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SHIRO’s MEDIA SOURCES…THE NEXT PAGE… More of Shiro’s Sources are on online. Herein. A big list… 50+ Sites of interest… with interesting content therein also. Stay safe Surfin the WWW.



News from different perspectives…

in no particular order.


Over 50 sites of interest…

world news/social/political/science/health/conspiracy

and more… SIMPLY NJOY.











The listed above tend to provide different

perspectives with a better variety of content.

Many are individuals as per this Site. Some

obviously otherwise.



Once One realises

that the very Term ” Conspiracy Theory ” + et al.

were used by such as the CIA oft in a derogatory

sense and approach.


As opposed to an Investigative.


One can also recognise the Propaganda Leanings

this Group and Individuals therein do have.

Control. Intelligence. Akwardly.


For example: GWHBush was a Director.

The Bush Family were earlier profiteers of WW2.

The German Side… that is.


So Our World Legends do say.

More… as well.


Such as the Mass Media stays…

massively quiet when such things surface elsewhere.

Some may include such as Shareholders and Investors.


These types of Military Industrial Complexes and

Businesses do well it seems.


Hopefully those above will remind you of such

and give much more to think on also.



Till next…



Arrowed and Targeted Images. Our World Legends. Herein. The Slide-Show. Japan’s Way of the Bow and Arrow.