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What Yore Angkor Wat So Was In Our World. Legends Tell Outing Once Upon Our Times Into. To One Templed Dozened Towerings 12. Towers Towerings Yore Today Then. Now Our 5 Towerings Towers Tower So. Remains Remaining Reminders Divined. Brahma Faces Ups In. Stone To These. Those Facts What Angkor Wat So. Forget Crumpled Stone Cold Underlying. Our Earth. Wat Crust.


All seeing


The Four Directions. 3 Aspects Local

Global Universal. So one Heavens

Sky Mapped, aligned. So 72+ ways means


once upon Times. Places cosmically aligned

what Angkor Wat so. Was in our world.

Legends tell so Solsticial


starrings mores. Moreovers underlying true right

left Templed as aboves so. Below prominent

starring representations oft. Of Our daily

Nightly Skies. Grounded Star Map

Brahma So Anchors. What

Angkor Wat. Means


ways orbitally astronomied divined. So

astrologised Planetary Yores styled

Indus. Try




Constellational Progressions. Zodiacal


explanatory so 12 Natured. Naturally 12 Towerings

un-naturally Templeds so facing.?. West.?. indicating

108 Statued Gateways means. Our

Yores Temple so Symbolises. Times, Places placed

Yores. Older than… 12. 12,000 Years. Agos hence


as all Templed since now. Then so face. East… Facing


Angor Wat really Temples what so. Displays is Ancient

Astronomy. Mathematically emphatically

Mapped on Earth, Our World. Legends tell synchronised

Myth symbolised. So Yore Our Landscaped. 12

correspondings Constellational so 12


Towering. Towers so towered Yore. Aboves




so Rep’d grounded low belows so too. To

Times places placings

the one or more.?. Major Earthquakings.?. that

is. Is that


whys now then. 5 only

Towering Towers. Survives. Deathly

Natural Disasterings resoundings arounds



abouts alls so there. Herein

our Angkor Wat so lies. Rightly

displaying a now connectedly then disjointed. Picture.



lets face it so shown

displayed. On Yore carvings show 4 Faces

to our fore too. To four




forthly shown in 4 Trunked. Elephants + Faces 4.

Foured of divined Brahma at

Bayon. Temple. Templed


formed Iconagraphy

so rep’s. Brahma. Brahma

seeing alls. So all 4 Directions in that is. That is

in Brahma so self. Born borne

oft. Of The Four Vedas

Vishnu Creativeness Trio. Creating Brahma


Father Oft. Of The Four Kumaras. So

Our Fore Father Four vis Trinity. Divined

Form oft. Of the Formless so


Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva. Trimurti. So

Brahma Lotus borne born also. All so

Priest oft. Of the Ultimate Reality


as well. Well as Crowned, four arms



so yet thus weaponless he so. Carries


otherwise divined regalia… + tools too. One

big Ladle + One. Liquids Carrying/Dispensing. Utensil

recorded in deeds. Indeed in our world. Legends

Soups divined. Ups

Food, Drinks, Knowledge, Spirituality Symbols

inherent. In Fourfaced


outing in Omnidirectional Cosmic Brahma. Four

Arms to our fore. Four

Armed fore warned. Brahma. Four

to the fore in 3. Indus so Trinitied. Brahma

so one creative one carrying. Beads +

Books in His otherswise two oft. Of four

forearms. Four


Armed Four. Faced Brahma faces so forthly

you. Now there + Yores rightfully. Left their

Templed Our forthcoming


Brahma oversees Yore overalls. What Angkor

Wat so universally is. Is so



then so alightings next in. What on 25/5:

Quirky Quotes #44.