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Featured Image Of A White Mosaic Five Pointed Star On A Blue Mosaic Background.

In Our World. Legends So Tell Tales. Of Laughter Being The Best. Medicine. When You’re Full, Of That. There’s This. Wordplay Sees, Saws Quotes Up ‘n’ Down All Around. About Then Jigs Them. Back Again. #72. Hi-Five. Cutting Downs Tall Poppys. Trees. Hi-Five. Five Pointed High Trees.


In Our World Legends stand Tall

do Trees. Symbols straight ups. Down


noted as eternal Evergreens Rep’s

so highly Natured. Spirituality,

Religions, Arts, Social Celebrations, Home

Gardens also. All so upliftings,

likewise do. Knots


so form. On Trees

that Trunk. Now, This of Yore in Our World.

Legends Tell oft. Of Grecian Wonder. Pythagoras

well knew well the Value. Of this Our Number




Image Of 3 Gold Five Pointed Stars On A Wall.

3 Stars In Deed. Indeed 5 Pointedly.



Quirky Quotes Quaintly. Done

#72. One Hi-Five


too. To so not Cutting Downs All Tall

Chopping. High Trees. Planetary Wide

and High Plant

Lives so required. Matter in Our World.


Legends Yore also. All so Tell Our Polymath Pythagoras

so explored. Geometrically, Number 5 as well. Well as to 5

so givings Attributes means. Ways/Terms reflectings,

showings the showering Union

of That. This Odd + Even Ways. Means 2+3=5=4+1.


5 thus so Termed: Oddly Evened. Even


Image Of A Pile Of White And Red Starfish.

As Well Starred. Fish All So 5. Points In Deed.


the odd Pentad. Geometrically harmonised as this. That 5

Pointedly Starring balancing Body Symbolism in


A Pentagram. Upright Symbol of Light, Health. Vitality

of The Etheric Fifth Element. Balances out… though odd

Numerically,.. evens outs,..

middles All.


All = The inner Numbers 0-10… 5+5=10. Equilibrium

nomened/termed also that is. All so is 5 That. Named

Aristotle‘s Latin Quintessence,

The Fifth-

Essence so mindfully


internalised.  Thus One of only Two inner. Numbers outed

by inner Mind. Of Pythagoras Geometrically numerically

distinguished as


Image Of A Red Fruiting Branch Of The Mountain Ash Tree.

Yore Ash. Our Mountain-Ash.


Image Of A Row Of Cypress Trees On A Waters Edge With Partial Reflections Seen In The Waters.

Is That Cypress. So Stands That Is.


beings. Able to retain themself too. To keep their Own

number represented,..

albeit ins last places when Multiplying by. Self

so forth. Forthrightly leaving these two. Numerals


6, 5 so able.

There are 5 Trees

in Our World. 5 High


Legends transpired repeatedly as do. Trees

High Fived that so

have shaped Symbols, Hearts, Hearth-

Fires, Bon-Fires, Celebrations, BBQ’s mores. Moreovers


underlying Trees are. Roots

leaving leaves up. Aboves these Trees is Our


World’s Atmosphere. Atmospheres


Image Of An Oak Tree In A Forest.

Indeed The Oak. Leaves In Deed.


Image Of A Pine Tree Cone Closeup On A Branch.

All So Coned. Pine Well As.


ambiently fresh created in Forests bys. Trees,

other Plants, WildLifes livelihoods ‘n’ Woods. Transpiring

inspiration givers in Deeds. Indeed


5 Trees vigorous thru’ persistings. Existings

Times, Places consistently repeatedly. Topped

in Our World. Legends Tell nomened belows. Thus 5

aboves, named alphabetically so, be: These


The Ash, Cypress, Oak, Palm + Pine

Trees. Trees, Five. In Deed quite High. Indeed


Image Looking Up A Palm Tree Trunk.

Fronds Indeed Of The Palm. High In Deeds.


Palming A High Five. Hi

Of Next So Writ Too. To


Yore Pharaoh Times. Our Places

Minoa Aten.


Image Series Showing Numbers One To Five Signed Using Fingers.

One Too. To Five. Hi.