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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #I. Alight, Let Loose, Luminarys. Illuminated.


The Third. Eyes Have It. That is


Enlightenment in Our World. Legends

Of That. The Mind. One’s

Enlightenment. Of This Mind too. One

Mine, One


Illuminatory therein Thoughts. Herein



Thru’ History one. So is led back. To

and of

Yore in Deeds. Indeed lightly

leadings. To such. Much of


Neighbors, Buddha,

Christ, Robin.?.

Targeting. Shot ats, comboed. With

The Letter. #I.



The Illumined. Ones. Mores well as. As well

a. How To See a Faked Similar Facsimile. On


... Ins. You. Your View

Looking so

… Backs ons Inners Lighten Moments- of


Illumination, Illuminatus, Illuminati. Three


Terminologies/Nomens in Our World. Legends

Tell. Tales of

Alongs, arounds, abouts with too.


Eyes Ways means. Comes to Mind. Mine


Pineal therein. A Gland encased within. Within

Mind, Brain

for example thereof. There backs in Times,

Places. History in Our World. Legends

so Tell. Tales


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with Haloes, Meditative Poses. Arts

that Art has, had, have so colorfully,

roundly. Sorta’ depicted arounds, abouts

those. Timely Places of. Renaissance,


glowing references too. To These

Learnings. That yearning for questing. Of

Knowledge. Wisdom Spirituality

that has no need. Of any. Religion. An


innate… shining capability. The ability


of Most.?.


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For Genetical DNA’s disposition

out of position may. Negate

that well as. Ability too. To Illuminate. Within


Us Alls. Is Ways, means. So can...

Fake… Try This:

Lie Downs after being in the Night. Air

for Half-Hour. So then. Close

Eyes. Both... no peekings please. There. Then,



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Poke YourSelves. In. Those gentle

EyeBalls. Carefully firmly slowly press

in/on. The Outer

Thirds only. Only soon enough. You will see.?.

(... You may need to slightly move arounds,


when “…Light/white… spot/area so

“… inner seen…” then pause. Movings.

Then. Now Press

ins slowly, careful till...)


On Your Inside WideScreen View… channelling

norms Color

blacks, greyish,.. so begins. Starts too. To

whiting. Outs. See.?.


White-Out. Faked.


Lets it fill Alls. Your View. In There.

White Boards alls arounds, Abouts

Your Inner Sight...


O.K. Then, now you be. Enlit. A

Lil’. Fake also. Remove Fingers

and so forth. Forthrightly

left with. Also there is. This


Triple Treat treated Dictionary




  • Illumination,

The Pineal. Gland the likely. Obvious

choicy placements. Cause, Result. There.

Basically sits

amidst. So ‘tween. Eyes. Ons Inside. Inner

Spaces where Spirit. Molecules of DMT, THC,

Psilocybin. So gather, reside. Fluorides,

toxic too. To


Mind is alit. Lightened Sensory. Input achieved.

Achievements in much. Such Meditative

Contemplations. Within as The Dasa-Bhumi.

So writ. Sanscrit Styled scribings of. Mind. Telling

of it’s Nomen Ways. Means…

The 10 Stages. Of


Lighten Moments, Movements

therein. Enlightenment. As

Known. Bys

Thems. Sanscritis. Then. More of Yore.

MoreOvers;.. There, an



  • Illuminatus,

is Then. One. That is

The One. Who gets. Alls lit. Ups. Down


thru’ such Actions. 10 Complementary. From

The Latin for

Enlightenment. Ins Esoteric, Spiritual, Arts,

Symbolism, Alchemy. Mores of Yore

Terminologies. Equals an Adept, High Initiate of


such, much Traditions, Practices, Ways. Means

then. Those

10 Lit. Ups staged Moments. Go:

As Belows:


Joy, Purity, Illumination, Wisdom Flames,


Near-Going Lands, Far-Going Lands, Immovability,

Perfect Wisdom. Cloud of Law. 10 then so. Lit,


Illuminated. At 3 aboves well as. As well



So goings. Onto Thems

  • Illuminati.

So simply. Simply Means mores. Plurals. Of

Them Illuminated. So aboves Stages


when. Then in Groups. Groupies

of These Illuminati. Can be. Found

Hidings Ons. Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Lands

well as. As well


Word-Pressings. Therein. Meanswhiles

OthersWise also. Also



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So Shine, Share. Your Light

On Our World. Legends


so be. Do. That too.