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Featured Image Of A Wild West Town.

Science Of The Gods Fiction Asides In Our World. Legends Gather Together As Universes Go UniversALLy. Askew. Asking For That. This Anew City Sheriff In Town In Deed. Indeed Shortly Told In A City. Somewheres Some Fiction. Imaginations Combined. Goes Cowboy Town Western Wilds.


(… This is not. Arounds abouts Our World. Legends

Tales and Otherswise. This

is simple mixed Fiction that ironically flowed. From…)


Acidly Close by in a Universe. Shattered then

so by Dimensional. Implosions where Worlds. Collided

where Others Stars melded. Wielding Planetary

wide mixings of



where welding Dream. Shards so becomes Reality.


In That Universe. This

Anew City Sheriff. In Town


so got Told in Our World. Legends nuanced


Image Of A Cowboy On A Horse Overlooking A Sunset Lit Town.

Look. What Just Rode In.


Of Anewance. Renewing A New Sheriff In Out West

Ways Means Cities, Towns Too. Two Had He too. Two

Sets Of Arms. Four Arms On One. Manned

Sheriff Four Forearms. Four Arms Armed


To The Fore Too. To Thus, This Four Armed Foreswore

With So These Four. Guns + Swords. So

ForeArmed Four Arms So Go. Forth With Words

Also All So Too. Two Gunned

Sworded Sirs So Did Dual Gunningly Swordly

Soar. Four Armed

Sheriff Swooping Four


Fore Arms. Two Guns, Two Swords Too. To Be So

Cuttingly Too Forthly. Forthrightly

Left So Quick DefenceWise Bulleted There. Billeted

Their Arms Set So Fourth Forth. Armed Man So Forth


Image Of A Small Dice Pile With Number Four On Top.

Forthrightly Roll ‘Em. Left Ups For Four.


Nearbys This. That For Nomen’s Sake. A

City Called Town. So Citied

in Town So Was. So Forth Was This Fourth-

Armed Armed So Forth. Right. Left


Forthly Thus Then Forth. That Fourth

Armed Man Went. Forth There. Here


A New Sheriff In Town In Deed. Indeed


Image Of A Toy Sheriff Holster, Gun And Badge.

Four Too. To The Fore.


Sitting Further Forearmed Hugely He Was. Immune

Well As. As Well All

Viruses, Bacteria, Coughs ‘n’ Colds. Flew


Fothrightfully So By. Him. Left Now

His Words, Swords Are Weapons. Seen

Flowing So Writ Anti-Viral Forthrightfully. Left

Invisibly Behind His Forthright Work Scenes. Outed

Alongsides Four Armed Man’s Fore Arms

Also Working. Quite Well, done



So Forth. Forthrightly

Left Exercised Are His. Guns

…’n’ Swords. Two Ofs


Each. Four So Forearms. Armed too. To

That Toothy Four to the Fore so. Afore

You so forth there. Herein Yore Social



Ending Forthwith. So

Begins Forthcoming Distant Social


Image Of A Cowboy On Horse Sunset.

Ride On In. Out There.


News So Writ. So Next Forthfully

So Writ Too. To Be #B. In That A To Z.