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Featured Image Of A Pair Of The Easter Island Stone Statues In A Rocky Landscape.

Easter Island Is Mystery Celebrated, Riddled In Our World. Legends Tell More Than Stony Enigmas Silent In Deed. Indeed Stoned Giants Body Count. Tattoos, Hats, Platforms, Tunnels Mores. Moreovers Therein All. So Egging Outs An Even Dozen. Pointed Outs. Herein Happy Easter. Island So Seems.


Giants. No

Mirage this. A View of Giants. All

arounds abouts. This barren stony Place-


where almost a Thousand so

gathered. On this, The Island

in Our World. Legends Tell Easter Has


  • 887. Mostly Full Bodied. Each so Weighs

‘tween. 10-90 Tonnes too. To

The Tallest Around 32+ Feet so. High


Stony Giants that

so Populates. That Easter


Island in Our World. Legends


Featured Topic Image Of A Landscape View Row Of Easter Island Stone Giant Statues. Front One Lying Down.



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Told of being,..

  • Known Locally as Te Pito o Te Henua

= “…The Centre of the World…” The

rest of The World renomened it. Easter.



Hilly Volcanic Island. A

Naturally Formed Underwaters Volcano. Upwards

thrust into Lands morphed so. Remote yet Geologically

Young, inhabited so seems. Seemingly

for Ages gone. Long

This Island is. Not,



  • some 64 Square Miles. Land in

the Oceans of that South. Pacific, Specifics

of Approx. 15 Miles Length, Triangular. So Shaped

asides in Our World. Legends Tell



Easter Island.

Rocks More

Than Stoned


Carved Giants In Deed. Indeed


Featured Topic Image Row Of Easter Island Platformed Stone Giants With Stony Hats.


Featured Topic Image Of A Row Of Easter Island Stone Giants. Hat Is Red Stone.


runnings deep in Our World. Legends

so tell much mores. Moreovers

The Moai;..


  • The Giants Headed in Stone. Wore Hats.

Red. Red


Hats Of Yore. So wore


The Giant Heads so Easter Stoned. Stone

Volcanic, now cold. Extinctly dormant. Hats

so Red… All… mostly so extinct. Distinctly gone. Now-

Once upons Times, Places that is. Is that Headed

so aboves. Below were


  • ons Platforms. These Giants enstoned

so perilously perched. ‘Peerings Platformed

through their early History. There is so much. Such

speculations that is. Is that


which is known is… Of


these. Giants


Featured Topic Image Diagonal Row Of Easter Island Stone Giant Statues.


Featured Topic Image Of A Easter Island Stone Giant Statue With Hat On.


well… ‘lil in Deed. Indeed

unknowns The Whys. So

most so found. On the South-

Eastern Island Coastal Areas. So

though many Views of Sciences attribute

these to the Islanders Ancestors…

the Islanders do not. Do That. This


means… One of these is. Wrong


in Their Assumptions anyways ‘cos.?.


  • SOMEONES or Two or mores. Moreovers

so UNKNOWN Carved. Thems. These with

peculiar OVERsized. Heads of 3/8 Statue Size. Seizing

mostly Volcanic Ash Compressed Rock. Stone

Arts. So fine Unesco Declared. Ins 1995. World


  • Heritage Site Acclaim Cited. Sighting the


Islanders Culture/Traditions so still.

Extant there do NOT usually

portray Their Art. In. Such Manners. Much

Speculatings so forth. Forthrightly


goes. Ons arounds abouts. That There.

Who In Deed.?. Indeed


Featured Topic Image Close Up Of Seven Easter Island Stone Giants In A Row.


Featured Topic Image Close Up Of Several Field Scattered Easter Island Stone Giant Statues.


in Our World. Legends…

Tell mores. Moreovers

much more too. To

Easter Island than can be so. Seen


  • Belows Stoned Grounds so There. Their

now Subtropical Climate (…Sunny + Dry…). Providings

Temperate Weather Landscapes… abovegrounds

that is. Is That

This Island so scattered within. With Belows-


Undergrounds are Caverns, Tunnels


and Strange Spaces therein. Our World. Legends

Told of spatial Systems that Tunnelings run. Towards

that Our Deep Blue. Mainly


Seawards in Deed. Indeed


Featured Topic Image A Close Up Of Symbols On A Easter Island Stone Giant Statue.

So Writ On. Script Meaning Still. Unknown.


Featured Topic Image A Close Up Of The Kneeling Easter Island Stone Giant Statue.


any/all Speculations too. To

persist, insist must. So Include These.

Phenomenon. Phenomenal

  • Facts likes Exceptions. Only One Statued is .?.

.?. Kneelings…

should not be thrown. Asides tossed, stepped


ups or any. Others Directions outed also. Also

those on Skin-

  • Tattoos. Petroglyphs, Symbols, Script so Carved thereupons

there. Thereupon those Bodies. Body Arted in an unknown

Language/Writing well as. As well


  • ALL Those Giants… With that Another One.


so Stony Faced so. Face Inland. This Exceptional

fronting exemption outfaced.

One Located Ats. Ahu Akivi. So there. Therein


Easter Island’s Final. Mystery


so be. Being


Featured Topic Image Easter Island Shoreline And Giant Stone Statue.


Featured Topic Image Of A Giant Stone Statue Only Partially Carved And Quarried Out.

Now So Be. Statues 888. So Stoned Too. Togethers Again.


  • The Central Frontal Piece.?. Be.?.

.?.Missing. Missed


bys many in Our World. Legends Thus Finale

Archaeological Diggings finally reveal tellingly. So

thus Yore 887 becomes… Our 888…

Tellings… of complementing Incompleteness…


ONE GIANT. Statue Of

a 65+ Foot Stone. Carved onlys a lil. Giant

Sized. Still so ingrounded, still beings Quarried. Outs,

in till n soil approx. Still


Weighing some 250+ Tons. No lightweight

Carvings happily goings ons. So in There. So missed


Featured Topic Image Close Up Of Three Easter Island Stone Giant Statues. Middle One Has A Stone Hat.

#S So Next Ins A To Z.


nots so stilled next. Is


Easter Wishes Too. To


You. So There…


So Still. Now…


Close Up Of A Red Door Numbered 888.


No One Is A Lone Island. Easter

Man So 888 Too.