEE revealed.

Next… That is: This be.

The Ultimate Buzz Guide. Off, Bees Knees. Skinned.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…