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Cold Snaps Our World. Legends Tell Oft. Of Atlantis. Means Ways Hers So Deeply. Devastated In Deeds. Indeed Uplifting Moving Waters Did So.?. Then.?. Atlantis Sink Or. Swim. Elsewhere Is Known Landed So. ‘Cept For One Too. For Now Only One. Remains Once Mores Another So. Where Can Yore Atlantis. Be Now Ours Outed Herein Placing. This One.




So Civilisations Fall-

coolly hidden in Yore plain. Site.?.

Still plainly Ours so


One Thing too. To mindfully keeps. In

-stilled deeply Our Mind there. Here

are now still. One too.


One stilled Our World Place. Here instilled so

in Our World. Legends Tell


Where Can Yore Atlantis.

Be.?. Ours Now

in Our Times.?. Placed until

mayhaps perhaps left. Rightly places

all. Alone cooling off. Oft


till These. Now.?. where.?.



We… have not so looked.?. At. Once


Our World. Legends Atlantis so Yores

upon such Times. Places much a Early Place. Timely

i, Shiro has not. Placidly lately forgot. Forgot

me nots placed in Deeds. Indeed placing Our



of Yores. Our Atlantis. Endings


Plato’s. Plateau Atlantis.



as the Begins of Our Last. Holocene Ice Age



ended. Our World

Legends Plato’s + so forth. Forthrightly left

rightly accounts. Plateau’s starts upping. Upheavals told

of. Offing Our then

Earth’s Continental Lands. Masses upsettings

Magnetic Fields. Upping + setting Earthquakes, Extinctions,

Eruptions, Tidal Waves/Floods so forth. Forthrightly left so

downing. Yore Atlantis


in Our World. Legends tell so here. Beset there

was somehows ways meanly. Upended a so series

ongoings oft. Of serious ongoings

Natural Disasters brought one. Seriously

final one on. Atlantis. Finale so One too


as Our. Later Minoa, Pharaonic Egypt also. All so

Wiping from Our Yore History. Wiping Atlantis

from Yores. Our Maps so forth. So forthrightly.?.


Rightly where did She citied so go.?. Our Atlantis




Atlantis.?. Capped Offs. Now.?.


righteously told largely. Yore beings quite. Large. Larger


still is Our World. Legends tell perhaps a final. Watery

grave. Gravely or gravity so deeply or.?. Yet agains

there then now.?. As Yore Ends. Aged Ice. Ours so

here anewed. Lands became nows Ours. World. New Poles

came alongs too.?. Two Poles Placed.?. One movingly


Lost Land removed.?. Shall we now then look.?. At Our

snapped frozen down. Ended capped

Southerly Pole. Pointed Look at One anew such

too. To place icily much.?. One now Antarctica.?.


for Yores.?. Into



Our Atlantis.?. So there


Indeed Antarctica Nomened Now In. Yores Named.?. Atlantis In Deeds.?.


coolly debated. Hotly next so herein 17/3:

Part. Once To 3 Juggle.