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Largely Surviving Conquering In Our World. Legends Tell Mores. Moreovers Asides Underlying Outgrowings In Bigger Deeds. Indeed For All Too. To See In That. This More Huge Than An Eye. Full Forms Formed So Yore. Ours We Once Giants. Were. Till The Book Burning Anyways Mean.


Giants in The Beginning. Huge


Questions. Largely Yore South. Americas those in Our

World. Legends tell

these Yore Answers are in. Books

i, Shiro can. Only show You One too. To Yore One


finds. Most Our Their Yore Books there

mostly. Burnt


thereto in Deeds. Indeed staking Their Spanish

claims on Greed overcomings, conquerings. Common Sense.

Sensing The Peoples distrust effected Inquisitorial Actions. Of

South Americas mores. Moreovers underlying Lies stealing


Liberties, Livelihoods, Language, Lives.


Books. Many much Our Yore Books

so. Simply such Burnt. Thousands

One reads in ref’s onto. To

many Thousands in Deeds. Indeed


Indeed No Needs Too. To Belittle In Our World. Legends Largely In Deeds. Step Up.



are vast Answers such. Belows tiny Questions. Solvings

Answers forwardings greatly there well as. As well

Their Beings Otherswell as. Giantly


Our Small One too. Step for Yore Giants

backwards In Times, Places once. Upon

Forwarding Step ups Times, Places asides so

justly Imaged just aboves, herein Our World. Legends

so tell stepping into. To thus this Tale

belows begins. Endings that



As Well Does Brain Size. Matter So Shapely Well As.


The Who, What, When, Where Whys:


Who Built Those. These… What Gigantic Yore Buildings +

many. Others otherwise

Monumental Brick Sized Monuments. When nomens

arise. Names

Monumentally Baalbek, Pyramids Great, Great Stonehenge,

Stone Giants Easter. Islanded

Where mountainously grateful. For


Why Reason For Such Much. Large Above Large Doorways

of Yore.?.

Herein Belows Ours, Imaged.?. So thus Writ. All overs

arounds abouts

in Our World. Legends


provide scraps of info. Intel


Indeed Mayhaps Asides This. Door Ways Means More Fitting Too. To One Belows In Deeds.


Indeed An Above Sized One Fits. Right In The Above. Door Ways Means In Deeds.


of intelligences much such One as:


“… In the beginning

before the light of the sun had been created

this place cholula had been in obscurity and darkness


Immediately after the light and the sun arose

in the east there appeared gigantic men

of deformed stature who possessed the land…”


Historia antiqua de la Neuve Espana

Diego de Duran, Cholula Mexico. 1585.


Gigantic Men…



In The Beginning… Once

upon a Times, Places so.

Backs largely in long Yore Deeds too. To Who.?. Ours.?.

South + North Americas where by and byes so. Were

Patagonian Giants, Red Haired Giants mores.

Moreovers underlying such abnormal Tales. Wherebys

buried strata lie much truthful. Remains


as Egypt, Sumer,.. here. There Others Our Goliaths,

Juggernauts, Titan Beings titanic. Dinosaurs + otherswise

as well Birds. Creatures well as Large + Smalls. Some

all overs Our World.


Legends told arounds abouts all. Several

Sizes Times Places. Ours Giantly



We have been. So

Once Were. When


so largely concentratings in. On 2/12:

Our A To Z. #P

so next.